Friday, March 9, 2012

Hyosung's solo performance at Secret's Japanese concert

I doubt anyone is actually reading the text, but I just wanna say if sullifag(of Wez Asian Beznotches ) ends up dying, we'll know why. He'll probably be trying to break the record for consecutive faps with this video.


  1. I didn't even read what you wrote--I fapped three times to this video, turned it off, cleaned off my ball, and the read what you wrote--I lol'd hard. kekeekeke

  2. oh yes, my body is so sore after watching this....and when I mean my body I mean my penis.

    Hyoseong haters can suck it.

  3. Just found out that anon trolls are no longer allowed to post on this blog, no wonder there is a significant reduction in the number of comments..........

    1. is this true? The anons were pretty funny.

  4. Hyosung's indeed got some yummy thighs. But you should show us rest of the secret members as well.

    BTW, JYP looks gorgeous compared to LXM

  5. If only her teeth were as good as the rest of her

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