Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dal Shabet - FRI.SAT.SUN

Dal Shabet comes back with another jam that will be ignored by Korea.

I like this song quite a bit, but that's because the chorus is really good and catchy. The beginning of the song is slow to start and has a sparse beat (as do the other verses), so the song goes from soft in the verses to sounding very busy during the chorus. That may be offputting to some (and usually would be to me, but I like the chorus).

Ah Young shits on everyone visually as usual, even with the awful buns and seaweed strands of hair. The other three look pretty good in the MV, and you cna appreciate Subin's ass below from the showcase(?).

Yeah, I can't really follow the above with anything. I doubt anyone is reading past the picture anyway.


  1. I liked a lot of Dal Shabet's recent songs and even got their last album, but this song does nothing for me.

    Definitely looking forward to the fancams though.

  2. At first I was disappointed that they didn't come back with an energetic song like "Someone Like U", but this song's really grown on me. It's a nice song to listen to in the morning. :)


  4. Most HQ song theyve released. But i get why some felt disappointed


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