Monday, October 10, 2016

[MV Review] Infinite - "The Eye"

Infinite is back and as consistent as ever!

Infinite is one of k-pop's most consistent boy groups, and I mean that in a good way. Since debut they've had a signature sound, and have kept to it without getting boring. Even their worst song, awful "Man In Love", still had a very Infinite sound to it. "The Eye" doesn't do much to change that sound but that doesn't make it any less of a great release.

"The Eye" has the instruments I've grown accustomed to hearing from Infinite: piano, strings (violins), synths, and hard hitting drums. The song starts of slow and gradually builds into the awesome chorus, the only complaint is that the electronic beat that comes right after the chorus could have been implemented better. I feel like it was shoehorned in there five minutes before the album had to be mass-produced. The second verse does a good job of carrying the electro beat though, thus making the next little sputter less jarring. Overall the song does good to carry the sound they've had, it's like somewhere between "Back" and "Bad" and that's a great thing.

The music video is pretty much what Infinite have been doing since their inception. Dark concepts, with lots of action and tense moments, kind of like an 80s action movie which, given that Infinite was once known for being incredibly 80s, this suits them. The styling is all black everything which works because everyone looks good in black. No member got shafted styling wise at all, even Sungjong's platinum blond hair works. He looks fucking stunning.

Moving up that bias latter.

The only complaint I have about this video is, not enough Sungyeol. Seriously, the dude get's more and more shafted each comeback. 

As good as "The Eye" is, it's not the best track on the album. "Infinite Only" is one of the best mini's of 2016 thanks to "AIR" and "Zero."

Seriously, "Air" is a contender for my favorite b-side of 2016 period.

According to some peeps I follow on Twitter that are living/visiting Korea "Air" and "Zero" have been playing on the streets more than "The Eye." That's quite funny and understandable.

Overall, this is another great comeback for Infinite, and hands down one of the best boy group releases of 2016.

Next reviews will be SHINee and BTS.

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  1. This was way better than "Bad", at least the chorus was good, but still I wonder if they will ever come out with something like "The Chaser". That song was their best one by far.

    My only complaint is that beat in the end...That was one of the worst beats I've heard in a while.

    I didn't like Sungjong's hair in the MV but he actually looks cool on the stage. For me the winner is by far Dongwoo, both for the style and the line distribution.



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