Monday, October 10, 2016

BoA's Top 15 Korean Songs - #14 - Adrenaline

BoA has finally returned to Korea after five years of exclusively promoting, and she chose a great time to make a comeback in Korea. K-pop was taking off at the same time J-pop was sliding.

There are many tracks off of "Hurricane Venus" that are really good, and it was hard to select which tracks from this album would end up making the top 15 list. "Adrenaline" was easily going to make the list, but the question was where at.

True to its name, "Adrenaline" is a pure three minutes of straight up adrenaline. There is not one boring point in this song, and the compressed time of three minutes really helps out. (At this point in time in 2010, I was so used to BoA's five minute long Japanese songs.) I love the electronic beat with the bumping base. The verses are good, but the chorus takes it to the next gear.

"Adrenaline" was one of the songs that made me one of the few fans who enjoy BoA's Korean songs more than her Japanese ones. Since 2010, I have enjoyed BoA's Korean releases more than her Japanese releases, and "Adrenaline" is just one of the reasons.


  1. Took me 4 articles to notice these are two lists. lol

  2. my favorite kpop song ever by Boa better make the top 5, not gonna say which one


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