Friday, February 15, 2013

Jay Park shakes off fangirl antis

I think it's safe to assume we all know the story with Jay Park. His whole controversy and getting the boot from 2PM has many elements involved, enough that to this day fangirls will still give conflicting reports and interpretations. Some stick by him, but there are also a good number of people who just want to hate him. I know Koreans can be really unreasonable with the grudge-keeping if you've in any way insulted the nation, but I have also seen enough similar scandals and scandal recoveries to know that people eventually stop giving a shit.

Therefore, it is interesting seeing Jay still apparently catching shit form people. Sure, he's not the best rapper, but he's a lot better than most idol rappers, and he seems to be a really hard working guy and dances really well. It seems like if someone wants to hate on him, it goes a bit further than some nationalistic grudge. It seems like... competitive hatred. Yes, I'm pretty sure no guy would give half a shit about what Jay is doing, but fangirls would have plenty of reasons and ongoing passions to keep it up. I think there is more to it, as well.

You see, Jay didn't just leave a popular boyband. He kind of threw off all the ridiculous false persona that is demanded of boyband members. He doesn't want to be some flower boy who is always gentlemanly and giving only the purest and most devoted of affections. Granted, we all know that act is bullshit, especially with 2PM, but Jay here wants to do what they can't openly do: Say it. He talks about doing what he wants, being who he wants, saying what he wants, fucking who he wants, and still being successful anyway. Is there anything that would boil fangirl blood more than this?

For that reason, I just wanted to bring up this track and say that I salute you and wish you well, Jay Park. I especially like that part at the end about buying your parents a house. Honestly, who can hate on that? It's an irrefutably honorable use of one's wealth and properly filial as expected of a good Korean guy. If he can say fuck your ridiculous standards and still pull that off, that's pretty damn swag if you ask me. Maybe he doesn't completely fit in with the realest of hiphop bros, but he's got enough talent and style to be relevant and, as least with this song, is making a career out of telling hater fangirls to STFU. In that sense, we need more Jay Parks in the world.


  1. he's also an awesome twitter follow and is the reason seattle is getting an nba team again

  2. Still a terrible song.

  3. Which would be admirable if so much of that persona you cite wasn't an act as well.

    1. Oh, come on. Do you really want someone to keep it COMPLETELY REALLY REAL? No, because nobody in TRUE REAL LIFE is interesting enough to entertain. This is still a job to be entertaining, to offer something more exciting than just some everyday conversation you could have with anyone.

      Even if he only talked very seriously about his deepest thoughts and feelings, the majority of his performances would still be him forcing himself to express those specific things when his heart in the moment is actually set on more mundane things of life. There is always going to be some level of an act going on because it is his job, not just his now-and-then moment of clarity/passion to express himself.

      Yes, the persona is definitely played up, but I think it represents what he wants to portray vs something he doesn't want to portray, which he would have no choice in as a boyband member. That is the difference. If you need 100% genuine, you should probably sit around reading poetry or something, because performing art just doesn't work like that.

    2. When did I say that?

      Unless you're arguing that his real persona is that of a gangsta, it doesn't relate.

      To quote Eminem, "If you're that much of a gangsta, put the mic down, you should be out killing motherfuckers right now!"

      You're acting like he's fucking Black Thought or something. It's cute.

    3. The best gangtas and thugs are the ones that don't wear baggy pants and tilt their hats on the side. Its the ones in business suits that have you sign on the dotted lines.

      My dad told me that growing up and after the stock market crisis of 2008, he was speaking of absolute truths.

      The thug in a business suit is the one people trust most and least suspect. lol

      who gives a fuck honestly, you people can only speak from a superficial point of view. If that is his image and how he wants to be perceived than so be it. He isn't acting like thug by slinging dope. He isn't a gangsta hustling people but having a good time.

      His look is pretty natural and not over the top like G-Dragon drag queen fiasco. He is partying in this MV, I don't see the thug, gangster or blackness in this what so ever. lol

  4. I love jay park! he's awesome and I feel like he really became himself after being kicked out of JYP! not huge fan of the song but its okay!

    I know It's annoying as fuck but please check out my blog if you have time! its personal/kpop/k-drama

    1. Should I take it as a good sign that AKF is "popular" when people start spamming on here?

    2. Look on the bright side: Maybe some of the countless of trolls will bleed over into her blog.

  5. Jay Park is doing his own thing and I love him for doing that. Even if you don't love him as an artist, he still has talent and a passion for it. I'm happy he became a solo artist. Despite what anyone thinks, he just doesn't give a fuck and that's the way it should be. Ugh, I just couldn't imagine him being so composed and predictable in an interview if he was still in a boy band.
    Even without the music, his personality alone makes you love him.

    *sigh* Controversies, Controversies, Controversies.... the backbone of the Korean entertainment industry and the downfall of many artists...

    사랑해요! Jay Park!


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