Monday, May 12, 2014

Korean Netizens Are Salty Because of G.NA's Pretty Lingerie

Since I don't have any sexual attraction towards whatever alien race G.NA is, she does have a nice pair of tits. Plus I love the fact that she is making Korean netizens mad, so that is always a plus.

5. [+21, -2] Is he seriously sticking her panties up his nose? Idiot clowns, stop turning the music industry into a pervert empire. 

A netizen wants entertainment companies to stop turning the music industry into a "pervert empire." Maybe the music industry would stop if Korea didn't love porn so much. However, I love the Korean music industry because they cater to what the fans actually want, not what they say they want. The harder you deny liking these sexy concepts, the stronger your affection towards sexy concepts will become.

It's okay G.NA. You're just providing these netizens with what they really want.

(Look for the MV review to be posted this weekend.)


  1. It was utter ass. God A Pink ruined G.NA's comeback with jidol tier shit

  2. Pervert empire! Pervert empire!

  3. can we talk about how hot some of her backup dancers were?

    cuz they were hot

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  4. i get the feeling this is the kind of thing sulli fag would be down with

  5. Two thoughts:

    1) The guy looked pretty camp. My theory: "Korean [Male] Netizens Are Pretty Because of G.NA's Salty Lingerie". He needed a whiff to stay away from the straight and narrow path(if you get what I mean). I don't blame him, one theoretically wonderful night with G.NA, you'd end up pregnant and with an alien jumping out of your chest.

    2) Isn't that the reason for couple matching underwear? So the guy could 'accidentally' wear his girlfriend's one to work. Allowing him to nasally absorb her scent throughout the day?

    BONUS) BBBbbbbewbs??!??!!


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