Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amoeba Culture's NOWorkend Project

It's appalling that none of the big international Korean entertainment portals haven't covered this news yet. When AKF of all places breaks a story, you know something is wrong.

According to this article, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo (not CL of 2NE1, just to be clear) will be the first one to release a song under this project.

Anyway, I'm excited for this project. Amoeba Culture does mainstream hiphop right, and with the artists under that label, this should be the best thing in Korean music for the first half of 2013.


  1. "When AKF of all places breaks a story, you know something is wrong."

    AKF is always on the front lines of innovative journalism.

    1. AKF is never escaping it's Paint-editing past. Always dicks. Always bright yellow.

    2. Yellow dicks are a majority only in Asia ;)

  2. Why didn't you post the last song he did with them:

    Or more importantly the video with the girl who is FINE AS FUCK:

  3. I'm surprised allkshit didn't cover this. They're probably too absorbed with writing about idols posting selcas -_-


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