Saturday, October 8, 2016

BoA's Top 15 Korean Songs - #15 - Moto

Songs such as "Moto" make me feel old. "Moto" is 11 years old.

Ah, the early-to-mid 2000s brings me back to the time when half of the good songs in K-pop were by BoA. Aside from hiphop (in which I enjoyed the songs from the 2000s much more than today's yoloswag faggotry), pop wasn't good in Korea. In Korea's defense, pop music wasn't good for most of the 2000s anyway across the globe.

What makes "Moto" one of my favorite songs is the good beat for its time. It's fast in comparison to what was coming out at the time. The song has some energy, especially in between the transitions from the chorus to the verses. The verses are done well compared to the chorus, as in the song isn't just a good chorus with lazy verses to fill up space.

The MV is great. When BoA turned 18, she started showing her mid-riff more often and she had great abs back then and still does now. Yeah, I'm just her for BoA's abs in this MV.


  1. Shouldn't this one be #14 since the last one was #15?


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