Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jung So Min for CeCi

Jung So Min of the currently airing drama "Big Man" recently did a pictorial for CeCi and looks as adorable as ever. Sadly I won't be able to catch "Big Man" until its run is over, but it's hard to resist the drama because Jung So Min and Lee Da Hee are in it. 

I usually like to imagine the two female leads in a drama making out instead of shipping a male-female couple like most drama fans do on Soompi, tumblr, twitter, etc. However, Jung So Min looks really young despite only being a few years younger than Lee Da Hee. It would be like an older sister making out with her younger sister. Maybe if I was half Japanese instead of half Korean I would be into that shit, who knows? The funny thing is that Jung So Min is 25 but looks 15. I know that feeling too well. I get ID'd wherever I go and a co-worker of mine thought I was 15 myself.

Hopefully this should be the last pictorial post for a little while since I believe Hyosung (and her titties) is releasing her solo MV tomorrow. Or today, I don't know. I just know that it's supposed to be out really soon.


  1. These photos are so derpy

    (sorry guys I'm not being sore because I'm gay and I can't enjoy all these photos that you all seem to enjoy hahaha, you may all think that omg this fucking fag is just butthurt because all akf posts are females and he always makes bad comments, it seems like that but I actually am not irritated kthxbye)

    1. You're gay. I'm pretty sure nobody here suspects you to be all into these pics of females if you're a homosexual male. It's understandable. lol.
      I honestly think it's cute because usually these magazine spreads are all serious and "sexy." It's refreshing to see someone who goofs off in front of the camera every once in a while.


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