Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aaron Yan - That's Not Me

Aaron Yan has come out with his millionth MV in the past year, and for those of you (i.e. RealJW) who are always lamenting that AKF barely has any male fanservice posts (for a good reason, go to the other 99% of Kpop sites for that shit), here's Aaron Yan.

I like Aaron Yan, but that's mainly because of the drama "Just You,", in which he was Puff's co-star, so that always helps. He reminds me of a more attractive and less alien-looking version of Jang Geun Suk. For people who don't know Aaron Yan, it's probably best to compare him to Yamapi and Kim Hyun Joong in that all three are popular within their respective countries for acting and singing, except that Aaron Yan isn't totally devoid of any meritable skills like the aforementioned Yamapi and Kim Hyun Joong.

I like the song and the buildup is good throughout the whole song. I find that C-pop/Mandopop really excels in ballads compared to Korea and Japan, and this is another song to reaffirms my opinion. The music video is also bizarre, but compelling enough to watch all the way through. His co-star from the drama "Fall In Love Me", Tia, is in the music video. Too bad she doesn't show off any cleavage, as I have documented a couple of times on here how nice her rack is.

And for those of you who really want the fanservice, Aaron has a shower scene and a shirtless scene that showcases his abs. I hope you're satisfied, because this is the last male fanservice post from me for a while.


  1. nice ballad. thank you.

    ps: how good is the translation at https://chublyee.wordpress.com/tag/lyrics-2/ ?

    1. My Mandarin sucks, so I can't ascertain whether or not the translation is good.

    2. A tad clumsy but generally correct.

      Here's my take on it:

      I was so tired after a whole day, yet I ran for ninety minutes
      This story (lit. drama storyline) is so melancholic, yet I nearly laughed while watching it
      My home is just around the corner (lit. at the next junction), but why do I still go the wrong way
      It’s been so long past Christmas, yet I’m still celebrating Valentine’s Day

      Logically speaking (this is quite clumsy but I can’t think of a better translation), at that time, there is nobody I can bear to live without
      Why is it that after you left, I became unlike myself?

      Merely hearing a song makes me tear up. That’s not me, definitely not me
      The moment I think of you, my heart hurts. That’s not me, I’m not that weak
      Having loved should make (me) mature, a peaceful breakup should be a takeaway
      What’s the use of holding onto memories so tightly? This person who can’t bear to lose anyone
      Isn’t me, isn’t me.

      At the edge of the wide sea and sky, if I can finally climb (lit. walk) over that slope
      Kiss me as you would a friend, even if I’m already not like myself

      *repeat chorus*

      The 2nd chorus with different lyrics:
      Merely not being able to fall asleep makes my tears flow out of control. That’s not me, definitely not me.
      The moment I think of you I want to go crazy. That’s not me, I’m not that weak
      I originally wanted to be open-minded and tolerant, but in the end all the intelligence I learnt proved to be useless
      Even if I forfeit my freedom I can’t break free. That person who doesn’t know to love himself
      Isn’t me

      The one you loved most deeply, is no longer me
      The one you can’t bear to part with, is no longer me
      The one you loved most deeply, is no longer me
      The one you can’t bear to part with, is no longer me

    3. @ksc75 - thank you very much!

  2. These two are appearing in a drama that's airing right now.


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