Monday, March 5, 2012

[MV Review] KARA - Girls Power

KARA released a double single, and rejoice, we get a double MV release as well. It's getting harder and harder to write original hooks, so just click "read more" already.

KARA's Girls Power (Still don't know if it's Girls Power, Girl's Power, or Girls' Power It's Girls Power) MV is nothing special, just your typical dance-in-box + closeups. Buuuut, since it's KARA and all, they do give us some rather nice closeups.

Flower Girls Power
However, all of the sexy sex-fu from Speed Up is nowhere to be found. Instead, KARA opted for a cutesier concept to bring back the wotas/fanboys who might have been terrified at the thought of their waifus being strong, sexually dominant women who may or may not be able to kick their asses. Can't say I didn't see it coming. Thus, the dance is rather basic with nothing too difficult to execute, focusing on maximum aegyo kawaii.

This is the hook dance, I suppose.
This too, I suppose. Fapdance variant?
For a song claiming to be about "Girls Power" there is a noticeable lack of the most common Power the fairer sex possesses in spades. Not one cleavage, not one ass shot, hell there's not even a single thing that could be construed as sexually suggestive.

The only sex-fu that survived from Speed Up.
I guess there's this Bubblepoppin conga line too.
The girls look great with their outfits and all, if not on the boring side with the white summer-ey dresses. Which happen to be horribly out-of-place considering Japan's still in the middle of their winter though. My one gripe is that Nicole's extensions kinda bother me at times, but that's just my preference for her in her short-haired days talking. Some nice highlights of the MV:

Baby Jing gets the most WTF moments in the MV, but you'll be damned before you refuse
to utter a "D'AAAAAAAAAAAAW."
Yes, that is Jiyoung straddling an animatronic zebra.
The song itself is pretty standard aegyo Kawaiipop-rock stuff. Nothing fancy vocal-wise, but nothing too glaringly out-of-place (with the exception of some of Hara's parts, but no surprise there). All in all, a respectable B-side (though technically the whole deal is a "double A-side") to the far superior Speed Up.

Frilly bubbly kawaiipop-rock song, frilly bubbly kawaiipop-rock MV.

I give this song a 2.75/5.


  1. I think people would like the MV a lot more if Speed Up never came out. Speaking of Speed Up, I think I need to watch it again.

    1. i actually prefer Girl's Power more than Speed Up because I love kawaii Kara.

  2. Sounds like Kawaii jpop...this is shit. But they are sexy.

  3. will still sell xxx,xxx amount of copies. Never doubt KARA and Kawaii

  4. I liked it way better then Speed Up and Winter Magic. Almost as good as Jet Coaster Love in my opinion

  5. My imagination found the part where Nicole tastes some kind of Jelly thing while opening up her eyes wide and looking at the camera from under to be extremely suggestive. O_O


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