Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Spy with My Little Eye Something that is Pedobear

Recently, INFINITE's Woohyun guested on Strong Heart and felt the need to explain why they all burst out crying with their relatively recent music wins (but doesn't like everybody cry when they win on those shows?). Apparently, they were so overjoyed because Woolim Entertainment's CEO promised them a new dorm if they ranked top 3 with their single "Be Mine" (which in my opinion was one of their less impressionable songs but whatever).

See, the CEO felt the need to house 12 of Woolim's trainees in his own home alone with him. According to Woohyun, the house was in pretty terrible condition consisting of problems like "heaters breaking down, or rain seeping into the house and causing the wall paper to peel, and pieces of cement to come off". Also, the quote that blew my mind: "There was no front entry way so even if they opened the door slightly, fans could peek into the whole house, which caused some problems when the members would be walking around in their underwear".

In. Their. Underwear.

Wtf are these boys doing walking around their CEO's house in their underwear? I bet it was the CEO's idea himself.

Did no one think to question why this (I assume) 50+ year old man living on his own insisted that 12 male trainees live with him in his house? Did INFINITE's parents not have any red flags come up when the CEO said "I would like you keep your sons with me. And no, you cannot visit as they'll be very busy with my training".

Because I know if I were CEO of anything, I would like to keep under-aged boys in my basement and have them dance and sing for me for money.

Speaking of under-aged boys: Boyfriend's MV teaser came out not too long ago.

That look on the girl's face and the creepiness of the hand gently stroking her cheek awkwardly at the most inefficient angle is about as disturbing as Woolim's CEO keeping 12 young trainee boys in his basement. Kwangmin, you're too young to be a creeper yet.

Surprisingly, this upcoming single was produced by Sweetune. So have high hopes, but be prepared to be disappointed with the execution.

PS. According to a rumour, Woolim's CEO actually made a similar promise to INFINITE before when they were promoting "Before the Dawn" (they only had to rank top 7 back then). Clearly, that never happened. And apparently this new dorm is not even ready for them to move into yet. They have just been told about their wondrous marble floors and bodyguards and elevators.

10 bucks says the CEO just builds up their hope from winning and then crushes them later with his lies so he may console them whilst they weep in their underpants.

What a sick man.


  1. I'm Infinites fan, your post is so funny xD

  2. No wonder why Woollim's CEO got rid of Epik High. They're in their late 20s/early 30s and way too old for this sick bastard.

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  4. Yeah I liked this post... The situation is definitely weird... Did the CEO also live with them? Maybe he just lend them the house and was somewhere else

  5. @ Chiara Popalopa: hahaha sadly no. The article specified he lived with them. It said that Woohyun talked about how there were 12 trainees (including himself) and therefore they had to share this small house with 13 people.

  6. Thanks God I'm not the only one! I was seriously going WTF when he said that. But tbh, their live in manager is who I wonder about, I swear to God that guy is undercover closet perv. He was all over those boys in sesame player... I love infinite though.

  7. Least those twins look slightly less fucked up in this MV teaser.

  8. I'm pretty sure the CEO wasn't with them 24/7 though...isn't he a busy guy though? idk xD hahah.


    guess who's the guy in the middle

  10. Isn't it normal for humans to walk around in their underpants in their home? And they're all men so what's the big deal.

  11. 7:06
    ROFL, did you hear the way Sungjong screamed?
    It's like a girl getting raped...

    OH GAWD he actually does look like a pedo, all short and all >.>

  12. I present to everyone a picture of Infinite and their CEO:

    Definitely some gayness in there.

  13. ^Fuck, I'm beaten by several hours.

  14. Secret's CEO did the same thing about them getting cell phones. first he said they could get them when they got #1 on a music show, now he says they have to get #1 in Japan
    at least it was possible then, now they're just screwed

  15. Lol @ the pic. They all look pretty homo. No wonder they were so happy though. I would be crying for joy too if I thought I could finally have a peaceful nights sleep without being raped. No, Inspirits, they didn't cry because of you, sorry to say.

  16. Your best so far...... SOO HILARIOUS!!!

  17. LMAO.
    At least this dude isn't as bad as Johnny (from JE Japan)
    That dude's debuting a new group called Sexy Zone.
    The name would be okay if the members weren't like what 12.
    Guy's a pedo for sure.

  18. Give me my 10 bucks.
    Infinite moved into their new dorm on Sunday.
    Inspirits even have a floor plan of the place on tumblr. lmao.

  19. lol, have you seen their old house which Woohyun talked about yet ?

    Sunggyu said they lived in the same house with their CEO pre-debut days but after they debuted, Woollim's CEO let them live in his house by themselves and moved out. LOL, I suggest you go watching Seasame player and seeing their old house then, I dont think any business man want to live in a house like that.

  20. ^doesn't mean they weren't raped during trainee days.

    ROFL, that's what she means anyway, because by the time they debuted, they were too old for the CEO (remember, pedophiles don't go for 20 year olds). The guy most likely moved onto...ermm.. other trainees :L

  21. Inspirits? Seriously?

    Woolim has probably plugged every member of Infinite at least once. History has proven that wherever there's a boy band there is a powerful, single, middle-aged closet homo robbing them of their anal virginity.


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