Thursday, February 7, 2013

[NYLST] JeA - Stray Cat

Today's edition of NYSLT features JeA of the Brown Eyed Girls. She made a solo debut a couple of months ago, but I had never gotten around to reviewing any of her work. Because I happen to like Stray Cat the best off her mini, I decided to spotlight it with this article.

The MV is a really neat combination of old-school animation and modern computer graphics. I missed the days of handmade props and good ol' fashioned string/stick manipulation. Plus who doesn't like cats?

The song itself is a midtempo piece that suits JeA's style the most outside of boring ballad stuff. The accoustic guitar and piano instruments were really nice, and there was a lot of subtle layering in there if you pay close attention. I also enjoyed the choruses and the soft slow bit preceding the climax and vocal runs. I'm really shitty at explaining why exactly I like particular songs, so you should just listen for yourself. l0l

JeA's release flew a bit under the radar, maybe because she's trying to break out of the shadows of Ga In and Narsha's own strong solo efforts, but the mini is definitely worth a listen. I recommend you check out "Days & Nights" and "Silent Stalker" in particular.


  1. I fangirled hard over that cat.

  2. Not bad. It's gonna do well. Since it's a pop song, you've pretty much heard the whole song by the end of the first chorus, instrumentally (even then it is very simple), but with the playtime refreshingly cut down to 3 minutes, it'll be a neat little spring pop-single.
    IMO It would probably be doing better had it been released just before summer, around late March/April.

  3. Props to the people who constructed the little city, i fucks with it

  4. Not interested in the song at all, but the MV is really cute.


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