Thursday, September 22, 2011

Album review: Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

My reviews tend to be really in-depth but for your sake I will do this lightly.

Track 1 - Right off the bat you can tell that they are obviously horny as fuck. Much like myself, they're too old to pretend to be innocent anymore. Their biological clocks are ticking and they are moaning for some cock. The Sixth Sense is definitely a reference to sensing you need some action.

Track 2 - Some kind of Pointer Sisters disco shit. Nice groove but kind of repetitive, more based on drive than dynamics which is okay to kickstart an album but I wouldn't listen to it alone.

Track 3 - This is a latin rhythm, designed for shaking your ass in a variety of sexy ways. I expect to see a performance of exactly that! Especially Ga-In. She looks like the flying mask that chases Mario when he grabs the key in SMB2 (man I hated that fucker) but she's got a nice ass. Pretty sure I just heard Miryo say "69" which just goes along with what I already heard in their voices.

Track 4 - This is really good! Such a fresh sound, which is what I expect from BEG more than any particular sound. Pretty soft and chill but they still work in some nice textures.

Track 5 - I'm totally tripping out. This is like classic BEG on the verses but the chorus is like early Cardigans. Most of you kids are probably too young to remember them, and if you do you probably only know Love Fool, which is later than I'm talking about. The rap part is boring. Not sure why Korea is so in love with excessively mellow rap but I still haven't gotten into it. Nujabes & friends did it right but few others.

Track 6 - THIS RIGHT HERE. This is the kind of new shit that is happening in France. This is where BEG clearly steps out of the idol group category and plays in artist circles. It shows a love and awareness of music you simply cannot have sticking with stuff from just one country.

Track 7 - But then they stick to their national roots with some Engrish. I gotta say, this is incredibly awkward to have on Track 7 rather than at the start of the album. The real trick here is that it pushes up the track count and you don't realize this is a mini. There are only 5 real songs on this thing.

Track 8 - Weird. It's all over the place and reminds me of an anime intro and/or credits music. I guess it could be neat with the right video montage or live performance but it's too noisy without enough direction to be good for pure listening.

I'll only remember tracks 3, 4, and 6, so I give it 3 out of 5 Illuminati occult symbolism subliminal messages.
/ 5


  1. floating mask = phanto

  2. its very run the world (girls)

  3. I didn't really like the album tbh, but I loved Gain's solo album.

  4. Loved the whole album and mv *CUMS*

  5. Gain's solo album was epic
    this album kind of took a little bit of influence i think

    the album isn't amazing, but it's not bad, which is saying something in kpop

  6. Narsha looks like SNOOKIE in the Sixth Sense MV.

  7. I lurve track 5. *loops on playlist*

    @ 8:59
    Agreed. Gain's solo was the bomb

  8. Agree with the other anons about Ga-in's album.

    As for this album... Better than some of the shit I've been hearing around these days, but not really that great.

  9. Music Core comeback fucked everyone

  10. @아저씨
    There's no girls on the internet.

  11. ^links to 2ne1 i am the best and is named blow job...

    mixed messages ?

  12. ^ eww stalker. you must be wanting sex that bad

  13. *listening to track #5*

    "Oh, what a nice song. It reminds me of that Sunny Hill's song, "Pray"... Oh wait"


    Track #5 = Sunny Hill's "Pray" :|

    Bitch, please! This is way tooooo much!

  14. oh hi! just wanted to know that from a scale of 1 to gay, you're a cunt. thanks and have an awesome day!


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