Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Step Forward, 10 Steps Back

WHAT IN THE FUCK, DSP? First, we get a plenty faptacular teaser shot for Rainbow's impending cumback and expectations were high. I mean, sure they were probably all wearing strapless bras and just chillin', but the illusion was there of toplessness. And if you looked carefully, you could have even fooled your eye into spotting a cleavage or two. 

It was truly a teasing teaser. But DSP must have heard all the Korean netizens bitching about the sexy sex so in the second teaser we get this shit:

Yeah. Midriff-baring sweaters. Just barely avoiding the turtleneck crisis, they decided to cover up most of Rainbow's bodies and basically shit all over our dreams. Sure we get to ogle some wonderful abs and waists, but way to take one big step forward for all Rainbow stans and then 10 steps back into the fucking stone age.

Thanks a lot DSP.


  1. Well I guess those fat jealous girls won.

    By the way is anyone gonna review sistar19's new song?

  2. dont bout you guys but the girl(dont know her name) holding the "I" have some crazy eye man

    1. Yeah, she's kinda the freak of the group (like Hyoyeon of SNSD).
      Watch her in "A" and you'll see how fucking weird she looks.

    2. LOL yoonhye rahahahaha
      "freak of the group" cracked me up

    3. Yes, she looks pretty weird.
      Especially in comparison to the other girls.

  3. Since ur an ass man, zaku, at least you can see Jaekyungs butt chin rite?

  4. far left is so skinny<3


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