Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chanmi of "Co-Ed School" Leaves Core Contents Media - No One Gives a Shit

"Idol" Chanmi of Co-Ed School and all-girls-group subunit, 5Dolls, has announced on her Twitter her official leave from Core Contents Media.

Chanmi stated:
"My contract with my current company has been terminated, so I am no longer in 5dolls. I’m working hard to find a new agency so I can stand in front of you again. Thank you so much to everyone who has looked out for me and waited for me. Nothing is for certain yet, but when I determine a new agency, I’ll come back to you again to meet your expectations! Please wait until then..!

Devastated fans have been voicing their disappointment, posting comments on message boards such as:
"Co-Ed School? 5Dolls? What's that?"
"Chanmi? Is she the one T-ara hates?"
"Wow. A singer that no one cares about is leaving two groups that no one gives a fuck about. How tragic."
(just kidding. I wrote those comments because I am so funny inside my head)

Your leaving is not going to bring up shit like your former groupmate, Hwayoung's. So don't hope for a pity parade and Twitter debate over you. T-ara doesn't have time to bully you since they will be busy getting out of their own shithole of a mess their company put them in again.

Which brings me to my (comeback) article's topics:
1) Members who have left groups that no one gives a shit about.
Followed up with:
2) Members who should leave groups.

*Note: I know shit all about most groups (even the more famous idol groups). So this list (or rant) is not comprehensive AT ALL. Please feel free to add to any part in the comments section below. If I feel like it, I will edit my article accordingly to accommodate your suggestions. 

1) I find it funny when members quit or leave groups, then make a big formal announcement about it as though they have personally hurt or offended their "fans". Really, you guys are small time. No one has even heard of your group. I only respect how eloquent they are when they depart at least. But honestly, no one cares about Co-Ed School or 5Dolls. Seriously.

Even After School, a group I loved so much, had no loss whatsover when Soyoung left them. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are too young so get off this site. There is too much perversion and corruption going on here. I cannot deal with knowing that I have destroyed another innocent mind. 

LEDApple was a pretty cool group. When they debuted, I really liked them. But when their lead rapper, I-OH, had to leave the group, it was because he had fucking tuberculosis. And you know who cared? Like, 50 random commentors who only gave their "get well wishes" because they were bandwagon-ing. No respect. But again, that's another group that no one cares about with people leaving that no one has even heard of.

It is almost alarming how often lineups in groups change pre- and post-debuts. Goodness, it is like the Anti Kpop-Fangirl staff all up in here.

Here is a list I compiled of groups with members who have left due to various "personal" reasons (also read: kicked the fuck out). Make a drinking game of it. Take a sip or shot for every group / member you have heard and gave a shit about. Just kidding - it would be a terrible game because NO ONE WOULD EVER DRINK:
- INY (Ella, Miyoo)
- Vanilla Lucy (Da Hae)
- GP Basic (Hannah)  <--- only dirty, old, perverted men followed this group anyways. Literally, if you are a fan of this group, you classify as a pedophile.
- VNT (Lil J)
- LPG (Hanyoung, Sooah)
- Sugar (Jung Eum, Soo Jin)
- Papaya (Yoon Mi, Kyoung Ah)
- T.T.MA (Zin, Euni)
- Cleo (Eun Jung, Ye Eun)
- TAKEN (Ujun/Yoo Jun, Seungyul, Gunwoo/Alex)
- SMASH (Cheonwoo)
- Code-V / Bless (Taemin)  <--- Okay, side note rant. I actually like these guys a lot. They originally debuted as Bless, but failed hard. So they tried again in 2010 as Code-V and failed again. Which is some BS. So yeah, they classify as an obscure group.
- Battle (KiHyung)
- M to M (JinHo, Sung Tae)
- 5tion (Woo Il, Seok-Ho)
[If any of these groups are actually popular, then my mistake for putting them on here. I can remove them from the list if needed]

I know more popular groups like T-ara, CHI CHI, Nine Muses, Kara, Wonder Girls, Rania, Dal Shabet, etc. have had members leave. But I did not list them because, well, people actually liked some of them.

2) Again, my knowledge is limited on who are the good members in groups who should get out and make a proper name for themselves. I know I harp on how much I miss old After School so much, but seriously. I am so conflicted over Kahi. On one hand, I want her to go solo because I think she is amazing (even though that did not pan out very well). But on the other hand, After School needs her for her innovative ideas. But with her gone, I think JungAh might as well get out now, too.

Oh, and everyone agrees with this one: Hyerim should GTFO of Wonder Girls, who will fail now anyways. Yubin - run while you can! You deserve so much more in your life!

Lastly, this does not classify as a "good member of a group that is useless" because I do not like her at all, but: But seriously HyunA, you are doing fine on your own. Just leave them. Let them fend for themselves. The group's name is also 4-fucking-Minute. But there are FIVE of you. One of you has to go, so you might as well leave now before my OCD takes matters into its own hands.

Side note: Hello everyone. It has been a long time since my last real article, hasn't it? Firstly, thank you for your continued love and support. I am sorry that I have spent so much time writing only weekly features as though I returned to being a trainee. I just wanted to make sure I could improve my writing and typing abilities so that I can show our fans (you readers) my new and improved self. Please look out for me now that I have returned. I will work hard to meet your previous expectations. Thank you. hFighting!

(Did I miss any other cliches in that speech?)



    You should have written a real article on Dec 20th so that people would have believed that the world was ending.

    1. Next time before the world ends I will.

      *sigh* Next time the world is supposed to end. *biggest disappointment ever*

    2. I really likke the labels. So secks ( anon reference?)

    3. Thanks. Davidfresh always complained about labels not being funny enough.

  2. Y'all better like this shit. This one article alone took me more than my usual 2 minutes. Be prepared for more of these.

  3. thank god Soyoung left me this fancam before she departed
    just found out about, dayam why didnt anybody told me about her earlier
    shes just my type with them bangs and eye smile

    1. D'awww, she looks so happy dancing. Unlike that UEE who had a face of stone whenever she entered the frame.

  4. You're back ;~;
    Groovy comeback article, bb.
    /and excuse you GP Basic is fab/

    1. YOU are back! Welcome back.

      Thank you~

      Well, you are pretty young yourself. So you liking them is a little different. You can "relate" to them. I am talking about the 40 year old men being like "yeahhhh Trinity. Mmmm you wear those shorts". NOT APPROPRIATE. EVER.

    2. i rather thought of GLAM Trinity. girl haven't much yet, anyway. i guess we'll never know if she was a loss to the group



  6. i thought this news is like, months old?

    well, you could say that some of them are better get out of their group and stuff, but there's one problem; if you remove yourself from a group, your CEO will hate you for doing that and therefore you will be disappeared for almost a year without much news. unless, you slept with the boss.

    conclusion: if you walk out of a company and reappear in the same company in a year, chances are you do what your fans hate to hear what you could have did, unless your fans' minds are too twisted to be elaborated (like me)

    1. It's been coming for a long time, but I think she only formalized it recently? No one really gives a shit either way because when was the last time 5dolls or Co-Ed School did anything?

    2. Or you could decide to go commando with a big bomb in a suitcase into your old CEO's office ;)

  7. After School isn't the same without Kahi. They need her for kickass concepts, her mad dancing skills and the fact that she rounds off the group well and gave them a really nice dynamic. Pledis might as well just pour all their money into Orange Caramel now.

    Ye Eun and Yubin need to gap asap. Yubin needs to get her shit together and take up Tiger JK's offer of working with her and ye Eun needs to compose or whatever she's good at. I personally like pominit as a group. Maybe Hyorin and Eunji would do well outside of their respective groups but I like them as is.

  8. So she's finally officially decided to hit the senior citizen retirement village.

    You won't be missed, Chanmi. Aside from your small group'o fans.

  9. There was like a new idol group debuting every other day in Korea for the last 2 or 3 years. I would say this amounts to trolling of the highest calibre on the part of Kpop industry (along with Jpop which is best known for the ridiculous AKB48 act and its spawn-off). In effect it's giving everyone and the conventional wisdom the finger: even a mentally handicapped person can be repackaged by the agency and cast rabid fanboys/girls under the spell of his/her alleged idolatry charm via marketing gimmicks such as "family love" (the concept that is directly culpable for churning out legions of brain dead kpop fans), "Group CP" (aka gay/lesbian orgy fantasy to give the sexually deprived fanboys/girls wet dreams). No wonder the general public has become numb and indifferent to the endless parade of idols before their eyes.

    On a related note, Hyuna and Suzy should definitely leave for good because their overwhelming popularity is doing their respective group a real disservice. The mention of 4minute and Miss A instantly conjures up image of Hyuna the whore and Suzy the fat whore at the expense of their group mates.

  10. Kahi should rejoin After School - they aren't the same without her - JungAh is a pretty good singer, but she's a crap leader.

  11. I could actually still remember fwhoreminute's pinoyland interview. Their group name comes from the idea that they will captivate and 'hit your hearts' (HUH album promotion?) with their songs which generally peg around 4 minutes.

    Korea is having a Japanese house market bubble in the form of idol industry. I betcha like any other revenue-generating industry, there'd be major shit coagulating any soon becasue the rush of capital-intensive group formations keep flowing. (Nugu) idols would form unions or pseudo-unions and demand compensation from their cash -strapped nugu ent companies which are also trying to venture into this widely-thought lucrative business. I know this has already been seen in the Younha, KARA and TVXQ-JYJ bouts (forgive if I forgot a few others), but this would be not impossible. If not, lawsuits would probably mushroom once the Hallyu 2.0 care-of idoldom deflates or implodes in a few years.

    Aside from issues of money, abuses are highly probable among managers, company officials and idols themselves whether it be professional, sexual, emotional or physical. There's weak regulation or protection across all sides of the industry if none at all (correct me on this one if necessary).

    1. Give me 20 big guys with baseball clubs and I'll make sure that weak regulation becomes a strong regulation :)

    2. Seeing how students study about 16 hours a day, and the average office worker has a work week of around 40-45 hours, the whole agency idol industry shouldn't be that much different, but it'll be one of the later things to collapse.
      Idols won't collapse, but the minor agencies will likely go bankrupt, and it'll desaturate some of the boy/girlgroup infrastructure. A bubble? Unlikely.

      Basically, we'll see an education reform, and worker union rights in the corporate and non-entertainment private industries, before we'll see the idol bubble burst, especially considering the global market is only NOW opening up to hallyu.
      Over-investment isn't a problem yet. Of course, it might be another story, if something else catches on relative to entertainment.

    3. I'm with Infamist on this one. Only the small companies with groups who didn't garner any attention will end up folding. Just because some international fans are getting tired of idol music, it doesn't mean that everyone else is, mainly because it hasn't reached enough of an exposure for the bubble to burst yet.

      However, entertainment companies will continue to debut (idol) groups, but with different concepts and song styles in order to differentiate themselves. This could lead to more hiphop groups, rock bands, etc. in order for other companies to capitalize on the Hallyu. The first idol phase may end up slowing down, but it'll give way to a new era eventually.

    4. "Only the small companies with groups who didn't garner any attention will end up folding."

      ^ that's what I was actually trying to point out. But I guess high-octane action, stronk coffee and menthol sticks just screwed up my brain function. Struggled to type my feels. I didn't actually mean it's as literal as the Jap Housing Bubble referring to the economy as a whole. It's just an analogy to the number of companies and idol groups that keep on piling and piling up each year the same way property prices just shot up.

      Plus, the financial collapse would surely be among these small companies with little capital and rusting nugu idols whom no one gives two fucks. I'm not that over-analytic to say even the big and medium sized companies would go bankrupt soon just because there are small groups of people who aren't that easy to be beguiled by cheap marketing tactics and bandwagonism. Besides, ent companies (big ones particularly) don't just earn on idols or other music artists. They also have actors, MCs and possibly even media distribution arms

    5. Such companies will collapse, but were never meant to be long-standing institutions anyway.

      There's only, what, a dozen companies who actually run academies. They're the ones who are investing for the future. They're also the ones who are constantly letting trainees go.

      But then there's the others, the ones who are run out of a single office somewhere and whose business model relies on taking said unwanted trainees and putting them in a group. The money that comes in from every possible appearance, endorsement and other promotion is decent, especially when foreign fans lap up anything, and the best part is that your outlay is quite small, because the idols' contracts are heavily biased in favour of the companies and the managers work for a pittance anyway.

      So who cares if it doesn't work out for the group? The biased contracts will most likely be performance based, so you're not paying them when they're sat around doing nothing.

      It's no wonder so many jump on the bandwagon. Hah, NewFO...

  12. Ugh, Taemin leaving Code-V was horrible for me. He was like twenty-seven at the time though. Heard he has a girlfriend now though, so I'd say he's doing pretty well.

    1. Someone else who knows what Code-V is. *swoon*

  13. What happened to GP Basic? I atleast heard of them. I remember they were all like 9 or something. Did child labor laws kick in or what?

    1. They're still around - they're in their mid-teens now as well (think the oldest girl is 17 or something), and released "Edge Ta" back in 2012.

      Bekah's leaving screwed over AS, IMO - Kahi and Nana cannot rap for shit (although Kaeun's not actually that bad), and now everything's focused on Orange Caramel (they even get the most lines in AS songs!).

      Chanmi announced ages back she was leaving to "focus on her studies". I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't a fecking bully - I know we shouldn't judge without knowing the true story, but it seems a HELL of a lot more likely that she and Eunkyo bullied Soomi out than T-ARA "bullying" pweshus little martyr Hwayoung out.


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