Saturday, September 3, 2011

T-ara's back to give you another seizure

What a disappointment. Japan was supposed to make this MV sexier. It's nowhere near as bad as the teasers that were released last week, but it's still a disappointment. I was hoping for so much more, but no. The first problem was that this was filmed in we're still stuck with the same director and the same asshole editors. I'd seriously like to look at girls' faces for more than .00025 seconds. Is that so much to fucking ask from these assholes? It just goes to show that the most incompetent CEO hires the most incompetent directors and editors.

There's supposed to be a story I suppose. Does someone need to be high to understand what the fuck is going on? I've watched this MV like ten times and I still have no idea what the fuck the MV is supposed to be about.

As for the song, from what I'm hearing, it translates better to Japanese than some other Kpop songs have. It's a good thing the original had some autotune so the autotune here doesn't really bother me (and it shouldn't, T-ara has shit Japanese. Be thankful for the autotune.)

While this may sound overly negative, I did like a few things about the MV.
1) More Soyeon. Obviously.
2) Eunjung's chest popping.
3) Barely any Hwayoung.
4) Sounds like the original line distribution is the same. I was fearing that they'd add a terrible rap for Hwayoung.

"I Bo Peep Bo Peep like dis, I Bo Peep Bo Peep like dat, Bo Peep dis, Bo Peep dat, YEAH!"

This is the song that made me a fan of 6-ara, much superior to the 7-ara of today. I was hoping that 7-ara wouldn't ruin this song, and thankfully they didn't, because it's pretty hard to ruin BPBP since it isn't great in the first place. I've listened to the original version nearly 1,000 times and most of it is due to the dance, the outfits, and the girls. I actually like the beat to the song, and the girls don't sound bad in the studio version, but BPBP was the song where T-ara started to really suck live singing wise. Overall, stick with the Korean version, both the MV (19+ version) and the song.


  1. 3) Barely any Hwayoung. <---- Exactly.
    It'd be best if they didn't give her any lines and absolutely no screen time for ALL their songs.
    That, or just kick her out.

  2. i likey like dis i likey like dat i likey dis likey dat yeah!

  3. I feel like I've heard the "don't lose your temper so quickly" part in another song... Anyone else?

  4. From what I can fathom, the MV is posing the immortal question:
    "what if when you were asleep, the stray cats in your neighborhood transformed into a female k-pop group dressed as conservative strippers and trashed your house, ate your cakes and drank all your alcohol and you always woke up and interrupted them before their drunken lesbian orgy occurred, forcing them to transform back into cats and scarper before you noticed them?"

    Also, were those shadow screen bits taken directly from the Korean MV?

  5. @anon 3:18
    y'know, me TOO! i think it was from, i dont know, maybe the ORIGINAL bo peep? >_>

  6. @anon 3:21

    Yes, those scenes are from the original bpbp. First thing I noticed when watching it.

  7. I think 3:18 means another song. The voice sounds familiar (that Robot Jones cartoon) but I don't remember hearing that line in another song.

    @3:21 lmao

  8. i was kinda hoping they might've rejigged the line distribution so that eunjung got more lines... she should not have the same number of lines as q-ri!! (least she has more than hwayoung lol). the jiyeon-biased-ness of this song also kinda bugs me, she sings the majority of the chorus (counting the 'bo peep bo peep' part as the refrain, not the chorus btw) then again at least it's autotuned to hell and back again, so they kinda all start to sound the same XD

  9. @ 3:21 - Oh my god, anon, I was thinking the same! What a fuckin' dream come true for me! ><

  10. Who fucking cares if the MV was terrible? Every single member of T-ara is so fappable in this vid.

    Especially Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Soyeon. Unf!

    (I'm not even that pressed about the fact that the guy was lying there in bed like a flaccid dick despite being surrounded by sexy pussies.)

  11. EUNJUNG CHEST POPPING FTW! (Should be #1 imo)

    She looks hot! Unf. Her body is like a fucking wonderland. Oh, the things I would do to her...

    Yay, hardly any Hwayoung derp!

  12. @5:27, i agree in no world should Qri or Boram have more singing time then Eunjung.

    jiyeon is not cute or talented enough to warrent this kind of attention

    KKS should have kicked her out instead of pouring so much time and energy into making her popular she is going to screw up again and I hope it will be the end of her.

  13. Sorry, but Soyeons talent doesn't make up for the fact that she is pretty dull/stiff/lifeless on stage and in front of the camera :( Also, I wish she wasn't such an old lady Ngl, '68 Soyeon is the perfect nickname She needs to turn up the unf!

  14. They didn't do the exit stage left!! WHY O WHY???

  15. Those were three minutes and fifty three seconds of my live that i'll never get back.

  16. Lazy ass editors. They even used cuts from the original mv. Fucking morons.
    @8:31 same

  17. I'm Otaku like her neko style!!!!! Hehehehe I'll doing with her pic!

  18. At least they don't have the make-up on that they had for the cover>_>

  19. First this:

    "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh!"

    Now this:

    "Get in my, get in my, get in my wet pussy!"

    It does make the song more interesting...

  20. I saw the BTS of the making of MV and I got excited cause all the girls looked so damn hot in those outfits.

    Then the same trash editting was back. It's like some overexcited windows movie maker editor who likes to think the more cuts you have, the better the video, made the fucking MV. what a massive big fat dick sucking fail.

  21. @8:53
    WHen I read your comment I thought how the hell can "bo peep" sound like "fuck me". and then I listened to the song again.


  22. ^ You are welcome.


  23. what Anon 3:18 is talking about is a speech synthesis program called plaintalk. Lots of musicians used something like that so Im not surprised anon 3:18 have heard it before.

    As for the, I know the japanese love seizure induced videos, but damn. I want to see more then half seconds clips of the girls. The MV sucks compared to the original (19+) And yes, they did reuse some scenes from the original video.

  24. Soyeon's really talented, alright, but too bad she's only noticeable in the MVs. Otherwise, the girl has zero presence when it comes to the stage. Even Jiyeon commands a greater amount of attention with less than half the effort (maybe that's the reason why she half-asses the performance? you know, since it doesn't matter because the camera is still going to be on her).

    Only Eunjung and Hyomin can be flawless in both their MVs and the stages.


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