Sunday, October 16, 2016

BoA's Top 15 Korean Songs - #11 - Hurricane Venus

BoA had finally returned to Korea and came out with a great title track in "Hurricane Venus". Admittedly, I only liked the song at first. I think many factors contributed to why the song/concept didn't click with me at first, but over time, the song has steadily climbed up my list of favorite songs from BoA.

A lot of the dance songs BoA had in her 2010 album "Hurricane Venus" sounded like they could have gone to f(x) or SHINee. Not like that was a problem, but it had showed how long BoA had been away and how much K-pop had changed in just five years. "Hurricane Venus" just didn't seem like a BoA song when it came out.

Other problems stemmed from the weird "-ic" words that SM loved to shove into songs even if they didn't make sense, compounded with a weak choreography (for BoA's standards) and awful makeup, which made BoA look ten years older than she was.

However, despite all of the stylistic errors, the song still shines. We're treated to a catchy electronic song with a strong bass, addicting chorus, and some ad-libbing at the end for vocalfags to wank off to. This song is very easy to put on repeat, as the song lacks any boring parts.

And okay, the best reason to like this song:


  1. I like this song. It's one of her best!

  2. I'm kind of curious what your ranking would be of BoA's English songs, and if any would make the cut on your top BoA songs.


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