Thursday, March 8, 2012

[MV Review] Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Continuing the Big Bang comeback barrage, Fantastic Baby's MV has been released for VIPs everywhere to fuel their fapping marathons.

Fantastic Baby's MV consists of mostly close-ups and shots of Big Bang silliness, but surprisingly enough for an upbeat dance electropop track, Fantastic Baby has a teeny bit of a story line mixed in with the posturing too. 

Also, owls.
The MV opens up with the demon spawn offspring of Beetlejuice, Skrillex, and a fist to the face beckoning to the camera. Apparently, he is the leader of a masked mob determined to overthrow some kind of a "Anti-Music dictatorship." Very reminiscent of the Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense MV, but this rebellion actually gets somewhere.

Do your panties moisten because of this?
The mob's masks are really freaky though.
Interspersed between the shots of mob rampaging are just zany 2NE1-esque closeups. This also serves to highlight how absolutely horrifying some of the fashion choices are. Very few are nice, most are terrible.
He's going for the S&M look. I think. At least he shaved his happy trail.
He reminds me of Street Fighter's Dhalsim  for some reason. Also, this doesn't look
at all similar to Bom's meditation sequence in Can't Nobody. Nope.
TOP keepin it classy with a Napoleon-style military outfit. Too bad that's the last
time he looks this good in the MV. 
It's just one horrifying fashion choice after another for GD. Yes, those are feathers
he has painted on his lips.
Daesung looks completely out-of-place with his astonishingly normal blue suede suit.
In typical Big Bang fashion, we don't get to see any of the dance choreo to this song (if there IS any in the first place). Instead, we get to see Taeyang awkwardly shimmy and shake and "turn on his mad (literally, he looks pretty pissed for most of the MV) swag." Nigga.

That's the mo'fuckin' TaeDaddy right thur.
The Technogladiator look reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it.
Overall, the MV is full of color and flash. A much needed relief from all the gloom and emo of say Blue, but the whole thing seems like a confused mismash of different concepts and craziness. Definitely draws strong parallels with 2NE1's Can't Nobody and I Am the Best. Apparently VIPs have also pulled a fuckton of symbolism and meaning out of their asses the MV, but most of it seems rather contrived and lame to me. If you really want to know the "deeper side" to this MV, go look it up on Tumblr or something.

One thing I found kind of weird (or maybe it's just me) was the strange lack of women in this MV. Other than Seungri's pleather-clad harem of catgirls, hardly a single double-X chromosome to be seen. All this talk of fantastic babies and dancing, you'd think there'd be some cheap sluts all over this MV.

The song itself is pretty good in my opinion. If you were tired of the softer title tracks in Alive, then Fantastic Baby is the jolt of electricity your pussy needed to start poppin. An infectiously blaring synth beat provides the high energy Big Bang's known for, and Taeyang and Daesung's vocals do a great job of bridging the slower verses up to the pounding chorus. Some people might find the BOOM SHAKALAKA to be dated and kinda cheesy, but TOP makes it work somehow. TOP's rap is fairly good, but GD's sounded downright lazy to me. This song does deviate from their typical choral progression and the results are quite enjoyable. Not much to complain about other than Seungri's criminal over-autotuning or lack of lines.

YG spent all their money on all the random (and no doubt exorbantly expensive) outfits...
So they had to replicate SM's slo-mo circle cam effects by hand.
Great high-energy dance electropop song that works well with the wacky (and I mean WTF wacky) MV.

I give this song a 4.25 out of 5.


  1. As stupid as G-dragons hair is, im glad that there is something comical in kpop for once...

  2. "The Technogladiator look reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it."


    1. LOL that's EXACTLY what I was thinking.

  3. the song is a hot mess
    I prefer bad boy, as bland as it is

  4. Kinda thought there would be some dancing since they said they wanna dance... Honestly find this better than the previous 2 boring MVs they just released but the song's kinda boring to me..

  5. concept is good....on paper, the actuality of putting it to form is just bad. Its too overdone the MV, in everything. The song isnt my cup of tea so I dont like it, as with almost all BB songs.
    Its like they are trying to hard to be different and then it ended up in a huge mess.
    The MV is just candy for the BB fangirls, thats it. Theres no artistic flair in it or the song for that matter.

  6. I didn't particularly enjoy the song and just skimmed through the MV, but if you look online, people like to analyze the meaning behind it. It is full of symbols.

  7. Why would I be fapping to Big Bang?

    this shit freaked me out
    and Seungri looks real gay with that hair

  9. They have learnt well from Lady Gaga. Not because they're doing her style or anything, but this definitely panders to the gay demographic. I've been to gaybars that were straighter than this MV.

  10. Half Life 2 combine masks, Chinese dragon costumes and Big Bang?
    Shit is fucked up

  11. This song is catchy.
    Definitely something you would hear in a gay bar.

  12. The only thing that saves this song is the part that Daesung and Taeyang sing.
    Seungri sounds sleazy and disgusting
    GD is just annoying and tryhard. So sick of this guy and his pretend genius.
    TOP is unsexy in every possible fucking way

    Maybe I like Daesung and Taeyang because they don't have shirts on, but its mostly because they actually sing.

  13. When I first saw the last pic with gd I was like HADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!Also I cant wait for all the illuminati rants to come flowing in from the internet.

  14. The masked people definitely reminded me of the Combines (Half-Life). And am I the only who absolutely hates Taeyang's hair? Also Seungri's hair looks like goddamn Spock.

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