Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jewelry S's Forget It MV

Okay, does anyone even give a shit about Jewelry here? Well, I don't, but I decided to review the MV anyway. Why? Because the girls are fairly attractive. Jewelry has 3 good looking members so 75% isn't too bad and better than most idol groups out there.

I'm gonna do something a bit different with this review. I really had no problems with the song or MV, but there are things I would change in the MV so that more people would actually like it. The song is good, as it's the kind of song that got me into Kpop in the first place instead of the hook songs (that are dying. Thank God. The number of hook songs have decreased a lot this year. Or I've just avoided most of them.)

Okay, first thing I'd change is the vehicle. Volkswagens are for Nazis. Okay, I can make a dig at my own heritage (half German yo.) On second thought, Germany needs all the money they need since they have to bail everyone out in Europe.

Ideally, the first scene would have had the girl get out of the car wearing a tight white t-shirt. Instead of the car running over her purse, it should have run over a huge puddle and splashed all over the girl.

0:27-0:28 Nice shot for those of us that like thighs.

Oh yeah, they should have gotten a guy who look half interested in the girl. Just saying. Or they could have cut those scenes. Who the hell is watching it for that guy anyway?

Dancing in the rain: classic. Just do it in white t-shirts next time, okay?

After all of those feathers were blasted out, I felt sorry for the people who had to clean that shit up afterwards. That was a boring minute in the MV. At least the short haired girl was wearing short shorts. They should have had the two pillow fighting or some shit.

And for the last minute, fuck those damn umbrellas. They should have had some slo-mo scenes with the rain dripping all over them. C'mon Star Empire, you should have made a better MV. But at least you guys didn't make Kwanghee appear in the MV. And for that, I applaud you or else I would have been shitting all over this MV.

Yes, both of those girls are legal even though they look like they're 15. I double checked myself.


  1. If I was a CEO of one of these management companies I would hire you as MV director.

  2. lol at subliminal kjizz shot at 2:04-2:05. Love that the chick on the left smiled. She smiled :)

  3. Kim Eunjung, the leader of the group is pretty hot. This group is just kind of coasting along now.
    They're fairly good performers and singers which is better than a lot of kpop groups now. They need better songs though. "Pass" seemed like a ripoff of another Jewelry song "Superstar" from a few years back.

  4. i like this trend of subgroups that take the better looking members and pair them together.

    to me, semi always had this crazy look on her face whenever she was on stage promoting "Pass". it was a hot kind of crazy look, the kind of look that makes you think that she would do some kinky stuff in bed. and yewon had those legs and boobs

    i feel kind of bad for eunjung. she looks pretty good, but she gets stuck with baby j....

  5. Semi has a gorgeous face and Yewon is like a better looking version of AS Raina

  6. @9:39 lol no raina looks much better

  7. One of the girls looks like T-ara's Eunjung but with a chubbier face.

  8. @ 9:54 is that supposed to be an ironic attempt at delusional fangirlism?
    raina was tragically struck by the pig face gene
    yewon was just as tragically struck by the attractive enough to be attractive, but not remembered gene

  9. whats your other half?

  10. @12:22 I dunno man. They both seem to have the pig face gene to me.

  11. I see Jewerly as a lost case, like their fellow labelmates ZE:A and Nine Muses. They have potential but suck ass being in Star Empire ent and their songs aren't really great or memorable with the exception of NM's Figaro.

  12. This mv has that 90s vibe to it and looks really random and out-of-place throughout, although the girls look really hot in the it, hot enough to give a straight male boner. But other than this, even shindong brings out more passion in people than these girls.

    Yes, they are that irrelevant......


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