Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Information No One Cares About

Just some current thoughts:

INFINITE wins Mnet "M! Countdown":

Holy balls.
Did you see how hard some of those boys were crying? Umm. D'aww? I'm happy for you, though. Like actually. I believe you are one of the few "rookie" boy groups that came out that were worth looking into due to your dancing skills.
I would have liked to make a Kanye West joke when I said "I'm happy for you", but they were crying so hard, I would have had nothing to interrupt. So.
*awkward silence cause no joke could be made*

But do you guys want to see something more awkward?

Watch this guy's rapping:

Even I feel embarrassed. And I am not even on the same continent as him.
That was horrible. When he started at the beginning. And when he tried to "change it up" at the end with his "own rapping flair". It was just bad all around. Poor G.NA.
Even thinking about it makes me sad! How embarrassing. I like his little scuffle at the end when he was trying to run off stage so it could zoom in on G.NA for her last line. It was like he knew he did badly and was running away to hide in shame and crawl to a corner to cry.


Hmm. Interesting. I have never heard about a girl paper-bagging a guy's head in order to avoid looking at his appearance. I thought only guys did that. And only when they are being debaucherous. But this woman is cruel. Even sitting at home she's all, "Oh hellz no. Yeobo, put on that paper bag. Then we can sit on the balcony. I don't want anyone to recognize me as being with you."
Even on poor Paper Bag Boy's BIRTHDAY she won't let him take it off.
And by the looks of it, he does not even get to decide the expression. After she gives him her birthday present, she is all "Now, you WILL be happy" "But, Sweety, I would be happier if you let me take off-" "BE HAPPY, HOE!"
At least she was kind enough to get him some ties to match the bag.


  1. Ilove bananas...

  2. i've been seeing a lot of people being emotional on twitter cause of INFINITE's win. lol gotta give them credit for being #1 for the first time though. hope it'll last for them~

    btw, waiting for a review on T-ara's japanese Bo Peep vid~~~

  3. you're sweet being all embarrassed for these people lol.

  4. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM! T^T They deserve it so much! (Infinite is one of two groups I can say I am delusional about. I love them to bits.)

  5. ^ that you are "delusional" about...? what does that even mean?

    i like infinite. but it was a pretty easy win tbh. nonetheless, they deserve it.

  6. These infinite boys are soooo cute. Why I never noticed this I dunno...

  7. even you can't find something negative to say about them, i'll take it as compliment :D

  8. I'm glad you didn't say anything negative about their win, they totally deserved it.

  9. @9:35
    I second that, haha.

  10. If you're talking about Swings, the rapper in G.NA's Banana song, then he's one of the best underground K-hip hop rappers around. Just saying... This song didn't do him justice. What's with underground rappers collabing with K-pop stars anyway? Hyuna and Dok2's song... Ew.


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