Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Girl's Day clarifies about diaper fashion

(Couldn't find the original fancam with Hyeri in yellow; please do link me)

Recently, Girl's Day spoke up about their "diaper fashion" controversy. Minah (often considered the most humble and soft-spoken) said this: "They weren't diapers".

Well thank God: I know I wasn't the only one sighing in relief. Damn, they really had us going there; hell, I was afraid to call myself a Girl's Day fan for a while, what with all the Huggies jokes going around. You know you thought those were diapers too, admit it. But yeah, now that they've clarified that... phew. We're safe y'all. We are safe! FREEDOM.

Um, yeah. Anyways. (wat). Since we're on the topic of Girl's Day, here's their newest MV (although it is safe to assume most of you have already seen it).

The song is catchy, albeit nowhere near Twinkle Twinkle's level. It's still loads (not the kind you're thinking of) better than "Hug Me Once" though. The MV, once again, has a home-made porno feel to it (to a lesser extent), with Sojin acting as director. And... she looks like an old, Asian hood rat. /gag

In contrast, Hyeri looks like a delicate, heaven-sent slice of jailbait, especially when put in context. Yura is (and I really never thought I'd ever say this) unfortunately ass-faced in the video. It's unbearable to see of girl of her caliber looking like this. Jihae, for once, looks okay. Possibly better than Yura (it's a sad day y'all). And despite what others think of her, I think Minah has a lot of charm going for her, and she's pretty to boot (not in the traditional sense though). Of course, she gets a couple of ridiculous adlibs near the end.

Lastly, props to Minah for trying the Kyary face.


  1. Umm.. did you just compliment Minah?

    I'm having trouble picking up the should be sarcasm..

  2. Yep. I think she's cute.
    The sarcasm was left to the second paragraph.

  3. Yura looks good in this one. Hyeri is jaylebate but her protruding forehead is getting to me.

  4. i love Mina because she pisses off the crazy fangirls off so much.

    and i also love the diaper fashion because it pisses off the crazy fangirls so much.

    alright i've filled up my misogyny quota for the week.

  5. David kindly gtfo with your Kyary drivel.

  6. I enjoyed this article.

  7. If anyone is wearing a diaper, it makes sense that it would be Hyeri. She is the maknae after all.

  8. Minah needs to stop with the fucking eyesmiles. Her eyes are just slits when she smiles, she needs to take note from Suzy on how to make it look cute because she looks half drunk when she tries. Sojin isn't ugly but I wonder if she is embarrassed to be doing aegyo like that in a group of young girls when she's in her upper 20's lol. She has an engineering degree and would probably make more money than being an idol so I wonder why the hell she'd choose to embarrass herself singing and dancing in girl's day while failing to look cute doing it?

  9. Girls day is the only group where I love all the girls, though my biased in the group is the baby princess :P even though she is the oldest, she is so damn adorable.

    The New mv is alright, its a change up from what they did before. They all are beautiful in the video. jihae, and yura *squeal like a fangirl* I cant believe bow many people dont like minah, she is damn adorable and can sing her ass off. Bitches are just jealous :P especially akp bitches.

    Compared to twinkle twinkle or hug me once, I dont like it much. its catchy as hell, as with previous GsD songs but I wish they went back to NLF!!

  10. I dont know why so many people hate Minah. Because of her eye smile? Anyone can do an eyesmile, have you people not watched americas next top model? Tyra Banks LOVES smeyes, they did a whole fucking segment on it :/ People make it out like sulli invented it herself. I feel like her aegyoo is not actual aegyoo, i think she is just a hyper-active bitch, she looks like one.
    I actually like all of the girls in girls day... Weird, usually theres one girl who makes me rage.

  11. ^LMAO tyra banks was NOT talking about the same eyesmiles as asians talk about hahahahahah

  12. i would change yuras diaper

    just sayin

  13. I have always though jihae was prettier than yura

  14. LOL and you guys and your petty discussions of Minah, Yura and Jihae.

    They are mere mortals compared to Sojin.

  15. Hey DavidFresh, here's the muthafuckin' link to the Yellow FanCam of Hyeri:

    Ahhhh, the jailbait essence of Young Hyeri never ceases to tingle my PedoBear Senses.

  16. ^Not that one, you can clearly so those are pants.
    In the original one, you could see the actual contours of her ass.
    It was, as you could imagine, beautiful.

  17. GOtta admit Girls' day is uber Kawaii. Even with the fake Aegyo bullshit that they do.

    Aegyo annoys me---I swear I'm gonna bitch slap a bitch I get Aegyo spammed me in real life.

  18. @davidfresh

    you probably mean this one then.


    or maybe this one, specifically around 1:05-1:08



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