Thursday, May 15, 2014

Question of the Week 80

This week's question comes from an anonymous person:

If you were in-charge of creating a K-pop (be it male, female, or mix) group together, would you:
(a) go for more visual with less talent
(b) 50/50 visual+talent
(c) more talent but less on the visual
(d) Pure visual/talent ie; visual with crappy talent and vice-versa
(e) none of the above

To clarify: 
visual = nice pair of rack, smokin' hot ass, long lags, slim & slander body figure, rock solid abs(for the guys) and it goes without saying, not to shabby looking face. Usually decent to none in the talent department.
talent = decent to magnificent vocal/rap/dance talent, involve in the creative process of their own musics/songs be it writing lyrics, composing, musics arrangement or even making their own dance choreography.

Thank you for your submission!

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  1. B

    I want a group like NINE MUSES in general.nuff said

  2. (e) None of the above
    Girl band with -
    1 really good Main singer,looks dont matter (Hyorin/Taeyeon class)
    1 assistant vocalist (lol) who cant reach the vocal range of main singer,but decent (Tiffany Hwang class)
    1 completely hot sexually charged model,doesnt really need to sing (noona Lee Hyori/Hyosung class)
    1 cute girl who will do 90% of CF and Ads,doesnt need to sing either (like Yoona and Hearyung of Bestie)
    1 all-rounder vocalist who is great at cracking jokes,variety material,capable of rap,gets the occasional bridge portions of a song if the song is ballady,(like Joo Hyun of Spica)
    1 bias wrecker,who's always in the news for shitty stuffs and the occasional good stuffs, one who takes fans on a roller-coaster ride,vital for taking the band out of Nugu league.Should have a tit job and some plastic surgery,specially the nose...

    6 girls, each with the ownroles...and with their powers combined we can have the truly ultimate Messianic girl band...we shall call them..the Messychix! (ok flop name but ..whatever..)

  3. (f) have a good fucking composer and none of those IGAB baddest female shit

  4. Why this false dishotomy between "visual" and "talent".

    In k-pop "visual" IS "talent".

    1. i guess the questioner meant
      VISUAL as only good looks with no dance/singing skill
      TALENT as singing/dancing skill with no good looks.

    2. that's kpopalypse's point as well (i think); there's no difference between someone who makes the group better by making their songs bearable and someone who makes it better by being hot and drawing fans in. to the pop machine it's the same thing

    3. I just want someone who won't make my ears bleed when they're live. That's important for me personally.

  5. One girl who can sing decent, youngest member who's cute as fuckto throw aegyo everywhere, one who's hot as hyomin, one "pretty face" like yoona and suzy for ads, one leader.

    1. Almost forgot, each member must have determination.

    2. but even if they have determination, what if there's a difference in determination levels??? :c :c :c

    3. Whoever has the lowest determination level will be kicked out.

  6. I'll create a group named FAP meaning For Absolute Perfection, composed of idols bearing similarities to Hyuna, Jaekyung, Hyosung, and Hyomin. Tits and ass to make everyone happy with just enough talent to make a song bearable.

    Or make a new Nine Muses.

  7. I'd just clone T-ara, subtract the bullying BS and they're the perfect group

  8. "not to shabby looking face" - But that's actually the most important part for a visual...

    Most important question; Would I be able to manager-fuck them ?

    Either way, I'd have Taeyeon in it since she's beautiful, a great singer and an ok dancer. The rest would be not that important, just a few girls that seem likeable.

  9. I wonder how bad my imaginary group would be if everyone went against their type:

    Lead Vocalist = Sohee
    Assistant Vocalist/Harmonizer = Dasom
    CF Girl = Amber
    Main Rapper = Seohyun
    Variety Presence = CL

    An actual group:

    Lead Vocalist = Boa (SPICA)
    Main Vocalist = Taeyeon (She'z)
    Rapper = Euaerin (Nine Muses)
    CF = Seolhyun (AOA)
    Dancer = Hyosung (SECRET)
    Visual = Bora (SISTAR)
    Variety = Jessica

    Nine Muses as a group was so good, but too bad they just had to lose two members.
    The roles in the group are still relatively intact though: 4 Above Average vocalists + 1 rapper + 2 Sub-vocalists

    1. Your actual group will be called Erin and 6 midgets...Im sorry ..i just cant..

    2. Wow I did not know Erin was that tall. It never seemed that way to me. Well she is in 9M which was understandable since they're all mostly tall.

  10. I would do something like 4Minute:

    2 good singers
    2 good rappers
    1 visual

    **and I would try for all of them to be good looking

    1. Who is that one lone visual when Hyuna has taken the rapper spot.? Now dont say Sohyun

  11. My guilty pleasure would be a female equivalent to VIXX, where each member has some weird/prominent facial feature.

    Mouth (Apink Eunji)
    Nose (Kiss&Cry Dia)
    Eyes (T-ara Jiyeon, Rainbow Yoonhye, Spica Boa)
    Jaw (Kahi)
    Forehead (Hyorin)
    Cheeks (Seohyun, Raina, Sohee)

    And I'd call it SPUNKMOP.

  12. Lead Vocalist = Tiffany
    Main Vocalist = Choa
    Rapper = Jia
    CF = Naeun
    Dancer = Chanmi
    Visual = Yura
    Variety = Hara

  13. E. I'd create a group with ogre-like ugly obese girls. They would all be horrible singers and lazy dancers. They would sing generic electro songs more heavily autotuned than 2NE1. They would have interesting music videos, a pseudo-feminist concept, and they would be promoted as a self-righteously unique group. I'm pretty sure it would work because there are plenty of people dumb enough to buy into something like that. Their fans would be losers with low self esteem and a tendency to root for underdogs. Whenever a rational person insulted them, their fans would run to their defense and get a feeling of self-righteousness from doing so.


      Newsflash - already been tried, didn't work.

    2. but wasn't piggy dolls' selling point that they weren't bad singers? like big mama but more idoly

    3. Their selling point was that they were piggy.

  14. I don't get why anybody would want to add a rapper to their group. A FUCKING RAPPER. Rap parts are annoying shit in pop songs and I wish I could burn that shit from the face of the pop industry.

    1. If anything, I would make a rap group.
      Not like YG bs, but kinda like MFBTY
      Yubin, Miryo, Zinni, Tymee, maybe Amber, and maybe Yuri to sing through the choruses or something.

      And then you could make a wannabe (c)rap group with Bora, Yoona, Woori, Hyuna, and CL and laugh at them.

  15. (e.) None of the above.
    In K-Pop, a group together is never completely useless/talentless. There is always those 1 or 2 members that don't have any talent or are just there. So I'd basically just get rid of the useless members and keep the ones that can carry weight.


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