Friday, March 16, 2012

SHINee comeback? What the hell is going to happen to EXOPLANET?

SHINee have made unexpected plans by deciding to have a Korean comeback. The news became official after releasing their kiddie porn-like teaser photos. Without a doubt, the swarms of lonely pedonoonas/perverted-fangirls staking allkpop gushed rivers as they spammed the site complimenting their scrawny oppars, wishing for the day the boys will bed them.

Anyway with SHINee’s comeback, I feel like EXOPLANET will never get the chance to debut at this rate. It just proves that EXOPLANET is forced to meet their goal of a million teasers involving nothing but Kai whoring the camera (Yippee, more useless teasers/prologues).

I was sorta surprise that people are jumping on this useless bandwagon getting excited for SHINee’s comeback. It’s been a week, and I’m surprised that dispshit SM stans didn’t think “Hey guys, EXOPLANET didn’t get to debut but SHINee gets to go before them”. If EXOPLANET wants to start on debuting, I think their best course of action should be sabotaging SHINee’s comeback. 


  1. Just because of this comic strip, i am now a fan of exoplanet, especially the one in the yellow shit.

  2. I like that you used Ninja Tao and flawless Luhan in the comic.
    Anyway EXO seem to have some potential from their 2 Prologue songs but all these fucking teasers are just ridiculous. If they continue to build up this hype, EXO might not be able to live up to it.

  3. I think they will promote together

  4. From what I hear, they will be promoting together. S&M entertainment sure knows how to make that money

  5. aiba your comics are so full of win. :o


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