Thursday, September 8, 2011

T-ara to come back with black eyes

So, that buttfuck Kim Kwang Soo announced T-ara's coming back with a "mini album" at the end of October. Most likely to be two new songs and 6 remixes since he's a fucking douche. But anyway, they're supposed to come back with an electropop sound. Hopefully it'll be like the songs in AFA but I'm not holding my breath because of the troll that runs CCM.

So, concept. 2010 was the year of stalker songs for T-ara. The guy being stalked finally got tired of their shit and gave the girls black eyes.

I wonder if Chris Brown is gonna be referenced in the song/MV.


  1. Lemme see if you can Brown it, Brown it.

  2. If yo mayne, on tha pho

  3. If those two songs come out sounding as anything from AFA then I can die happy.

    Although I have to admit, I was kinda hoping that with 'Black Eyes' for a title, we'd get to see T-ara with Kiss-esque make-up (No, not that one. The other one. Yes, that one. Hwayoung could totally pull of Gene Simmons).

    Now that would be interesting.

  4. What horrible timing though, WG are supposed to be coming back first week in november and they're ditching retro. And Korea STILL loves them even after the shittastic horror that was 2dt.

  5. This can only work (maybe) if they push Boram, Qri, Hwayoung, and Jiyeon to the side and let Eunjung, Soyeon, and Hyomin run the show. At least then T-ara will get credit for having great live vocals for once...

    But KKS is a troll so I'm prepared to hear Qri and Boram get more singing parts then EUNJUNG again, Hyomin slutting it up while singing more then SOYEON, Hwayoung "rapping," and Jiyeon standing in the middle like an angry troll...

    Oh, that pain of being a T-ara stan. I wish I knew how to quit you...

  6. I agree. The only ones with stage presence are Eunjung and Hyomin, and Soyeon is the only one that can sing. Even though Jiyeon has absolutely zero stage presence she's insanely popular (no idea why) so pushing her would be ok I think.
    I really want to see Qri because she's fucking hot. Qri isnt a good enough performer though

  7. @8:23 I feel ya bro. Eunjung Soyeon and Hyomin are the only reasons I like T-ara.

  8. ^Soyeon isn't the only one that can sing... its just that singing is the only thing she can do (unless you count variety show skills?).

    Eunjung and Hyomin are the entire package: they can sing, dance, and rap well (better then probably 75-80% of girls in kpop). They also have amazing stage presence (or maybe they just look great in comparison of the others ^^).

    I agree Qri is HOT (idk what she did, but she needs to keep doing it) and Jiyeon’s popularity is completely unfounded, imo. KKS is a troll, but he is also a PR genius because he made this girl a star. Idk how he did it… the girl had a sex tape for heavens sake at yet still she’s loved and adored as if she were some goddess (sent to earth to creep us out with her near-one eye?). It boggles my mind. Especially when there are other girls that are prettier and 100x more talented *cough*cough* Eunjung *cough*cough*

  9. ^ THIS! I love you! <3 Totally agree!

    I swear if Eunjung doesn't get some good singing/rapping parts this time

    If you're not going to let her sing at least let her act! Stop pouring monety into Hyomin, face it she's not a good actress, stop wasting Eunjungs talent.


  10. ^
    I really like Eunjung's rapping. I have no idea why they added Hwayoung as a rapper since T-ara wasn't lacking in that area at all. Maybe they're gonna turn T-ara into a hiphop group LOL. Even Boram can rap decent, like she did in a TTL performance^
    I really like Eunjung's rapping. I have no idea why they added Hwayoung as a rapper since T-ara wasn't lacking in that area at all. Maybe they're gonna turn T-ara into a hiphop group LOL. Even Boram can rap decent, like she did in a TTL performance

  11. ^fuck. My comment messed up^fuck. My comment messed up

  12. Hahaha, its okay. Just loving the Eunjung love ^^ I agree even Soyeon can rap... T-ara needed more members that could sing live, not a useless giant. Sigh.

    Ugh, Hwayoung... I just can't.

  13. The main problem with T-ara members is that other than Hyomin and Eunjung, they "turn off" right when it's not their part anymore. They're in the back with dead faces and half-assed dance moves. Sometimes they're even adjusting their clothes and hair.

    Compare that to SNSD, where all the members exaggerate all the dance moves, fire off a million winks throughout the performance and constantly have overly cute facial expressions. Of course it can look incredibly fake, but the results speak for themselves.

  14. ^I can't speak on the SNSD part (because I loathe them), but I agree about the T-ara bit. Eunjung and Hyomin almost always put on a good show. You’d be hard pressed to prove otherwise (not saying it’s impossible, but they have a really good track record). However, two members giving it there all isn't enough.

    I will give Qri and Boram credit - they have improved significantly, but it’s still not enough.

    Jiyeon, eh, when she wants to be there she's okay, but when she doesn't want to be there it REALLY shows and it brings down the whole performance. (Her bitch face during Roly Poly nearly ruined it, but lucky Eunjung was smiling and dancing like she was on crack and saved it from being a total wash. Funny because sometimes Eunjung is the only one the can get Jiyeon to smile genuinely on stage. Her perpetual joy is infectious.)

    Hwayoung I won't even discuss. I like to pretend she is just a backup dancer/doesn't exist as much as possible.

    Soyeon is an embarrassment... she can sing (really well), but just can't bring it on stage. The only thing she has going for her is that wink. Her wink is cute, but she does it every five seconds so it loses some effect. She need so work on her facials and also her live vocals because her voice catches all the time… and her dance moves are kind of stiff… oh and if she could put some life into her eyes that’d be great too... Damn it, Soyeon! I want to love you, but I can only muster a weak fondness. Eunjung and Hyomin still have you beat and you should be on their level!

    Eunjung rocks the stage can’t help but love her, I hope she gets more lines this time around… or AT LEAST get to stand in the CENTER! What that fuck was that shit!? (Though Qri doing drive bys was priceless!)

  15. The day Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin won't be given the spotlight will be the day that T-ara jumps the shark. I think it's pretty obvious why these 3 keep the group afloat:

    Eunjung is almost always ( yes, almost, because I've seen her with an obvious bitchface quite a few times during their performances) a happy camper whenever she's on-stage. Not that it's bad, but sometimes it comes off as being too goofy that it borders on being ridiculous. But that's okay, because...

    Jiyeon can balance it out with her bitchface. She ups the 'chic' factor of the group with her bitchy appearance, which somehow stops the whole thing from coming out like a big fat joke.

    Hyomin is the in-between. She's goofy without being too goofy, and bitchy without being too bitchy.

    They can be cute when they need to be; they can definitely be sexy when they want to be. Not to mention, these 3 are the only ones full of charisma when they have concepts like TTL/IGCBOY (which I hope would be what Black Eyes is going to be).

  16. As much as Soyeon's voice anchors the group in terms of musicality, she pretty much disappears on-stage. She just has zero impact. There's almost always blank look in her face even when she smiles, and it can look pretty creepy at times. She's not really unlike Jiyeon, but at least Jiyeon's blank face comes off looking like she DGAF. Jiyeon's bitchface elicits an emotion from the watcher (usually of annoyance), but Soyeon's does not. She's just... there, looking like a creepy doll.

    Boram, I would say, has improved much, and she's always looking really good when it's time for her to mug for the camera; same goes for Qri. That said, it's still not enough. They still disappear on-stage after their respective parts.

    And as for Hwayoung... I'm still waiting for CCM to justify her addition to the group (other than being a stopgap for Eunjung/Hyomin/Jiyeon).

    It's too frustrating to stan T-ara, but I still do. I must be a masochist. =/

  17. T-ara does have some good performances though, this one being my favourite:
    But a lot of the time it's bitch face in the back and cute face under the spotlight.

    Look at this performance for what I mean:
    @1:30 there's a 180 degree turn in Qri's attitude
    @2:40 onward, wtf is Jiyeon doing. Soyeon was pretty boring at that part too.

    Overall T-ara has definitely improved, but to be honest they just aren't at the level SNSD is at in terms of stage performances yet.
    Just look at that video of Oh! All of the girls (especially the girls in the back) are going fucking crazy acting cute.

    I hope T-ara steps up their game this fall if they want to compete.

  18. @ 8:00PM LOL, anon! The videos you posted really made me laugh! Thanks for pointing them out! XD

    Anyway, the way I see it, they still need a few lessons on how to work with the camera. IMO, they just don't know how to transition from being in the background to being in the spotlight, that's why that sudden shift in their expressions are often caught on cam. It's like they're always caught unaware, fiddling with their mic packs or whatnot. If they can make the changes more subtle, then I think they'll be okay.

    On the other hand, SNSD needs to tone it down a bit. Otherwise, it just looks fucking ridiculous.

    In conclusion, they both need to find the middle-ground.

  19. I can only wish for another AFA.
    COME ON CCM!!!!

    KKS is the biggest troll in kpop...well one of the biggest.

  20. ^
    another funny thing to note @0:28 in the second T-ara perf I linked, just look at Jiyeon's face. It's all smiles right until the moment Hyomin start's singing, then it's bitchface. It goes immediately back to smiles when it's her part @0:45

  21. All this talk about TTL has got me watching back to their old performances.

    I think are one of their best ones (in terms of costume and perf itself):

    And holy crap, what the heck happened to Jiyeon?!? I didn't really realize that she used to be just as fierce as Eunjung when she's dancing. There wasn't a trace of her now trademark half-assed dancing whatsoever.

    So what the heck happened?! And when did it start?!

  22. Jiyeon still popular because most of her stans is a retarded kids who are illegal to enter porn site..if they can enter porn site and watch Jiyeon stripping video there..maybe they will change their mind..

  23. ^ Nah, you got it all wrong. When those kids become legal, they would only be too glad that they can fap to her for real, and her fanbase might actually double over.

  24. want to fapping to a girl who look like a frog with weird eyes...count me out!!!

  25. ^ LMAO! Oh anon, no one's forcing you to. Different folks, different strokes. (Take that as you will)

    I reckon it's just the same as fapping to a rat-faced midget, an ogre-frog hybrid or a bug-eyed alien.

    And to keep this post relatively on topic: I, for one, can't wait to fap over Eunjunfff. :)

  26. ^ ditto Eunjunf is the only thing that keeps me coming back to T-ara! lol

    I'm glad other people share my feelings on Soyeon... she needs to step it up. You live with Eunjung, have her teach you a few things, duh! (Say that shit on diadem though and I swear the site will implode. Sigh.)

  27. Soyeon the one with the most talent.

    Soyeon's vocal is one of the best in Korea. It's just that CCM have been selecting songs that not fully utilize her vocal, so many songs are chosen so that other members can at least sing a line or two. There is a reason why TTL(Time To Love) is always said to be T-ara best song , Soyeon sings most of the parts.

    Soyeon's stage presence is not only of her wink. If you listen carefully during Roly Poly, she is always the one that making the “Ya~”,"Yeah~","Hu~" sounds . Not only that , her ability to spot the cameraman(the one that is "ON") is supreme , she give the feel of walking towards the camera.That is also why she wink so much , she is telling the cameraman that she spotted him again. (These were all done while the focus was never thoroughly on her, we all know who got the most spotlight)

    I wish Soyeon will come out with a solo album , maybe then , people will see how great her vocal is and also how well she plays with the camera .

  28. The problem for Jiyeon is, success has come her way too easily(think of her fellow group members, whom have to grab for what little screen time's left for them out there, but jiyeon will nonetheless get most of the limelight for, well, merely being there) and she has taken everything for granted. She's been dubbed "little Kim Tae Hee" pre-debut, despite herself viewing such comparison in negative light, truth is Koreans idolize Kim as a living goddess. Since Kim lives a rather secluded live, Koreans have to turn to Jiyeon to get their daily fix of KTH obsession. Another thing is, her "bitch" attitude has become more glaring after she emerged from the her stripping scandal relatively unscathed. She probably thinks that she can throw all sorts of nonsense at the public and she will still be adored and worshiped. Not completely wishful thinking on her part, seeing her popularity is on the constant rise. But fandom is notoriously fickle, fan boys/gals will jump ship at a moment's notice when the next hot young thing comes along. Jiyeon has some serious grow-up to do if she's in the showbiz for the long haul. Until then, she's just a spoiled brat with a princess mentality.

    As for Tara as a whole, I am always under the impression that they are a clumsily assembled cast of actresses who sing and dance for past time. A few decent performances here and there won't make their day. If they realistically want to give SNSD(and other kpop girl groups for that matter) a run for their money, they have to lift their game and show some real passions, especially for the traditional no-shower such as Qri, Jiyeon etc.

  29. @7:27, I don't think anyone is denying Soyeons talent... She's a great singer, but so are Eunjung and Hyomin. The problem is Soyeon lacks stage presence and energy. Anyone can find a camera and stare blankly into it and wink, that isn’t a skill.

    There is like this inner light or charisma or spark or something that a solo artist needs to have in order to be truly successful and a group member needs to have in order to standout. Something that makes the viewer want to watch them no matter what they’re doing. Eunjung and Hyomin have that, they get people’s attention and keep it. You follow them on stage and watch there every move because you know that are giving you 110% and are going to give you a good show.

    No doubt Soyeon can sing, but when you put her on a stage by herself she falls flat. When she’s singing ballads there is like no emotional connection; she sings it perfectly, but with no heart or soul. (Which is probably why CCM brought in Jiyeon when Soyeon was promoting her solo single. Jiyeon isn't as great a singer as Soyeon, but she has better stage presence even when she doesn't give a damn). In group performances Soyeon just smiles and winks when the camera is on her and then goes back to soulless dancing and doesn’t really stand out. :/

    I think the reason people harp on Soyeons dullness is out of disappointment more than anything. She is a great singer, but we want her to be a great performer too! I can see her potential I just want her to fulfill it instead of relying on cute winks and smiles… She’s more then that and she’s got more to offer. Until she steps up no one can really be surprised that KKSs three fave girls get all the spotlight and attention…. And I’m not really going to complain because to love Eunjung and Hyomin <3

  30. Jiyeon has zero emotion in singing. She was brought on to perform live because she's Jiyeon.

    And these days Hyomin doesn't have any charisma on stage. Ever since she became leader she's just attention whoring for more screen time. I miss the old Hyomin who actually had fun performing.

  31. @T-AhWa, given what little "air" time Soyeon have , she already is doing great. Finding the camera is a skill, you can often see Eunjung ,Jiyeon and Hyomin looking at the wrong one even when they are given more "air" time.

    Soyeon do have the charisma , its just that CCM now choose songs that help Eunjung ,Hyomin and Jiyeon to shine more , not many give a damn about Eunjung , Jiyeon and Hyomin during TTL. Soyeon personality isn't those that love acting cute , she is more towards being "cool" , that's why songs like TTL suits her more .

    You got to be kidding me when you say Jiyeon was brought in to help Soyeon. Jiyeon not only didn't help , she destroy the song. Soyeon sang the song with great emotion too, that's why people says that the song was beautiful sang that it doesn't sound like a song for horror movie.

    What I think Soyeon need are songs that suit her, rather than those "fun" songs that suit Hyomin,Eunjug,Jiyeon. In fact , I think Soyeon is tired of those "fun" songs already.

  32. I don't think Soyeon is as dull as people say but she definitely doesn't have Eunjung or Hyomin's charisma. She gives more of an "old lady" vibe. She definitely can improve, like the rest of the not so charismatic members, the problem is that KKS doesn't let them rest to focus on vocal and/or dancing training. He rushes everything, and in the end, it comes out as half-baked.

  33. Being able to 'find' the camera is pretty useless if you can't project well the song through it. Soyeon is really a great singer, but it doesn't project well on-cam. In TTL/TTL2, she was outperformed by Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon even though she basically sang most of the chorus (granted, Jiyeon wasn't the lifeless doll back then). She practically disappears into the background after her parts. You wouldn't really notice her unless you're consciously looking for her (Qri and Boram don't count because they were just back-up dancers there). She needs to look more dynamic if she wants people to notice her.

    @ Timchan: Interesting take, but I think I disagree. Rather than entitlement, I think it's more of disillusionment. Jiyeon's only been a lifeless performer ever since the scandal broke out. Before that, she was just fine. The scandal became the elephant in the room. But rather than pretend that it's not there, she gave up pretending to pretend it's not there. Instead, she pretty much looks likes she'd rather not stay there at all.

  34. @3:13PM Soyeon is not dull at all,she is more of a Queen that doesn't care what people thinks of her. Soyeon's charm comes from her occasional playfulness in front of the camera. Soyeon is so unlike Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon that come out 24/7 joyful ,making them look so fake.

    @4:30PM Hyomin ,Eunjung and Jiyeon didn't outperformed Soyeon during TTL/TTL2. If you really know stage performances, then you will know that you do "have to" disappear into the background so that when it's your turn, the impact of appearing will be stronger.

    For me ,CCM need to stop making "catchy" songs and get songs that focus on Soyeon great voice. CCM should let Soyeon sings almost all the parts like Taeyeon in SNSD. They should even stop the nonsense leader switch cause everyone knows Soyeon is the real leader no matter who is given that role. Maybe then, T-ara have a fighting chance against SNSD.

  35. @9:15 Jiyeon looks joyful 24/7? Really? She must have a dopplelganger because that can't be the same Jiyeon who's been criticized for her bitch face. And Soyeon's wide eyed blink, wink, smirk during Roly Poly didn't come off fake? OK.

  36. People that love Eunjung,Jyeon Hyomin over Soyeon are just same as those people following the flow.

    Sure you can say they have more charisma over Soyeon, but that's cause Soyeon is the only one that bring it on the singing part.

    Just watch this Mr removed video of Roly Poly in Copacabana, other than Soyeon, everyone basically sucks at singing .

  37. Geez, the Soyeon biases are becoming as delusional as the Jiyeon crazed nut bags lol

    Soyeon can sing, duh, but she is lifeless on stage. It has nothing to do with the fact that T-ara is only doing cute catchy songs, Soyeon has always been dull on stage. TTL wasn't a fun catchy song AND Soyeon sang most of it and she still disappeared on stage... Eunjung and Hyomin OWNED the live performances of that song, Soyeon might as well have been a backup dancer with Qri and Boram. Soyeon has to learn how to emote with her EYES and not just with her words. (Regardless of the song type, the key to any great performance is being able to convey the proper emotion to the fans. Soyeon staring at me with those beautiful, deep, dark, empty eyes… tells me nothing.)

    I highly doubt CCM is going to change the direction T-ara is going in to suit Soyeons “needs.” A lot of songs showcase Soyeons voice, that's not the issue, her live performance skills are... I also don't see Soyeon getting another solo song anytime soon either. CCM has already shown they don't have faith in her as a solo act and I don't think she's done anything to earn it back. I’m rooting for Soyeon, talent in kpop is rare, but she’s not there yet… Maybe one day. (Eunjung is already there, Hyomin was there but then she went all fame whorey and lost, and CCM put Jiyeon there but she doesn’t deserve it.)

    *Eunjung is the forever leader. Soyeon is just the mouth :)

  38. @10:16 What I mean is that she is faking it. Ya, she was criticized at first during Roly Poly, but when she knows that everyone is saying that, she starts to smile.(same acting as in God of Study)

    And Soyeon's eyed blink during Roly Poly isn't fake. She does it all the time, even during other songs, she does them.

  39. @T-AhWa Eunjung was a nobody before Dream High. Funny how comments like yours only come out after that. Check yourself, you might be the one that is truly delusional.

  40. This comments section has turned into a fanwar shit throwing contest between T-ara fans.

    It's pretty hilarious actually.

  41. @10:45 I see your love for Soyeon is so strong that you'll shit on the other members to prove your point. Anyway, you wanna whip out a Roly Poly performance. HAHAHA. News flash. They ALL sucked during Roly Poly and one, slightly above mediocre performance by Soyeon isn't going to prove otherwise. Every single member has room for improvement.

    Anyway, I hope their song is a hit, but if it isn't, I hope that will teach them that half assed performances doesn't always bring succes.

  42. Idk, why we can't have a fun discussion about a group we love without getting all pissy. Sigh.

    @11:10 Um. Eunjung was pretty well known before Dream High. Her fame reached a new level after Dream High, yes, but its not like she wasn't known as the LEADER of T-ara before that.

    If you're upset or disagree with something I said I'd love to discuss it with you (I like talking about T-ara even if we're disagreeing), but there is no need to drag Eunjung through the mud for no reason. Yesh, lol.

  43. @10:45, Is that the best video you can find of Soyeon out singing the rest of the group? You have fail Soyeon as a fan...


    This is a MR Remove TTL performance:

    Soyeon did great here (singing wise, her eyes are still vancant), but Eunjung and Hyomin did great too... Even Jiyeon looked kind of into it. I wouldn't give her crap about her stiff dancing and blank face here because she singing was so good that it really doesn't matter.

    However, more recently their songs haven't showcased their vocal talents which is why stage presence is so important.

    I really hope their next single is a lot like TTL(and by that I mean no Boram or Qri and only a little Jiyeon, muhahahahahaha). XD

  44. Boram and Qri only need to be on stage dancing to do their jobs. Boram just needs to be short and cute and Qri just needs to be pretty.

  45. trolololololol, the only reason people would watch t-ara is for their pretty faces, every other reason is a joke.

    ...debating whether one has more talent over the other, i mean, COME ON, k-pop doesn't give a f*ck as long as the cash continues rolling in

  46. It is hilarious that the person that likes to bash other members , but can't stand it when Eunjung is being bash. HaHaHa .

    Eunjung, famous as a leader ,are we sure? If yes, then she did a great job promoting Jiyeon.

    That MR Remove TTL performance only shows that how Eunjung and Hyomin singing ability have drop since then.That MR remove isn't the only Roly Poly MR remove, go find yourself to hear them.

    Actually hate people bashing T-ara any members. But since there are people that want to start, they too have to feel how it feels when their favorite member get bash.

  47. Lol, where's the love for Qri, Boram and (gasp!) Hwayoung? :)

    Soyeon stans are coming out as delusional as the Jiyeon stans. Fact of the matter is, Soyeon is a dull performer. Yes, she is indisputably T-ara's best singer (and no one is taking that from her), but you have to admit that Eunjung (and Hyomin, sometimes) is the better performer. There's a difference. Like in TTL, even when she's singing front and center, it's so easy for the attention to wander over to the non-singing members. It's not just because it's a busy stage, but more because Soyeon can't hold your attention. Compare that to Eunjung and Hyomin (to an extent, Jiyeon) who can command it from the back, and even more when they step in front.

    Whether you like it or not, it's Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon who are keeping the group relevant to the general public. In terms of music, strictly speaking, it's Soyeon (with Eunjung). Qri, Boram and Hwayoung are in it for the ride (lol, jk... kinda).

    We're all T-ara fans here, so I don't know why there's a need for mudslinging in between the members. And just because we're fans, it doesn't mean we can't find something wrong with them. Only fangirls think like that.

  48. I hope Boram, Qri and Hwayoung get all the best parts in their next song, just to put an end to this discussion. Trololol!

    Seriously, Soyeon wouldn't get much attention when she goes solo. Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung as a subgroup would be messy, vocal-wise. Therefore, they need to be in a group with each other. Then add Qri, Boram and Hwayoung to serve as back-up dancers and bring their total number to a perfect odd number.

    T-ada, it's the T-ara we all love (or hate, depending on the song).

  49. @1:49 Well aren't you being hyocritical? You don't like bashing but you're doing it. OK. Anyway, everything was going peacefully until the over sensitive Soyeon stan started up. No one was bashing her, just stating an opinion. For the most part people agree she's boring on stage.

    @1:53 I agree with the last part. They are not perfect. Eunjung is my fave but her aegyo makes my skin crawl and her hyper active dancing during Roly Poly was rofl horrible. But I still like her.

    Lastly, all of their Roly Poly stages were horrible. There was maybe one performance where they were actually ok but nothing to shout about.

  50. If we say Soyeon stans are coming out as delusional as the Jiyeon stans, then same can say to Eunjung and Hyomin stans.

  51. @ 1:49AM: There's a fine line between bashing and giving an honest opinion. If you can't tell the difference, then let me help you:

    Haters bash; fans give honest opinions. There's always room for improvement for these idols, and that's where the fans' opinions come in. Only delusional fans are blind to their idol's faults.

    @ 2:12AM: LOL! Hwayoung, Boram and Qri stans, where u at?! Put your hands up, yo~!

  52. Wow, never knew Soyeon is so popular. Even though, there is saying about her stage performance needing more presence, doesn't that also mean that people are paying attention to her? At least there are people arguing over her, little can be said about Boram,Qri and Hwayoung :(

    The saddest thing of all , none of T-ara members are even knowing about this.

  53. ^Soyeon stan whines the loudest amongst T-ara fans. They feel an insurmountable amount of injustice because she doesn't get to shine on-stage as much as they want. (doesn't matter that she has no stage presence at all)

    Eunjung stans are too busy fapping over the hotness of androgynous Eunjung. (You gotta admit, Manjung is H-O-T)

    Hyomin stans are contented ogling at her stick figure and random antics on the stage.

    Jiyeon stans can't be bothered to live outside their dream about little-miss-perfect.

    Qri stans are in it for pretty.

    Boram stans are in it for the cuteness.

    Hwayoung stans are... well, I've only seen a one, and that person seems to be in it for the herpy derpy face. /smh

  54. Tired of this tug of war between Tara members fan boys. I am a blood and flesh male and I don't care much about substance aka talent as the hotness of pop gals. If they are hot enough to turn me on then that's good enough for me. Any straight guys who pretend the otherwise are probably just delusional.

    Many people here are puzzled by Jiyeon aka the no talent bitch's explosive popularity in Korea. Now let me tell you why: despite her much maligned face, to many male creatures in eastern part of Asia she's the epitome of beauty for whatever reasons unbeknownst to many of us and her fappability tops out the bar. Oh, not to mention that she's still a pure and innocent flower bud waiting to blossom. What? she starred in a stripping webcam video(probably takes a leap of faith for us bystanders to believe the otherwise)? screw you, I've got solid evidence that it's fake, which is, the Goddess herself said it ain't her, and with tears in her near-one eyes which broke so many fragile fuck off haters and let me have my daily fix of jiyeon thighs and backside........

    Here is a little proof, below is Soyeon and Jiyeon's on-stage rendition of that horror flick OST, the fans were so whipped up when it was jiyeon's turn that her own voice might easily got drowned out by the fan chants(I swear one guy sounded so much like he was cumming, I couldn't help but think he might actually be under the illusion that he was fucking his beloved goddess at that time):

    So who needs talent when look alone can get you everything..............

  55. I LOVE THIS! Ah, T-ara chat! We should do this more offend! :D

    I wasn't bashing I was joking--Boram and Qri offend get pushed to the background and TTL was like the shining example of that, lol (I don't like to talk about Hwayoung because I don't have nice things to say... :/)

    I love T-ara and I really like Soyeon, but I want her to succeed as a solo act (because one day T-ara is going to disband) and at this point in her development as an idol I'm worried she'll flop on her own. :( I don't want to see that...

    As for my Eunjung bias: Say what you want, but as a fan I’m going to correct you when you’re wrong (as in factually incorrect). I love Eunjung, but tbh she was a mess for the Roly Poly comeback. Ngl, I'm not dumb or blind or a fangirl I can see this wasn't her strongest moment... BUT Roly Poly did nothing for Eunjung, she had like three lines. Wth, did you expect her to do? (Wtf were any of them to do? They all sucked live for Roly Poly, come on.) As a fan, I'm happy she focused more on entertaining the audience then singing her lines because at least I could have fun watching her. Half the time she was the only one having fun on stage. (That is why I love her—I’m also perpetually happy!)

    And that is what we’re discussing: stage presence. Yes, Soyeon has a great voice, but that isn’t enough (Ack, my bias is kicking in: Eunjung has a great voice TOO! Ahmem.). Unfortunately, vocal talent doesn’t mean that much in kpop and even if she breaks out of kpop her voice alone isn’t strong enough to sell out venues… She needs to work on her STAR persona. The girl needs a Sasha Fierce or something.

  56. I love how a simple article as this can have such long-ass replies. I'm reading more substance over one-line trollings than I should in a site like this.

    Anons, you make me proud~!

    Go ahead, please do continue. This is all interesting to read. I don't think I've ever read such a discussion about T-ara. It's always about the bigger groups and how flawless they are.

  57. There's only a small portion of Soyeon fans who are so vocal they drown the others out with their "Soyeon should have this, have that." Me? I'm content she gets on the varieties she does because in most groups the less popular members just practice all day instead of going on TV.

    As for Jiyeon, she has no business singing whatsoever. She could be transferred to Mnet working on her acting, but her acting career is going to die because she doesn't get any roles where she does anything other than say "oppa~~~~". She'll always be typecasted while she's in T-ara, unlike Eunjung who gets varied roles (for an idol.)

  58. @anti kpop-fangirl wow, you have a really scathing assessment of jiyeon's future prospect here. But she can always find herself a niche market in the horror genre, her freakish eyes are eerie enough to creep audience out without the need of applying too much makeups.(for all these bashing on jiyeon, I have to admit I think she's hot. Although not stan enough to fap to her pics, I wouldn't mind fucking her any time of the day)

    Another thing is, the often forgotten Qri bears some uncanny resemblances to a blow-up doll. She's beautiful, sexy and all that but simultanesouly spookily hollow. Her humanoid vibe just gives me the goosebumps sometimes. I would still do her but couldn't care any less about her.

    And Hwayoung, hmm...........maybe she's remotely attractive but she's got that janitor woman vibe all over her, which practically makes her off limit for sexual fantasies. Was she originally hired as a nanny for Tara? Then she happened to rap a bit during her daily chores and they decided to make her a member for having more talents than most of Tara members?

  59. Eunjung - does get attention,but she get the same attention as clowns does.

    Hyomin - use her sex-appeal to the fullest, other than that, nobody cares what she does.

    Jiyeon - is never-ending mystery, never understand why she get so much attention.

    Boram,Qri and Hwayoung - never really show any interest for the business at all.

    Soyeon - only one that get my interest. Since I only look at her during T-ara's stage performance , I have no idea what above comments are saying.She uses her vibrato well bring the best out of the chorus.Her performance in variety show is also the better than any other member, only one that can interact with the hosts and guests.

  60. ^Your point is mute... Since Soyeon is the only one you look at, how can you judge the others?

    Everyone has there biases, but it difficult for people to view your comments as legit when your bias is your only interest.

    Also, why do people keep bring up her singing? I don't think anyone has said you couldn't sing. I thought the subject was stage presence?

    Soyeon has hit a wall, she's not growing as a performer... Hyomin has taken two steps backwards... and Eunjung is floundering.

    I can't watch Hyomin whore herself out anymore, smh. I feel like Soyeon has sold out and is relying on fake cute shit. And Eunjung, poor Eunjung. Will someone let that girl go act! (When they said she wasn't going to be leader anymore I thought they were going to set her free. Forgot KKS trolls hard.)

  61. @12:50 You're spewing all that crap, but last time I checked Soyeon's popularity is equal to Boram, Qri and Hwayoungs. The most popular and successful members are the ones you keep shitting on. When Soyeon reaches Hyomins level or surpasses Jiyeon in popularity, then you can toot your little horn. Until then... Naw, that will never happen.

  62. @timchan Jiyeon has played the same role over and over and hasn't grown one bit as an actress, and it won't be any better in the future. She needs to learn how to act because she doesn't have the looks to rely on her looks alone to get a role.

    And damn, no idea there were so many Eunjung shippers here haha. I have the same problem with Eunjung as I have with Seohyun from SNSD: Both do everything well but have no personality.

  63. ^Eunjung has a lot of personality (sometimes too much). She works really hard, tries her best, and puts on a good show for her fans. She's one of the few idols in kpop that actually deserve the hype.

  64. Say what you want about Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon, but when the time for disbandment comes, these three are the only ones with legit chances of branching out into the other fields. Maybe Boram, too. Her parents are celebrities, after all.

    Soyeon, Qri and Hwayoung are still relatively nugus to the public, and they most probably fizzle out of public existence as soon as T-ara's no more.

    If Soyeon wants to stay in the music business, then she better step up her game to be able to to pull off a solo act. Otherwise, she might get stuck being a faceless singer, singing OST songs left and right for dramas without really having to perform on-stage.

  65. While I proclaim myself to be a hardcore Jiyeon stan, I have, in no way, deluded myself into thinking that she brings anything to T-ara other than being pretty. Musically, her contributions are next to zilch (zilch being what Qri and Boram bring). I couldn't even care less about the strip video (because 1. I'm not into child pornography, and 2. I don't really think that one mistake should define a person); I just enjoy watching her pretty self on my screen. Yes, bitchface included.

    If I wanted substance and quality in my music, then I'd be looking elsewhere.

    I'm into T-ara for the pretty face and the catchy music. I hope 'Black Eyes' would be both.

  66. ^Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon may be favorites among T-ara fans,but they get no love from fans that are not T-ara fans.In fact, they are the ones that are mostly attack by those non T-ara fans.Soyeon is the one that is continuously gaining fans from non T-ara fans with her vocal. The thing is, there are more people listening to music than people actually watching stage performances.

    ^Eunjung's personality doesn't help her at all, many times in variety shows, her words freeze up conversations, making no sense at all.In the end,Soyeon have to explain what Eunjung means. She needs to learn from Soyeon on how to speak to a point that people nod in agreement with her.

  67. You're talking about international fans. K-netizens, on the other hand, think otherwise. For them, it's all about Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. Sad, but true.

  68. ^^Then Soyeon needs to learn how to have a short conversation. The girl will talk until your ears bleed lol I know she's the mouth and all, but dang! XD

    I like Eunjungs personality. She's fun and energetic. She's not afraid to make a fool of herself or have a good time and I like that in my idols. ^^ Soyeon, on the other hand, is dry as dirt sometimes... *ducks*

    Besides some of you are acting like Soyeon is the only talented member in T-ara... come on.

  69. This killed me:

    "^Soyeon isn't the only one that can sing... its just that singing is the only thing she can do (unless you count variety show skills?)." -Anon, September 9, 2011 10:51 AM

    Idk if this was meant to be bitchy, but its fucking hilarious! I died, its so sad but so true!

    But this stole the show:

    "Finding the camera is a skill" -Anon, September 10, 2011 1:53 PM

    What kind of fangirl bullshit is that?! Oh, the things people come up with to prove their bias is the shit, man....

  70. I think Hyomin's camera whoring has worked for Roly Poly. I've seen many non T-ara fans who watch the performance to see her (and no, not in a car-crash-can't-look-away way lol) so I guess that's a good thing. As for being the leader, I've seen some people here say she's had a terrible leadership. I'm curious as to why do you think so? I mean, Boram before her was practically invisible (although I get from fan accounts that she was the one guiding the girls behind the scenes or something other) Okay, my question is, what does a leader do anyway? And what is a good leader? (this is a genuine question btw lol)

    And it seems like I'll be the one who talks about Hwayoung then lololol I remember watching the WAYLT MV and even the live performances and thinking that she blended well with the rest of the girls. This comeback they screwed her over though, it feels like T-ara + 1 waaaay more than in the beginning. It's like CCM pushes her aside and it shows, starting from the terrible Roly Poly rap, the terrible outfits they gave her (and Eunjung ¬¬) 90% of the time, even in the version of the Roly Poly MV in which they thanked the fans in several languages she was the only one who didn't talk. Maybe it also has to do with them not having their variety show this time around, so they seem more separate? But I sorta have come to the conclusion that in every comeback they'll screw someone over. Like, Boram and her "ooo eeee oooo eee" in Yayaya. With Eunjung, if you watch Yayaya or waylt she's like a main character, but in Roly Poly she doesn't have too much importance. It's as if they were trying to downplay her. She was the one in Dream High, WGM, spris and so on, and people were complaining about her being the only one getting attention (at least the international fans, idk), so...

  71. ^i don't agree with the Hyomin stuff i don't like her fame whoring and i do think she's doing a crap job as leader, but that's just my opinion. i base that on the "I" over "We" feeling she gives off... she doesn't really like to step back and let others shine, she'll take the spotlight when ever she can. Some people don't mind or don't see it that way, but that's up to them ^^ boram never had a shot, but i think she came out of the whole leader switch thing a strong member. eunjung was practically leader from the start so she have time to grow into the role and did a pretty good job. the switch was kinda unnecessary

    i totally agree with you on hwayoung and eunjung getting trolled by ccm. 100% agree they are doing a horrible job at making hwayoung seem apart of the group this time around and sometimes it does feel like they are pushing eunjung out... the shit they put both of those girls in during the start of the RP promotion is proof enough. idk what ccm is doing, but they need to get their act together. like it or not hwayoung is apart of the group make her fit/accept her or watch t-ara fail...

  72. Boram was too timid on-screen to have made an impact as their leader. Hyomin, on the other hand, seems to be more used to being led than leading. It doesn't help that she's part of the dongsaeng line with Jiyeon and Hwayoung. Soyeon as leader, I could only assume, would also have the same problem as with Hyomin. She's more likely to talk over the rest of the group because that's what she has been doing ever since.

    These are the reasons why Eunjung was probably the best leader T-ara got. Eunjung won't dominate unless it's necessary, and at the same time she can disappear into the background if she wants. It's all about balance.

  73. Eunjung also kept everyone in line. T-ara in general isn't all that great live, but those performances during like the WAYBLT and Yayaya promotions when she wasn't there T-ara feel apart on stage.

    Hate on her if you like, but Eungjung did try to set a standard for the girls to follow. She still does... none of them could touch her energy on stage for Loly Poly (over the top or not at least she tried).

  74. Oh I get it. I don't really mind her as a leader but I see what you mean now.

    I can only hope CCM gets their shit together for the next comeback, they need to cut the trolling.

  75. @ 6:32AM Actually, it wasn't that much noticeable with WAYBLT and YaYaYa, probably because Hwayoung was there and hence making them a 6-membered group. It was glaringly noticeable, however, in that IGCBOY perf where Eunjung was missing. Man, that 5-membered T-ara perf was a hot mess. It's like they ran out of energy half-way into the song. The 'ooomph' was sorely lacking.

    It makes me believe that if 'Black Eyes' is going to turn out as a similarly dark/strong concept like IGCBOY or even TTL, then Eunjung's presence would be vital.

  76. @7:13

    Yeah, that was horrible too! I see what you mean and totally agree! Thank goodness she wasn't absent much then.

    I was thinking about this: (its a sad day when the new girl is out performing you...)

    and this: (There was just no snap!)

    oh and this: (I blame Eunjungs absences for Jiyeons poor performance lol)

    Eunjunf add the ooomph imo.

  77. This is nothing but a stupid Eunjung stans blog. So many delusional fans ,acting the same as Jiyeon delusional fans. Go kiss her "growing" fat ass.

    Those that say Soyeon stage performance is soulless should really check their eyes, she is always the first one to interact with the crowd.Maybe the people here only watch shows like Music Core,Inkigayo and Music Bank, where they can only perform and leave.Go watch "Real" shows like T-ara Japan First Show Case, where they can interact with the crowd.

    BUT, I won't be expecting anything from this Eunjung-Kiss-My-Ass-Club

    T-ara, as a whole, is great.Everyone brings something different to the table.

  78. ^ LMFAO! Dude, are you kidding me?! T-ara's First Japanese Show Case? The whole GROUP looked dead in all their performances there.

    Everyone half-assed in that showcase. The soon-to-be-fired Ahjussi even wrote an article about it once.

    TROLOLOLOL! Soyeon stans are just as delusional as the rest.

  79. @8:45 Well... I don't know if we watched the same showcase but Soyeon looked pretty bored, unlike how she usually behaves on music shows (yeah, she might be flat and soulless but that Japanese showcase was a whole new level of blank face and no energy). I remember it striked me as very odd the first time I watched it, just compare the TTL part with any of the T-Nova TTL performances and you'll see the difference.

    I don't know if they were too tired or what, but their energy level in the showcase as a whole was WAY low, I'd say Hwayoung out performed them (yeah blasphemy lol, how did that even happen) although their interactions with the audience were cute.

  80. Either she works on her dancing, or just stick to singing altogether.

    It's like a train wreck; I just can't help but watch.

  81. ^That video was painful to sit through. She is so stiff... she should just stick to singing. She's been in the industry how long? If she hasn't learned how to dance yet I don't think is will ever happen.

  82. @8:45, You are giving Soyeon stans a bad name....

    They all sucked at the Japanese Showcase, but Soyeon could have at least looked like she wanted to be there... (as the future leader ^^ I think we all expect more from her at this point)

  83. ^ Haha, ikr? I don't know why, but Soyeon being the next leader is almost a forgone conclusion (though when that will exactly happen remains unknown).

    But then what if KKS decides to troll us again by appointing Qri, or worse, Hwayoung as the next T-ara leader? *shivers*

  84. Qri is older... dumdumdDUM!

  85. It looks like Eunjung' stans still can't accept the fact that eunjung is not a leader anymore...but what to do..?? Just keep whining guys and shout together..Eunjung is the BEST LEADER EVER!!!!!
    After this when other members become a leader, Hyomin' stans can take a turn to shout the same thing..
    Opss, i almost forgot Boram also once become a leader but of course nobody notice her..

  86. @8:45 Eunjung-Kiss-My-Ass-Club LOL

    well,we FINALLY know how LITTLE people here knows about "interacting with the crowd".

    Boram Hwaiting
    Qri Hwaiting
    Soyeon Hwaiting
    Eunjung Hwaiting
    Hyomin Hwaiting
    Hwayoung Hwaiting
    Jiyeon Hwaiting
    T-ara Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. LMAO I wouldn't be too mad if the next leader is Qri... but yeah, I'm expecting Soyeon.

  88. A Proud Member of the Eunjung-Kiss-My-Ass Club since '09!September 12, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    @10:33, Oh, burn. That really hurt, not. Really, what was your point?

    Someone sounds a little butt hurt. What pissed you off? People calling Soyeon out? Or Eunjung getting love? Or Boram getting no love? U mad? XD

    Shitting on Eunjung fans isn't going to making them back down, duh. The same way shitting on Soyeon fans has no effect... If you don't have anything meaningful to add why stir the pot?

    Why can't we all have a legit chat about T-ara without little kids fangirling out? lol

    Also, Eunjung is like totally the best leader EVA! Woohoo!

  89. @10:51 My point is i really don't get why T-ara fans keep arguing who is the best leader among the members when they don't know what actually the leader do behind the scene...
    Shitting on Eunjung fans??? It look like you're the one who butt hurt...
    Jiyeon' stans are the most annoying one in t-ara fandom but i really hope Eunjung' and Soyeon' stans don't be like that... but with someone like you, maybe it’s just a wish..

  90. Oh, I'm butthurt, I see... that explains EVERYTHING! Duh!September 12, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    (They really need to invent a sarcasm font, sigh.)

    @10:51: Yes, because this entire discussion was about who the best leader was... Bitching about how annoying stans are really doesn't help the matter. Either engage or ignore because they aren't going anywhere.

    If your point was just that you think its ridiculous for anyone to argue over who the better leader is because we don't know what happens behind the scenes, fine, okay, valid. However, your comment made you sound like a bitchy fangirl. So may I recommend next time, before you comment, you take a breathe and calm down before making yourself look a fool.

    Oh, and hate to break it to you, but your hope/dream/prayer will NEVER come true. Try wishing for world peace instead (much more likely).

  91. Need to find an ice pack or something to sit on...September 12, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    ^Meant @11:07, sorry I'm butt hurt so I'm a little distracted by the pain, oops lol

  92. Try to find reason to some ridiculous discussion make me a fool???? Hmmm..So, this is how the world works now..
    @ 12:05, Thanks, because of you....Today, i learn new things; ice pack can heal butt hurt..LOL.
    Maybe, you should try to put that ice pack at the top of your cool down the boiling blood in your head..:P

  93. Off to see the wizard... Maybe he can fix my boiling blood disorder?September 12, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    Yeah, if you open your mind you'd be surprised by the AMAZING things you'll learn. ~~ (Really open your mind. Cracking a book or two wouldn't hurt either.)

    Ice packs are a great cure for butt hurtedness! Although I'm pretty sure 'boiling blood' is dangerous. I should go to the doctor-- its already reached my head, my brains supposed to be up there! Oh no!

    And, just so we're clear: this is sarcasm. Butt hurtedness is a serious medical condition! If you or someone you know is suffering, please do not sit on an ice. Seek immediate medical attention.

    Dumb fuck. :)

  94. @1:28, OMG..You're so smart. Maybe you should apply to be a writer in this blog...YOUR BUNCH OF KNOWLEDGE will be waste if you don't share it with the whole world... The dumb and fool person like me will be glad to read your amazing article everyday. :P

  95. I’m a huge fan of self-deprecating humor and I love a healthy dose of sarcasm.September 12, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    Ikr, I'm brilliant! A mind like mine shouldn't go to waste! I should send my thoughts out to the world! Everyone needs to hear what I have to say because I'm such a genius!




    Nope. I'm obviously not that smart... I spend all my time here, duh.

  96. LMAO how did this end up in name calling and butthurt? People were just pointing out the good points and bad points of the girls, can't we have a T-ara disscusion in peace without being so oversensitive?

  97. Sad, but true. Just go with the flow and have fun it....September 12, 2011 at 2:19 PM


  98. This has become the most fragmented and pathetic fandom in the industry.

  99. Ahjussi, are you talking about the Cassies?

  100. I'm pretty sure he's talking about 2PM fans. I've seen it. They have this very complicated schema listing down numerous criteria which determines which category you fall into: Jay fan/2PM fan/anti-fan/casual fan/Hottest-turned-Coldest/Coldest-turned-hottest, etc. All kinds of permutation was present.

    It's like playing "Snake & Ladders".

  101. As for T-ara, we just have antifans.

  102. True.

    On a side note... Holy cow, Batman, the comments are over 9000!!! O_O

    Alright, fine. It's just over 100, but still... And never mind that the comments here have anons shitting on other each member's stans half the time.

  103. I was having fun! Why did we stop?

    Stupid stans... ruin everything ;)

  104. But stans make it fun, anon. :D Now we have nothing to talk about.

  105. Yeah... but we were actually having a legit conversation for a while about the need for growth and development in idols... THAT LIKE NEVER HAPPENS! We were making history! lol XD

  106. SO. TRUE. It never happens~! Especially in a T-ara thread.

    That's why I was so proud of this. LOLOLOL!

  107. Maybe one day this will happen again...

  108. we need another T-ara article. lol

  109. It feels as if someone is arguing with him/herself from post September 12, 2011 10:51 AM to post September 12, 2011 1:58 PM :/

  110. y'all guys talking in here will not gonna change anything at all.
    appreciate all their hard works,
    T-ara itself always support whoever gets bigger or talent.they're support each other.
    u guys speaks for nothing

  111. ^Right back at ya dumb dumb...


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