Sunday, March 4, 2012

Differences between male and female kpop fans

I present to you Anti Kpop-Fangirl's very own daily comic!! a rip off of allkpops fangirl thing that I remember they did I THINK. I will post a comic every other day or when im high and this shit would be hilarious drawing it.

 There's a difference between the daily life of male and female kpop fans and people have the right to know!


its too biiiig its toooo wiiiide

sorry but snsd has some of the corniest and gayest songs oh wait I'm not sorry they suck 8=D~
celebrities who beat their fans should really pay the price for that, instead they get away scott free because they had a "reason"


  1. its to big, its to wide???
    play on of Beyonce - ego?

    Not really surprising there is a huge difference in kpop between males and females.

    Why didnt you post the other comics!!!!!

    1. I actually have 5 comics right now ready to go but shin-b suggested i separate each comic everyday or every other day. It's a good idea because then i can create even more comics on the way while not running out of material posting.

  2. should we start a fund to help hun get photoshop?

    ahhh, screw it, let him download gimp/

  3. better than anything I could draw

  4. Hmm...not too bad but kind of dry...

  5. I like it, but i thought that the fangirl saying "OPPA DIDN'T MEAN IT, OPPA IS TIRED, OPPA SARANGHAE DAEBAK" would have been more apropriate, as the caption on the video is boyband attacks fangirl, rather than blonde asian people woofing into a microphone...
    I swear, if all you need to do is rap like that "WOOO" guy in warrior, im fucking in.

  6. I think we should bring back the anons ! This is just ..... dry !

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  8. Uh actually fangirls flip shit when their oppars hit other fangirls....

  9. it's ok i guess. As others described it, dry. You could do better actually on the captions.

  10. Am I the only female fan who doesn't do that shit? I hope not.


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