Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nicole joins the club... the next idol to release a remixed version of her group's song.

Amidst a busy schedule Nicole was able to spend some time in the studio to make a remixed version of Step. In this version, Nicole's raps replaces the rapping in the original song. Since the song is called Step, Nicole wrote about how the other Korean girl groups need to step up their game in Japan.

Remixed rap:

All these pussies need to step their shit up
We comeback to Korea and they flock to Japan
They believe they can emulate our success
Hahaha they can't sell crap, man
T-ara's entering Japan just to be flops
Won't sell shit with a face like Cyclops
AS riding Amuro Namie's ass for some fame
We have our own Namie, one step ahead of the game
Secret? Did they even chart on the weekly's?
Oh, they sold like 15 copies? News to me.
All you bitches have fun flopping
As for my laughter there's no stopping


  1. "We have our own Namie, one step ahead of the game"

    Secret did chart on Oricon though

  2. It's a shame that all that plastic surgery still couldn't make her beautiful lolz.

  3. I'm amazed at what Kara has achieved. There are prettier and more talented groups, with much better songs, yet those groups have not had the same success as Kara. They really lucked out on their butt dance.

  4. oh damn, sure gained some respect from the underground man

  5. 1:38 PM

  6. ^
    Yes, I was trying to say, to put it bluntly, Kara has no talent (or looks, or good songs).

  7. @1:38 PM delusional Kamilia will be delusional

  8. I bet Nicole's asshole tastes like strawberries, the rest of Kara I don't really care for.

    They're like the anti-t-ara, not particulary good looking(or good performers) but their songs (well the singles at least) are catchy as fuck.

  9. Kara has many better songs than SNSD. People only like them for their physical appearance. FACT

  10. ^ and they fake personalities plastic surgery promoting pedophilia etc.

  11. It's hard to be a Kamilia on my own blog.

  12. Kara not pretty? Kara are by far the best looking group in Kpop. There is no better looking group, Rainbow is on par with them and they are the only group, everyone else pales in comparison. Infact, most of their success stems from the fact that men aged 35-55 find them attractive...

    Funny how first everyone was on that "they are only popular for their looks, " bandwagon and now everyone is jumping on the "they aren't that pretty" bandwagon, now that their becoming more popular and their songs are getting more attention.

    They have lots of good songs, and they are talented. Mariah Carey talented? No. But they are talented at what they do, which is sing catchy songs with beats that you can dance too. And they look good while doing so.

    The thing I like about Kara AND their fans Kamilia's, is that you can go ask anyone about Kara's skills and for the most part they will bluntly tell you that "no" in terms of singing and dancing KARA isn't the best, but they like them anyway. Kara would probably also tell you that they aren't that good. They are a really honest group.

    I think they are pretty decent performers. They sing live most of the time, which is more than can be said for lots of other groups. Whether you find their singing enjoyable or not is personal opinion, but at-least they make the effort.

    I think Kara gets more criticism then they deserve, especially when other groups aren't more talented or better dancers nor do they promote better songs...

  13. K-pop is built on manufactured skills, looks and personalities but everyone thinks their favorite group is the exception.

  14. Kara is a group which baffles me. They have no real talent (all i see are 5 subvocalists w/o a main one), not particularly good-looking ( there's a rat-faced, an alien-faced, a retard, and a tranny-looking member; their so-called 'goddess' looks like a man) and the songs are boring as fuck (except Mister).

    People must really like hopeless cases.

  15. @4:15 Ages 35-55? Lmfao! That's roughly the age where people start having presbyopia, so I guess your argument would make sense.

  16. ^
    was that supposed to be funny?

  17. sigh, delusional stans will always be delusional.

    @4:20 ouch! but you do make a point though.
    @4:28 what's wrong with the comment anon? it's not funny, but smart. i even had to wiki it just to check. =/

  18. ^ i found it funny, actually :L

  19. I didn't need to look it up, and I don't find it funny...

  20. plastic generation has

    a horsica with nasal subpar vocals

    a hyogre with overrated dancing skills

    a butterface untalented bimbo called sunny who only got in because of her uncle with cringeworthy aegyo vocals

    a toothpick called sooyoung who has no real talent and suffers from anorexia

    a plastic fanytastic appropriately named tiffany who relies heavily on makeup to disguise her man face

    a sex slave named yuri who serves rain and multiple industry officials on a daily basis

    a racist leader named taeyeon whose voice is overrated even to the point of comparing hers to anything near davichi which is nothing short of heresy

    a maknae named seohyun whose more mature and intelligent than the rest of the group which doesnt say much

    and a yoona named yoona

    oppa oppa oppa ill be down down down! hahaha

    praise lord sm entertainment for continuing to starve and overwork these overrated bitches

  21. SNSD this, SNSD that, that's all i hear in Kpop, SNSD: So Nyuh Shit Dae. They're so fucking dumb, here's why:

    Sooyoung: She should've DIED in the car wreck she got into
    Tiffany: Who made fun of the word Sichuan, and many people died in the Sichuan earthquake, dumb bitch
    Jessica: Every1 says "Oh she's gotten chubbier" Well you know what, i'll be happy if she'd weight 300 fucking pounds!!
    Sunny: Ugh! Her and her "aegyo". It's all STAGED!
    Taeyeon: She's called the Kid Leader? Well, with all of the plastic surgeries she's gotten, that's why she looks like a KID!
    Yuri: Black Pearl? Wtf?
    Yoona: Her legs are so fucking skinny, they can be used as chopsticks
    Seohyun: The Youngest; She looks OLD!
    Hyoyeon: Who in hell released that ugly pig?

    I'll be very happy to STAND. Stand Till All Nine Disapear. They're all fakes. YOu stupid Sones, you're so sensitive. If one person mentions the words SNSD and Plastic in the same sentence, you people would go ballistic! Jesus Christ, GET A GRIP! They're the Plastic Generation, not even real Girls! What? minusing me because you can't handle the truth about these so called "9 Angels"? Do you really think they care about you fans? They throw out your FANMAIL!

  22. lmao the only thing worse than a sone is a stand

  23. since when this battle is solely between sones and kamilia?

    both are obsolete and outdated as fuck, it's time for the school nation to rise...


    Seriously...look at these fans go at each other. Literally writing essays to express their hatred.

  25. groce KARA except Gyuri. I really wanna see Gyuri punch out everyone in that group of betraydols.

    and STANDs are closeted SONES.

  26. no1kara

    kara known for nothing, nothing at all.

  27. @ 5:09PM that's mean, you shouldn't be cursing people with death, plastic or not. Other than this, I agree with you.

    Yoona's got a pair of crooked legs and an equally crooked face, although still fuckable, she is supposed to be the no.1 beauty in kpop, wtf?

    Seohyun, the most aged maknae I've seen in kpop groups, who try to hide her no talented ass under the pretense of being intelligent and well-mannered. Failed, anyone with half-wit can see through her disguise and realize she's nothing more than an impostor.

    Jessica, what an old and sex hungry donkey. Her body double Hyomin may have a horse face but at least Hyomin looks her age(22). Jessica seems to have skimmed over her teen, 20-something and 30-something years and skipped directly to post-menstruation.

    And let's not forget about Nicole. I used to think she was hot until I saw pics and videos of her without heavy makeups, and gosh, she's just hideous. What's up with those small triangular eyes?

  28. gyuri is fat as fuck...she looks obese when standing next to her group members

  29. timchan speaks absolute truth

    heed his words

  30. SNSD is so awesome it leaked into this blog post from the one above it.

  31. KARA is forever in the middle, overall not the best vocals nor the worst vocals, not the best looks nor the worst looks (although Jiyoung gets prettier every day), not the most popular nor the least popular. But the fact that they are a cut above mediocre and they don't seem to be bitches makes me want to cheer them on.

  32. you know how awesome SNSD is when they sneak in into a topic that has NOTHING to do with them at all, whether by an anti talking or by a stan.....

    GG, you fucking kpoppers are so fucking compulsive with comparisons.

  33. btw
    "AS riding Amuro Namie's ass for some fame
    We have our own Namie, one step ahead of the game"

    holy shit that made my day.

  34. I thought we were supposed to talk about KARA here? Are they really that irrelevant that we're now talking about SNSD instead?

    Lol, I guess so.

    P.S. Love the fact that this is getting more replies than JYJ's MV. I guess they are even more irrelevant than KARA.

  35. wait. what's this article got to do with SNSD. i'm confused as fuck with these comments

  36. Chuck this is some of the worst rapping/rhyming ive ever come across,even worse than Nicki Minaj and Nicki cant write or rap to save her life.

    LOL @ the SNSD hatred.LOL at the Kara apologists.

    @anon 4:16 WORD!!!!!Couldnt have put it better myself.

  37. You forgot Rainbow

    Secret charted on weekly
    Tara will do pretty good in japan
    AS is riding anything

  38. Nicole - Look good but is shit without make-up.
    Hara - Uglier version of Namie.
    Gyuri - Above average but quite plain compared to other girls in kpop.
    Jiyoung - Pretty.
    The leftover girl looks like a gerbil.

  39. U forgot the up and coming 2ne1 op. lol
    Btw, people like Kara not for their vocals or dance skills, but for their songs, their personality, and lastly their looks.

  40. Fangirls be jealous. Seriously, I would take fangirl's opinions on female groups with more than a grain of salt if once in their life they post a photo of themselves that proves that they are not fat, ugly, socially maladjusted bitches. Don't hate just because you haven't been laid yet.

    Also, Kara is like the second best looking group, they always have been. We know who the best looking are of course.

    Funny rap too Chuck.

  41. LOL "All you bitches have fun flopping" lol

    but it's true, looking at them girl groups half assed their japan promotion hurts my eyes (and ears)

    KARA's songs are pretty good, i like them very much actually, and they look humble

    why is everybody talking about SNSD in this article lol, for my case, i think i will never be able to like them, they look so fake.... i dunno why

  42. ^ Man, delusional fangirl alert.

  43. huh? what's wrong with my comment?

  44. @ 2:11AM

    I'll agree with you on the "fat, ugly, socially..." part. However, to you Kara might be the second best looking group but certainly not to many other people.

    Seungyeon looks like a fucking rat whose face I want to pummel with a bag of shit, Gyuri looks like a Thai ladyboy, Nicole looks terrible sans makeup, Hara got "modified". I think Jiyoung is pretty cute though.

    I think T-ara, Rainbow, F(x) (minus horsethighs and the tranny), WG(especially Yoobin, Sunye and Sunmi) half the members of SNSD(namely Jessica, Yuri, Yoona and Taeyeon) and many more look loads better than Kara.

    And no, I'm not some vindictive, deluded fangirl. I'm a hot-blooded hetero male.

    PS: Who is the best looking group to you?

  45. Hara, Nicole, and Gyuri, with make up, will forever pwn every single girl group member in my opinion.

    Well it's just my taste tho.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. KARA is just ewwww~!

  48. You also forgot Phominitu.

  49. KARA?

    No. Just... no.

  50. "Seungyeon looks like a fucking rat whose face I want to pummel with a bag of shit, Gyuri looks like a Thai ladyboy"

    I died! XD I love Anons!

  51. KARA kills me......because they're not exceptionally good looking and just horrific at singing. I can't listen to them or even watch them fuck this shit. Jiyoung is the only one I can bear to look at, for obvious reasons....

  52. oh my god and whoever said mariah carey doesn't have talent....seriously fuck you fuck you fuck you how dare you put kara and mariah carey in the same sentence you are deluded.

  53. ^
    What???...that never happened

    Anyways, OK maybe to some bitter fan-girls KARA isn't pretty, but to Korea/Koreans, the place and people that actually matter they are considered to be an over-all very, very pretty group. Kara pawns EVERY GROUP in the looks department. The only group that comes close is Rainbow...

  54. eww who said Jessica, Yoona, Yuri Taeyeon and ANY of the Wonder Girls look better than KARA..PUH-LEASE!!!

    Yoona--not hot, Yuri--man face, Jessia--donkey, Taeyeon looks like a bug. And WG's...just no!

  55. No one's saying WG are hot. LMAO. But come on, all 8 members of SNSD are pretty hot.

  56. PUH-LEASE!!!!! Hotness is determined by straight males, not fangirls and fags!!!!!

  57. @12:45 Says you, bruh. Gonna need some stats. I hardly ever see any Kara members in those Korean celeb polls.

    @1:18 Man, you sound butthurt. Must be tough looking like a steaming plate of crap.

    @3:27 Actually, many people say WG are hot. On this site here too.

  58. And many said Kara are hot too.
    Btw, who the fuck said 8 mems of SNSD hot? Did you just say Hyorge or Sunny hot? You need your eyes check.

  59. ^
    Bro, Sunny is hot. Deal with it.

  60. ^ And you are a fat pressed insecure fangirl or gay so your statement is invalid.

  61. I don't get this while stupid argument about how you can't give your opinion about idols if you can't sing like Mariah Carey, dance like Michael Jackson, have a body of Brazilian model, or a face of a beauty queen.

    ^ Really, unless you're any of those four, or at least look good as an idol, then your own logic, your statement is invalid as well.

  62. "Won't sell shit with a face like Cyclops"


  63. KARA > T-ARA > SNSD

    that's the REAL EQUATION.

  64. 100% sure.


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