Friday, October 14, 2016

BoA's Top 15 Korean Songs - #12 - The Shadow

If "Moto" was showcasing BoA's abs, "The Shadow" is all about BoA's cleavage, and if that isn't enough reason to watch one of BoA's MVs, well, it sucks to be you.

I love the MV for this song, and BoA's brother has always done a great job with the MVs since BoA came back to Korea. The MV starts out with BoA in the white dress looking like a queen. The tree above the clouds represents the fact that no one is within BoA's league. Then the rest of the MV showcases BoA dancing among mortals while showing off how hot she is. Maybe the songs true meaning is that everyone else will be stuck in BoA's shadow. Yeah, I understand the lyrics, but if other K-pop fans are allowed to make shit up about MVs and songs, so can I!

"The Shadow" definitely reminds me of her older songs with a more modern sound. The beat isn't that fast for a pop song, sounding like it could be a mid-tempo song by today's standards. What helps this song is the strong bass line, otherwise this song could have been pretty forgettable. The rest of the instrumental is drowned out by the bass. However, the bass helps keep the verses entertaining enough to listen to until we get to the chorus, which is pretty good.

Overall, "The Shadow" is a very good song, and it was a great idea for BoA to promote it along with "Only One," as the songs have contrasting styles.

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