Friday, March 30, 2012

Question of the Week 37

This week's question comes from Dalgi:
What girl/boy group do you try so hard to like, but you just can't?

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

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    I was a huge fan of 4minute back in the hot issue days (But KARA always came first).
    Anyways, for me, they heightened their greatness at HUH, i liked EVERY song on that mini album, besides BABABA.
    But these days, i just, i can't do it. I listen to mirror mirror and i hate it, i listen to heart to heart and i think "heart to heart to hea.... ugh, SKIP"

    iN SHORT, fominut has fallen.

  2. Seeya even though they disbanded lol

  3. Why would you try to like a group if you don't like them?

  4. SHINee.... I loved their first album and EP and was a huge fan of them while first getting into K-pop, but I noticed their songs getting worse and worse over time (unfortunately, there are no standards once you have a fanbase). Then "Sherlock" finally came out and was so terrible, it destroyed any hope I had left for the group.

  5. 4minute is definitely up there. I can't stand their songs now, Hyuna's solos are so much better.

    T-ara too. I love Roly Poly but the group is just so despicably useless. They should have given that song to EXID.

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  7. Lately?
    Was a hardcore fan, but just a listener.

  8. 4Minute, I just don't like the majority of their songs.
    BIG BANG, I don't like them as a unit, but do like some of their solo projects.
    INFINITE, they're kind of forgettable to me.
    Wonder Girls, maybe I haven't tried hard enough, but it feels like they don't have too much personality & I haven't liked much of their music.
    & 2M, I liked some singles and the others were meh.

  9. Brown Eyed Girls.

    They just need to stfu; their vocal talent is worth nothing if they aren't willing to utilize it in music that doesn't focus on their cougarness.

    1. lmfao. Have you ever listened/watched anything they released before 2009? I doubt so.

  10. Wonder Girls. Coz I've wondered what's with all the hype back then.

  11. SNSD, any song after Gee is a shit song. That's the result of having a fanbase, creating shit music and no matter how hard I've tried, I just can't love them like before Gee.

  12. mostly from SM family like SNSD, SUJU, TVXQ & SHINEE.
    i heard SM artists is the best & famous but its hard for me to like them.

  13. I try to like people other than Yuri in SNSD but it's hard. They are so over-hyped and I'm really getting tired of SNSD in general. None of their songs are that great (I hated gee, but genie was amazing and they have yet to do anything as awesome) Maybe if they stopped trying to replicate Gee and actually tried to grow as artist I would be more into them, but it's just the same 4 girls shoved in your face over and over and the same boring ass Oppa, Oppa, Oppa songs over and over again. The crazy ass sones also don't do anything to make me want to be a SNSD fan. Basically, SNSD is boring and over-rated and try as I might, it's just not working. Even Yuri is becoming over-rated now. I mean, Yuri is hot, but she ain't THAT hot.

  14. SNSD and After School I was a playgirl a while but then I started lossing interest in them and SHINee, I used to LOVE SHINee but their fans ruined it for me....

    1. After School, SNSD(after Genie)and Wonder Girls for girl groups <_<
      As for boys groups, Boyfriend. My friend loves them, but I just can't listen to their music <_<
      Also 2AM/2PM, I like some songs, but the rest were just "meh" to me.

  15. Super Junior. I thought they rocked during the 'sorry sorry' days but the nonsense that they've spewed out since then has just made it impossible for me to like them..I've tried.. I really have. But when it gets to the point where I have some korean bollywood gibberish polluting my playlist, I have no choice but to move them to my hate pile. Sigh.. and yet choi siwon is so damm fine.

  16. Suju.
    Snsd. Uaed to be a huge fan.. After they release the boys :(...ruined it for me...but time machine is amazing best ballad in the world
    Ft island
    2ne1..ugly girls that make good club music..mehh.. I just dont like ugly girls. Sandara is fuckable..bit talentless
    Bigbang..while are great..
    Other than that is not my cup of tea
    Tbh they are bettwr at they solo stuff

  17. Wonder Girls and 2PM. They both suck balls plain and simple. I can list at least one song I like from every other idol group except them.

  18. SNSD - used to be a fan until THE BOYS
    Super Junior
    4minute - Tired of seeing Hyuna + others

  19. 4Minute: I realized that the only girl groups I listened to were 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls and I wanted to change that. I tried really hard to like 4Minute but their music is so...ehhh.

    Super Junior: I have a girl boner for Siwon yet I can't stand his music.

    f(x): I don't even know WHY I try to like them

  20. Lol this is an easy one.
    f(x): they don't appeal that much to me.
    4Minute: aka Hyuna and her backup dancers.(Gayoon and Jiyoon need to fucking go duo).
    TVXQ: I love only Yunho and Junsu to death, lol.
    SNSD: Their songs are catchy but holy god they are terrible live. Honestly the only member I like is Seohyun.


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