Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am now, how you young kids now-a-day say, "stanning" this relatively new American-Korean R&B Hip Hop group, Aziatix. Their CD, Nocturnal, is pretty good. For the most part I like all of their songs. This will be sort of a group review (which may not be coherent as I am so damn tired). But I have nothing bad to say about them, so it will not be a "LOLERPALOOZA" or a "troll" article.

But, damn, Eddie. Cut your hair. You look much better with shorter hair. Seriously.

MUCH better

Eddie Shin here actually released a solo album in Korea back in 2005 under Cube Entertainment up until 2009 with three singles. After a while, he claimed he was, "done with this bullshit" and ended up leaving to suddenly re-surface with AZIATIX.

Now, every group needs a rapper apparently, and Jay Park's their guy. No, not ex-2PM member, Jay Park. FLOWSIK (his stage name) Jay Park.

There's a third guy. I forgot everything about him. But I mean, he's good too and all.

Their only handicap whilst trying to make it big in Korea though is that they work with Jae Chong. For those of you who do not follow who the songwriters and composers are, in short, he is a Korean-American who works with people like Coco Lee, BoA, Vanness Wu, Jolin Tsai, etc... and created Taiwan's first hip hop company, MACHI Entertainment. Which is great, but... he has also worked with JYJ on producing their English CD. I am sure I just heard most of you gasp in horror and disbelief. Yes. I said it. J.Y.J. So, I am sure many of you will have immediate biases against this poor group considering half the world seems to be tired of JYJ stirring shit up.

And like every other Korean artist, they hope to break into the North American music scene with their "cool and fresh beats". Being that all of their songs are already in English and that they all grew up in the US, I think these boys actually have a good chance. Their music is great, and that's what really matters in the music industry, am I right?

=___=" Who am I kidding.


  1. JYJ?!?!?! *GASP*

  2. Just so you all know, in my neck of the woods, we LOL at Koreans who rap with a "ghetto" accent. Fake ass shit and we know it. No one would take this seriously one. If I played this for one of my friends that'd laugh. Not joking or's the truth.

  3. That dude is hot. I'd buy anything he makes hahaha

  4. "Their music is great, and that's what really matters in the music industry, am I right?"

  5. I like you Shin-B, Thank You <3
    I think i'm gonna stan you from now on

  6. Ehhh... Don't really care for FLOWSIK. Could do without his rapping.

  7. This song's actually not bad. But the "oh ohhhhhh oh ohhhhhhhhh"s are a bit much and idk i feel like it's missing something. And Shin-B, you make me giggle, I like you too. And, ew, JYJ.

  8. Shin-B, you stan Aziatix? I stan you. xD

  9. Ah I like these boys, discovered them a few months back.

  10. I also discovered this group months ago. Their songs to me are epic sounding.

  11. Rap is awkward, lyrics a bit cheesy, but overall the song's good. *adds to playlist*

  12. Shin-b, I like you.

  13. @ PiouPiou and the few Anonymous: I like you too. In that way ;) <3 Call me.

  14. Shin-B, I like you, you and davidfresh are my favourites authors on this blog, but...why is everyone jumping on the hate bandwagon when it comes to JYJ ? Is it like, some kind of trend to bash/shit on them at every opportunity ?
    Anyways, I like Aziatix's songs too ^^ But I think Eddy looks hotter with long hair ♥

  15. @ anonymous 1:46am -

    haha why thank you <3

    To be honest, I do not hate JYJ. I just don't care for either way. I only followed DBSK when they were 5, so when they split, I didn't mind or follow either side. But it's true. Either you HATE JYJ, or you will love them forever.

  16. ^I'm sorta an exception to that, kinda. I enjoyed some of old DBSK's music, and when they split, I still pay attention to the new DBSK and JYJ's stuff. Some of its shit, some of its okay, but overally I'm pretty neutral toward them.

    Though I gotta say fuck their fans. You won't find a single fandom that'll piss you off more than JYJ stans. But its pretty good that they are mostly elitist snobs that keep to themselves cos other groups aren't "worthy" of their attention. Cept the newer fans that came in from mainstream kpop and are now discovering JYJ. Those guys are fags and they also like to talk shit.

    As for Aziatix, decent tunes, still won't fly in America. Stand a decent chance in Korea maybe. JYJ can't possibly hurt them within Korea cos either nobody's gonna know or they just won't care, and it's likely some JYJ stans would even support them.

  17. One of JYJ's members tweeted about the Nocturnal album so most of his followers already liked them from the The Beginning album and still like them now.

    And I like them but Eddie is hott as hell with that magical hair of his and should keep it forever.

    All stans are elitist tho. There lies that problem.

    I see them having no problem in the States. People need to get over themselves and their preconceived notions about artists based on ethnicity. How do they stand a chance if we put them down before they even try.

  18. I discovered these guys awhile ago. I'm still on the fence for them.

    The vocalists are good, but every time I hear the rapper I want to turn it off. Their songs are okay, but the lyrics are so frackin cheesy.

    However, I will admit, Eddie has some gorgeous hair.

  19. @5:18

    It's not about ethnicity. Their music is just.. average. It's not bad, but it's not great. If you have nothing stand out, then you aren't going to stand out. Simple as that. As they are now, they wouldn't make it in America.


    True that. Fuck the rapping.

  20. been following them since 'cold' but lol.. anyone else noticed the eddie ohhhh ohhh ohhhhh intro in almost every song?

  21. Nicky Lee is the THIRD GUY! He's HUGE in Taipei and has won the equivalent of what we call a Grammy - TWICE.


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