Friday, September 2, 2011

AS's Raina gives Phominutesluts a run for their engrish.

Okay Chuck I just had to, you baited me.

@1:00 ''If yo maynnnnnnnnnnnnn on a pho if he ain't lemme know. 

She's obviously talking about pho, must be one starving bitch.

Which basically means that if a guy's run out of some pho they should call Raina so that she could make him some more, durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 

Or as a cray cray feminist would say, she's re-enforcing the 'women belong in the kitchen' stereotype.


''Lemme see if you can brown it brown it, gurrr indeed I can brown it, brown it'' 

Referring to the infamous phrase 'Chris Brown it' = assault your girlfriend/wife.

Other similar phrases include : Chris Brown a Ho, e.g. 'Soulja Boy: We don't supaa man no-moe, we Chris Brown dat ho! Now watch me youuuu... 

So she's openly stating that she quite likes to enjoy Chris Brown'ing people, possibly with the help of her high heels. Maybe that's why Jung Ah's not getting enough lines, who in their right mind wants to get Chris Brown'd by Raina? Does AS's Bang! have some sort of underlying message behind it after all?


Original lyrics Girl the way that your wearin them jeans is turnin me on
I'm the hottest thing thats in these streets so baby won't you rock me...

Raina's misheard lyrics : Gurr the way you churn this tree is turning me ownnn, I'm tha hardest thang in this stleets so babyeee won't you run me...

@ 1:39 

''Make it dwop granny, make it pop granny ro-rock..
Teeeeck, tock to da crock fo me''

Yeah, I wouldn't mess with her either.


  1. I do not know why, but this post is freaking hilarious to me. I love Raina, I WISH she made me a bowl of pho everyady so i wont have to go to the restaurant to eat some.

    Engrish is always funny.

  2. Stop reading when I saw Pho...

    I LOVE PHO! Pho! Pho! Pho!

    Pho Tai is my fave, yum... Now, I want some bad...

    What was this about again? :)

  3. i fucking feel like eating pho now

  4. She sounds me when I sing along to Korean music ie gibberish with a few Engrish words sprinkled in...

    This ish is hilarious, I will be sharing this with others, thx!

  5. This didn't realle nned a article, there are millions engirsh covers

  6. Dude when u gonna post bout ludacris calling yg the best in hiphop

  7. TROLOLOL!!! Raina, you have an awesome voice, but your Engrish is just too funny. I still prefer Jungah's voice though.

  8. LoL I'm Vietnamese and I love Phở so much XD

  9. @1:00 ''If yo maynnnnnnnnnnnnn on a pho if he ain't lemme know.


    also Pho YUM

  10. Pho appreciation article, I approve.

  11. Whooooo pho is just fucking great.

  12. Her voice is good. Also @0:41 it sounds like "I got bren u got ben they all pop u got banned i look cry"

  13. Suckmydee, I love you!


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