Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Week Fridays

This is a new weekly thing I'm trying to start on top of my Question of the Weeks, so bear with me if this is still in the works for improvement. I am not entirely sure how I want to go about with this, so be patient. For the most part though, it will be a collection of good and just wrong selcas I have seen throughout the week shown in a single post.

If there are boys fapping (or to davidfresh, "fupping") to some of the pictures, please do not let me know. Don't defile the poor comment section as I usually read all the comments. ;____; (I'm just joking. I don't care if you horny boys spam the comment section with your perverted desires. I don't mind reading them ;D) ... [Aaaaaand now I seem even creepier and more awkward. Don't mind me... o___o"]


The first sexy pictures come from our lovely Nana of After School, modeling in Japan:

Next is another beautiful After School member, Kahi, modeling with some Sangchu chicken breasts. I know if I were a guy, I would get turned on by seeing a girl flaunt her breasts in a selca shot:

As much as I love Kahi though, seriously. Who poses with chicken? Kahi, you are so beautiful, so sexy. Is a packet of chicken with a shirtless man on it seriously the only prop you could think of modelling with?
This is also a pretty terrible selca. What was she trying to do in the first and third photo? I'm embarrassed looking at it. Why would you post that of yourself for the internet to see? The internet is a cold, cruel place. You are just setting yourself up with pictures like that. I can't even-

Third is another AS member, Jooyeon, being her usual, stunning self:

Look at those beautiful teeth. She should be doing dental commercials with those buck teeth. And the second picture? Regard how she seductively looks up at you, boys. Who doesn't want a piece of that sexy lady?

Now what fashion article would this be without some 2NE1?

Here, you can see Dara, everyone's favourite talent, sporting a fresh, new hairstyle she named the Vegeta hair cut. Pretty smart move by naming your hideous hair after a famous anime character there, Dara. By doing so, people who do not already hate you/who are not delusional may fall into your trap of checking out what the hairstyle is, who you are, and then learn to despise you after watching you perform and sing.

Not going to lie, when I first saw that picture, I immediately looked at the curry and thought, "I want to eat that. I must go make Japanese curry and eat it naoooo". Because curry is delicious. And far more interesting than Dara and her attention whoring ways.

And who can miss out on looking at beautiful photos of our facial expressions Queen, Park Bom:

Did you not feel the raw emotion oozing from each photo? Words cannot express how emotional I became after seeing each shot embodying beauty and human expression. The photographs, going from left to right starting at the top, are the epitome of innocence, worry, concern, and wonder respectively.

Actresses, take note. If you could move your face even half as much as Bom does when filming, you would be winning awards here and there for perfect performance.

(but seriously, as much as I love Park Bom, I honestly could barely see a difference between each picture. I think this site is ruining me. I am starting to see how plastic she really is...)

Finally, netizens have once again coined a perfectly nonsensical name for yet another physical attribute. This one goes along with the list of egg face, bagel girl, honey thighs, and chocolate abs:

$1 Million Dollar Legs

And who, you might ask, is the smashing winner of such an honourable title? Why, none other than Big Bang's TOP!

Mmm. Damn boy. Look at those hot, long, insanely and unhealthily skinny legs. I can barely contain myself when I see them.

Apparently those photos have been popular on message boards with pre-teen girls talking about how fine they are and what indecent things they would do to a boy with legs as masculine as those.

Seriously netizens? Half of these are the pictures many (NOT ALL) of you obsess over and spend hours of your life looking and spamming about?

My goodness. Our generation really is the end.


  1. Expected a review of BEG's concept pictures/digital single but okay

  2. I like the concept... keep working on it.

  3. ^ But it's really funny

    I'll admit it, QRI is prolly my 2nd bias in Tiara but she is most definitely the most plastic in the group, but even so she is nowhere near as grossly silicon as Bom is.

  4. I'm sorry, but there is just too much going on in this post. I don't know where to start my hating.

  5. Even with Qris semi plastic face, T-ara is still probably the of the most attractive groups in kpop (even with derpface Hwayoung and stoner Boram)... if only their overall talent matched.

  6. Bom doesn't look bad in these selcaa... you can't really tell her face is plastic. She just looks like your average souless pop singer... Too bad I know the truth... she's a souless PLASTIC kpop "singer" :)

  7. Can someone add a page break for this on the front page?

    Also, to those complaining it's so long, I think it's just the pictures. So unless it's that hard for you to read maybe 4 paragraphs (tops) of writing, then don't complain.

    @ 6:07am: LOL didn't you read the top? The author said it's a compilation of stuff. So I assume there'd be a lot goin' on.

  8. Whoever did Bom's nose should be fired... looks awful. I hate 2NE1, Hate Bom's face more, but I like Bom. Am I the only one thinking TOP got lipo??? And Nana is a hot bitch, even if it's the makeup. Kahi may be a secret lesbian and Afterschool may suck but it doesn't make her any less cool tbh. Jooyeon should have graduated, she's a waste of space, at least Bekah was nice to look at.

  9. I love Dara's Vegeta hair. Shit just makes me lol, though, ngl, if I was 10 I'd probably do the same thing.

  10. Nana is trannielicious
    Kahi looks like a mom.
    Jooyeon I didn't know she existed.
    Dara just offends me every moment of every day.
    Bom is plastic fantastic. Nicest thing I can say about her.
    TOP is ehhh whatever.

  11. ^ Sorry to be the one to break it to you but I think your "mom" is actually a dad. "mom" is actually a dad.

  12. Egg face, bagel girl, honey thighs, and chocolate abs.

    The first thing that came to my mind was why are Koreans obsessed with breakfast. Second is why do Koreans have chocolate for breakfast. I'm waiting for the day someone coins the terms "waffle arms" and "cereal hair".

  13. Jooyeon is the best looking member in AS FACT

  14. ^Funny observation

    My favorite to this day is "frinedly thighs" lol

    I think they were tryin to call either Eunjung or Suzy fat (which was ridiculous to begin with), but all I can remeber thinking is if that is friendly mine our slutty XD

    Koreans are wierd but I am too so its okay :D

    Also the title doesn's sound right but I like this and the question of the week too

  15. Put that in the html where you want your cut.


  17. If there are boys fapping (or to davidfresh, "fupping")

    -david is 13 years old, stop tainting his thoughts lol

  18. fucking cocksucker, u dipshit, can u die already u ugly motherfucker

  19. @10:40 too bad, there's already blue waffle. lol

  20. FAPPING-ToThisArticleSeptember 16, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    Lol Shin-B... you're too nice xD
    I'd like to sex up Nana and Kahi
    Jooyeon... ehh...
    Dara annoys me.
    And I hate Park Bom.

  21. Dara is actually upside down in that photo.

  22. Those picture of Nana were when she was modeling in TGC, right? The fuck is she wearing. What kind of concept is that, slutty peasant girl? o__o Nice stems, though.

    But tbh, I was too busy staring at the curry in Dara's hands to notice her hair. Guess I better go eat dinner.

  23. Nana is so cute those socks/stocking are adorable

    and when i see Dara's hair like that I always think of Jedward :(

  24. Are you guys okay? Seriously writing all these offensive comments that seriously can make your life miserable. So what if they do plastic surgery, it's none of our business, not all of them look pretty but what if someone said that you were ugly, or a whore? You'll probably say, I don't give a fuck, but you'll still feel sad. One day you'll realise how stupid you are wasting time on critizing these people and making yourself suffer.

  25. ^ I think the same can be said about the people who berate other people for posting these.

    Juuuust sayin.

  26. I would love to backhand Dara. She's so ridiculously fucking annoying. UGH

    I see that steady diet of GD cum is doing wonders for TOP's figure. Boy is keeping that weight off.

    Bom is the Jocelyn Wildenstein of Korea. I think I'll call her 'Rat Lady.'

    I swear there are more dudes in AS than AS Boys. Only a female impersonator would rock Nana's hideous get-up. Kahi's face looks HARSH. Her age is starting to show.

  27. Aw I thought Fashion Week Fridays would be more about.. fashion. Maybe work on the title ShinB. But it's got potential. And uhhh I feel like you're either holding back or forcing yourself on the commentary some.. welp, obviously a work in progress but keep it up i like your weekly post thingies.

  28. describing Dara's hair as Vegeta looking is disrespecting Vegeta!! Looks more like a damn troll is more like it.

  29. Oh and damn Nana is freaking sexy :P

  30. "My goodness. Our generation really is the end." LOL gg

  31. nice post.
    I have a big crush on TOP,in my eyes he can do no wrong except maybe being associated with YG and Shit bang,other than that he is perfect,skinny legs and all.

  32. Ive NEVER EVER EVER thought TOP was attractive and I am not starting now.....nice ass though.

    Dara.... wTf

    Bom should have winked or SOMETHING, thought her computer f-ed up for a second and she accidently uploaded the same pic 5 times



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