Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kara replaced KTH as CM models

If you haven't been caught up lately, a small percentage of Japanese still give a shit about Dokdo/Takeshima and wanted to kill Kim Tae Hee and shit. These are the same people that caused Rohto Pharmaceuticals to cancel an event Kim Tae Hee was supposed to have. They went on to (temporarily?) replace KTH with...huh, Kara? Well, it doesn't make sense to me, but +1 to Rohto for trolling.

My bet is that this will be the next headline "Anti-Hallyu Japanese want Kara out, but Rohto replaces Kara with SNSD."


  1. "They take out one, we give them five more!!!!"

  2. They should have went with KARA from the beginning anyway; people actually know and like them. Even if I love Kim Tae Hee, she just isn't hitting her stride in Japan with this whole "controversy" thing weighing her down.

    Hopefully she can bounce back.

    1. KTH is huge in Japan due to IRIS, it's just that she's gotten popular to the point where she has an army of antis in Japan.


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