Monday, February 4, 2013

Hypocrisy Abounds in Korea Regarding Minegishi Minami

As you all remember from 's crossover article, Minegishi Minami was embroiled in a "sex" scandal which resulted in shaving her head and a public apology on Youtube.

I'm using her picture because I believe people need to know about this,
especially since the original video has been since taken down.
Naturally, the insightful netizens of Korea had much to say about the issue.

1. [+272, -8] She's not even a minor, she's an adult... I'm pretty sure Japanese non-celebrities have done worse than her, what's wrong with them? 

2. [+259, -15] Such a difficult life to live as a celebrity. Makes me wonder why people stay in the profession when even their private lives are under such tight control. 
7. [+32, -1] Everyone talks as if they've never been out on a date at night before.. It's not like she bragged about it or released it herself, someone else took those pictures... Who's the one that should really be asking for forgiveness ㅋㅋㅋ Do her fans expect her to ask for their permission to date? 

9. [+28, -1] I feel bad for her.. He's her boyfriend, who cares

10. [+25, -0] If our girl groups did this, we wouldn't have girl groups anymore but just a group of monks

11. [+19, -1] Can't even date on your own conditions tsk tsk... Why are people so quick to jump on dating scandals? They're probably jealous they don't have a date themselves...
As you can see, the majority of the top rated comments on the Korean portal sites were full of condemnation and outrage over the issue. Cultural hatred/rivalry aside, it's incredibly laughable that these Korean netizens would take collective shits all over what their Japanese counterparts have forced onto poor Minegishi Minami.

When you look at Korea's own past track record regarding celebrity "sex scandals," you can see how this feigned moral superiority is especially hypocritical. Let's not forget how big of a shit everyone took on Baek Ji Young when her manager secretly taped her having sex with him and distributed the footage all over the internet. Or when Seungri allegedly fucked a ho and didn't even clean up after himself. Or when IU allegedly fucked Eunhyuk. Each and every time these consenting adults were caught up in a sex scandal of some sort, Korean netizens did not hesitate to slut shame or preach from their high horses.

IU's example is probably the most equivalent Korean incident to this one in recent memory. The same fanboys and fangirls that ragged endlessly on one female idol for uploading a random picture with a male turned around and ragged on the Japanese society and fanculture that pushed another female idol to shave her head for sleeping over at a male's house. You could argue that IU's "crime" was far less severe than Minegishi Minami's, but the same if not more indignation was reserved for IU compared to Minegishi Minami. While there are extraneous factors at play (how Korea would care more about its own idols than Japan's, or the lingering cultural tensions between the two), the dichotomy at play is still worth comparing. For public opinion to be so blind to what's been going on in their own country while so opposed to the same issues in other countries smacks of tremendous delusional ignorance/hypocrisy.

But not all of the posts were like this, many people recognized the hypocrisy of the whole situation themselves.
4. [+37, -4] The commenters here are so hypocritical and fake. You all sit around calling IU a sl*t and witch hunt everyone to the depths of hell, and yet look at you all here feeling sorry for this Japanese idol. What a freaking joke, what an example of how disgusting human beings you all are.
That or they took the opportunity to throw some more barbs at T-ara and IU.
5. [+36, -7] Was it absolutely necessary to go that far?;;; This just makes me realize how shameless some Korean idols are... Not a care in the world whether all of Korea has seen her bare body on webcam or not, promoting like nothing's wrong.. [Pretty sure this means Jiyeon] 
6. [+32, -3] T-ara should do this as a group 
8. [+29, -1] What's T-ara doing 
12. [+18, -8] Korean idols have it so easy 
13. [+18, -17] When will IU and T-ara shave their heads?

 They're not even original anymore, man.


  1. If anything Seungri wasn't shamed enough.

  2. i wonder how t-ara and iu got into this sh*t. i thought we are talking about minami.

    if that's the case, then everyone should shave their head since they keep on bullying idols with tons of their comments. there are also whores that did a lot and one that bully worse than what happened in school 2013.

    geez, most commenter just don't use their head when speaking. they should shave theirs so they could think straight

  3. No wonder I laugh when Koreans always talk shit down on Japan. Glad at least there's still some sane folks out there though. Them crazy bat-shit nationalists in Korea and Japan need be kicked out of the country and dropped somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.

    Those wota/otakus and AKB's management can join them too.

  4. More jealous fat bitches complaining bout T-ara

  5. Kpop fans seem to be more lenient with dating than jidol fans
    if gohara would never been able to continue her career as an idol
    while having a bf if she was a jidol

  6. looks like there's also an article on + a yammering white man

  7. Seungri didn't get half the shit that IU or Baek Ji Young had thrown at them. It was basically a two day thing, people hated on the hoe more. Seungri is free to have sex with as many prostitutes that he wants.

    Stupid hypocrites. They savagely bash their own idols, but when it comes to Japan they take out the sympathy card. You give me a f*cking break.

  8. Well she is female, wat do u expect? I know, its terrible

  9. Funny, people seem to be of the opinion that there was a backlash against IU after her scandal but I distinctly remember how underwhelming the response was. A few years ago something like that would have lasted us months.

    1. Also, the T-ara scandal would've been over before it began if it had been handled properly. It was KKS who deliberately made things worse than they ever needed to be.

    2. I personally am happy for that. Because now people finally realized what a slave-trading asshole he is.

    3. ^ I'm actually inclined to agree.

      That T-ara scandal had both its pros and cons. What @No said is one of the pros.


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