Friday, May 16, 2014

Fanfic Fridays: I Heard You Called Me Pretty

The Goddess Sulli. 

She saved me.

I was far into the depths of unconsciousness by the last assassination attempt on my cerebral cortex, when I heard a voice talking to me.

“Duchess,” she said. “Do not surrender. The war is not over.”

“But Goddess, even with my eyes closed I can still see her face charging towards me. She's so... ugly.” I pleaded with her to be understanding but her brilliant glow overwhelmed me.

“Hush. Rewards will be given to those who fight for the course of justice.” Sulli's voice, deep and soft, soothed me. Her radiant beauty slowly replaced all instances of butter-faced rappers in my mind. “Now review the fanfiction you've chosen for this week.”

“Yes, My Goddess,” I whispered as she faded away and I regained consciousness. My next girlxgirl fiction lined up was set to feature Sulli herself as well as Taeyeon. It was worth a shot.

The story started with a direct quote from the real interview with Taeyeon and Seohyun.

A fanfic based on events that happened in reality? What is this clever trend of thought? And why don't fanauthors do it more often? I started feeling something I have never experienced before reading a fanfiction. I felt...


Taeyeon was written as a perverted little girl who got turned on during an interview after hearing about Sulli calling her pretty. My anticipation heightened. Why did I care so much? Was it because this author is actually writing competently with punctuation and correct tenses? Was I that desperate?

My mind cluttered with so many questions as to why I was enjoying this whilst Taeyeon found Sulli in the hallway to their dorm rooms. What followed was some of the most beautifully written lesbian teasing banter I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I wanted to cry.

The back and forth between the two girls while they were only inches away from each other painted an amazing picture inside my imagination. I closed my eyes. I could see the Goddess Sulli smiling and nodding at me. I understood it then. That this is what she wanted me to see: The hope in fanfiction.


I am going to do something that I never do.
I am going to link to the fanfiction.

I am not sure how often I'll be giving out recommendations at all but this one is short and not a terrible waste time. It might not be your taste and it's certainly not perfect, but it accomplishes a lot of things that other fanfics do not. That's enough to get a passing grade from me. 

Thank you Goddess.



  1. I reckon you should ALWAYS link to the fanfiction, ESPECIALLY if it's bad!

    1. I don't know about that. There's a tumblr literally dedicated to shitty fanfics (although I havent been there in ages and idk if it's that active now) on aff (wtfasianfanfics), and they've had serious issues with authors getting bullied off the site by people who have found their stories. One of the admins used to do fanfic readings too, but those stopped because almost all the fics they read got found and deleted.
      Basically it was some bullshit. I mean sure their writing is shitty and deserves to be banished from the internet, but there's always room for improvement and constructive criticism. All authors were bad at one point, reading through my former stuff makes me want to vomit everywhere. But I improved, and luckily, didn't publish any of the really cringeworthy stuff anywhere.


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