Monday, February 11, 2013

RIP Lim Yoon Taek

Remember when netizens thought he was faking his cancer? I bet those same assholes think he's faking his death right now.

So, I just checked Netizen Buzz, and yup, there were assholes mocking his death here. You know, part of the reason I started AKF was due to international fans acting just as retarded as the crazy, retarded Korean netizens. This is one of those times where I wish I could catch some of these netizens. I would tie them up and make them spread their butt cheeks. I would shove a couple of Twinkies up their assholes and then shove Shindong's fat head up their assholes. As Shindong started eating their insides out, I would make them watch Sohee and Lim make out while listening to IGAB. It would be the only people like that would learn.


  1. what a bunch of assholes n wander AKF lost faith in humanity

  2. holy shit that was more gruesome than Japanese horrorcore movies

  3. Seeing how fucked up these guys are, your 'torture' may be pleasure to them.

  4. "It would be the only people like that would learn"

    You assume, they'd crawl out of it alive.

  5. It took me until the part with Sohee to realize that was supposed to be torture.

  6. This is very disturbing, some people just don't learn :(

  7. The CIA should recruit you for interrogating terrorists >:D Heck, maybe even the Russian FSB.

  8. I don't know why I still get surprised over the things netizens say.

    1. because being stupid and immature is one thing but being heartless and inhuman is another.

  9. Oh dear... May he rest in peace :/

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  11. maybe he died after listened to IGAB?

    "dongsaeng: hey hyung check out our national girl group comeback!
    lim yoon: sure dude! wait up . imma get ma lube
    dongsaeng: hyung did you know they won and top the chart?
    lim yoon: no shit ! they are our national girl group . of course they would

    *click on the MV link*
    *click HD and fullscreen*

    dongsaeng: wah hyung. you must be big fan!
    lim yoon: ofcourse i am!
    *clicks on mute*
    dongsaeng: HUL?~ what are you doing
    lim yoon: what the fuck did you think i bring lube for?
    dongsaeng: ahhh.. but i really wanted to hear it tho..
    lim yoon: no fucking shit! after THE BOYZ and how it got so popular and how they got an invite to US show ... IT GAVE ME CANCER GODDAMNIT! theres no fucking way im gonna listen to snsd shit ever again!
    dongsaeng: omo! ok sory hyung....

    *clicks on play*


    (mid fap chat)
    wow so many different scenes!
    they totally look like!! 2ne1 and fx ! only hotter and fappable becuz CLesbian and MANber isnt in the way
    seems interesting
    oh shit HORSICA so sexy!
    she was the reason i enjoyed beastiality porn
    was hyung. you the best! jjangbak!

    *couples of replay and faps*


    lim yoon: you know what!
    lim yoon: this mv looks interesting.. ima unmute it!
    dongsaeng: hyung! dont..but... i kinda want to find out too ..
    lim yoon: i think we gonna hear it sooner or later . the are WOORI GIRLGROUP
    dongsaeng: true!


    *pressed play*

    dongsaeng:what the fuck was that?
    dongsaeng: why would this be the top song and wins at music shows. wow korea music industry is dead!
    dongsaeng:i cant believe people buy this crap
    dongsaeng: hyung? what do you think

    *check on hyung*

    *hyungs not moving*

    dongsaeng: hyung?!! whats wrong?

    dongsaeng: HYONGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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