Thursday, October 13, 2016

[MV Review] SHINee - "1of1"

After over a year of waiting SHINee follow up the awesome "View" with the decent "1of1."

Onew is still incredible.

Would totally jump onyu.

There is no better to way to start a SHINee review, not even sorry. (I would leave it at that but seeing as I wasn't hired for my trolling abilities...)

"1of1" is just okay. That's it. It's not terrible it's not great. It's just pretty decent, and I'm inherently fine with that; however I'm used to SHINee's releases musically blowing me away and this just ain't it. This song is like bubble gum, it's starts off really nice but eventually you either get sick of the same flavor being in your mouth or the gum loses it's flavor and you have to eventually spit it out and wash it down with some refreshing ice water. The song starts off nice however the initial sound just isn't strong enough to sustain the rest of the song. Better luck next time guys.

The video is the highlight of this release by far. SM really nailed it with the early 1990s theme, and I'd find myself coming back to the MV just for the aesthetics (was this done on purpose? Hmmmm.) So if you're into perfectly executed retro themes, then you'll totally dig this music video. Everything down to the blank white set, pimp suits, baggy clothing and back up dancers who don't really have that much rhythm make this video almost look like something archived from the decade that is somehow very HD. The members are all styled great too.

Minho looks the most fantastic this comeback.

Bottom line if you love the 90s and that The New Kids On The Block sound then you'll love this. But if you really don't enjoy 90s fashion or the music then this won't be your favorite. It's definitely a standout comeback that's for sure, and the album ain't too shabby I linked "U Need Me" before, however some of my other favorite are "Feel Good""Shift", and "Don't Stop"


  1. This song wasn't bad but it wasn't remarkable at all. Not a song I would bother to put into my fav Shinee songs playlist.
    And finally a style for Taemin that I can dig for.

    1. Taemin looks amazing with black hair. I forgot how great he looks with it.

  2. Shinee will never top view

    1. View was great. I always say Sherlock is my fave SHINee title track.

  3. Same thoughts on the song. I haven't listened to the rest of the tracks on the album though, thanks for linking "U Need Me". Gonna go listen to the rest.

    Minho's hair totally suits him. He keeps grabbing my attention in every video I see of them lately.


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