Friday, October 21, 2016

Nayeon can now die in peace

Nayeon finally got her wish!

I don't blame Nayeon one bit, as kisses from cute girls are the best.


  1. Replies
    1. "[..] as kisses from cute girls are the best."

    2. I heard she left when he asked her to wear bunny tooth dentures

    3. Anyway, took her to see The Magnificent Seven. Halfway through the movie she laid her head on my shoulder, we locked arms walking back to my vehicle, and kissed when I dropped her off.

      And I didn't ask her to wear bunny tooth dentures lmao.

    4. Who came up with the idea of watching a needless remake?

      Admit it, you just needed an excuse to chuu~chuu~!

    5. We both wanted to see it!

      And this was my theme song Tuesday night.

    6. Hey, what do you kids think the cinema is FOR. Anyone can watch high definition widescreen movies of anything they want at home these days. The movie theater is a social tool first, AKF is using it for its intended purpose!

    7. Next time ask her to Kshowonline and chill

    8. Damn. Almost makes me want to date again.

  2. I unironically think she is a lesbian. I say that as a lesbian. She gives me turbo lesbian vibes. This wasn't fanservice, this was Nayeonservice.


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