Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kara apologizes for having a dumbass agency

KARA held a fan meeting as a 3 member group for the first time on the 24th of May at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall. This provided an opportunity for KARA to prove they are perfectly good with only three members by performing a few songs, and to tell fans that they are just as pissed as the fans are.

On the 12th of May, DSP Media announced that they were going to add a new member to KARA through an audition program titled “KARA Project”. Yet fans weren't gonna have none of that shit, and they even hung a large banner telling DSP to fuck off with that noise, which read “We will never accept a new KARA member” near the office of DSP Media.

However, despite the complaints, opposition, and widespread public mockery, DSP Media wanted to prove they are completely fucking retarded and don't listen to anyone. So they went ahead with their dumb asses and released teasers of 7 trainees, or “Baby KARA” members, who all had zero potential to ever live up to the standards or legacy of a KARA member.

According to a fan who attended the meeting, Gyuri apologized to the one thousand fans in attendance for DSP continuously hurting them with disappointing news, and that she did not want people whom she considered special to get hurt, or for herself to look like a damn fool who just rolls over and takes whatever shit her agency dishes out without a fight.

She also explained that she cannot reveal certain things that will be broadcast, so she feels frustrated, however she emphasized the most important thing was for the fans to trust the three current members. She further added that the KARA members are trying their best to stick it to the man, and that they are currently fucking, blackmailing, and extorting anyone they need to stop this madness, so she asked for their trust and patience.

Member Seungyeon agreed with Gyuri, and added that it was heartbreaking for everyone to see people who were so close to them leave, and that she was sad that she was forced to bring disappointing news almost every year. She also said that she knew a good portion of them were also Rainbow fans, and apologized for the shitty cutesy concepts and songs they were given last year.

Hara also added that the emotions the members are feeling are all equally painful, and that she trusted the fans understood how the members of KARA were currently feeling, however during her speech, Hara choked up on tears and could not finish her sentence. She explained that she originally promised herself that she would not cry at the fan meeting, but she could not help crying because the stress of trying to hold back crying hurt her face, which was still sore from a recent surgery.

Although fans unanimously said "NO. FUCKING NO. OH GOD, PLEASE, NO." regarding DSP Media’s move to add a new member to KARA, there was no word on the cancellation of this move, suggesting that they hate money and haven't paid attention to how well Girl's Day has done without replacing that girl who had a nice ass.

Meanwhile, all fan meeting ticket profits were donated to charities and organizations to help teens cope with the continual psychological trauma of being a KARA fan, as with their previous annual fan meetings.


  1. stupid for resigning. all shouldve just paid dsp a fee to keep their name or go by a new name and continue as 5 under another company or continue in japan.

  2. No new member, please.
    Because the only ones I ever cared about in Kara are Hara and Seungyeon, so that would mean they'd get less screen time.

  3. I need to see Rick Ross in the 'Baby Kara' roster... Miss A's Min too.
    After her pic of his face on Sunmi's body(and additional chicken drumstick), the awkwardness would pull Kara back into stardom.

    1. Why do I find your idea perfect?

    2. @No Min uploaded this to instagram

      Despite JYP's apology and the Ross Boss only being able to do the 'money dance', this will change the dynamics of the group for the better. Our beloved Kara girls can still cash in those cheques and work a little less as the media focus on the other two.
      GO GO SUMMER!?

  4. They should have recruited Clara like I suggested. Now they're paying the price.

    Such a fucking storm in a teacup though. Who gives a fuck what group has what members. Only the integrity of the overall package is important. It's like refusing to make payments on a car because you had to change a tyre.

  5. i thought this was just some troll news, but seriously, is this real news??

  6. KARA need new members to replace Nicole and Jiyoung on SCENARIO, if they continue as 3 they'll need to change their dance steps and parts on every song, that's fucking hard and my poor girls are gonna get tired :(


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