Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You can't deny that Junsu is the best idol singer

I was browsing allkpop and saw this article about Junsu and knew there'd be some delusional comments. I just sorted out the comments by the highest rated and look what I found.

Kpop fangirls need to realize that this is where their delusions begin. It's okay to have an opinion. If she had just said, "Yeah, I agree, I think Junsu is the best [idol] singer," then there would have been no problem. When you proclaim that your opinion is a fact and that no one can deny it, that's where the delusion begins.

If this fangirl ever reads this, I also have to call her out on the bullshit about him singing perfectly in every concert throughout the whole duration of the concert. He could crack his voice and this fangirl would still say he sang perfectly.


  1. ...coming from the guy who says it like it's fact that GD sucks...

    i mean he does, but u r contradicting urself

    1. I never said it was a fact that he sucks, I just think he sucks, but that's only comparing him to actual rappers.

    2. no it is fact he as well as T.O.P. sucks at rapping.That is like saying it is an opinion that lil wayne sucks at guitar.If you do not know what I am talking about look up lil wayne playing guitar on youtube.

  2. I don't even know who would be the best male idol singer...
    Maybe someone from 2AM?
    If it was everyone, my bias is inclined to say hae ri from davichi.

  3. Have a look at this list (although it's 2011):

    Idk, the "best male idol singer" question is pretty hard to answer because most are not that good.

    Anyway, to answer that certain comment; I deny that JYJ's Junsu is the best (male) idol singer in kpop. I never liked his voice anyway though.

  4. Oh yeah that list.... I agree with it for the first few, but towards the bottom things get really messed up. What the heck are Sungmin, Taemin, Key and Neil doing above Seungri and Yunho?

    1. Of course Niel is a better singer than yunho or seungri lol
      Idk about the others, Im a shawol so I would favor Taemin and Key after all

  5. On one hand this list is made by vocal coaches so they judge on technicality not who has the most pleasant voice or even who you would like to listen to most.I am not a vocal coach so I wouldn't know how to judge on these types of requirements.On the other hand I question their ranking of Taeyang .I heard a live and imo his voice was unstable and weak.As far as the girl who wrote Junsu is the best she is delusion because as far as I know there are no such thing as a vocalist who sings perfectly at every concert for the whole concert.

  6. Guys, you'd better keep your opinions to yourself or Junsu oppa's going to kick your ass.

  7. That list is bull, no way Daesung is that low and Taeyang that high. Taeyang has soul, yes, but his technique is not as good as many of the idols on that list. His expressiveness is really what makes him one of the best idol singers, that boy got style through the roof. Other idols can't compare, I mean take a listen to Wedding Dress and it will all come flooding back.

    Hongki is my personal favorite, his voice is really complete. Junsu is okay, but I've always found his voice a little wishy washy, Hongki on the other hand has both a rich tone and shitloads of power. Check out his Immortal Song 2 performances, that shits was great.

    Anyway these sort of rankings are pointless. Just because you're a vocal coach doesn't mean shit, you could be Korea's WORST vocal coach for all this list proves. I know who I like to listen to and who I don't. So yeah.

  8. kpop once again proves that it turns people into retards. Good Work!

  9. Thought it was about 2PM's Junsu, and I would have KINDA agreed on this.
    And about those lists, all the lists like this that had been done are bullshit, even when my bias topped this (referring to best female idol singers).

  10. Oh but I thought everyone knew that lists like that are complete bull.

    Little kpop fangirls need to stop commenting on "technique" when they don't know the first thing about singing and how to critique music; you cannot proclaim someone as having the best xyz when you don't even know what makes a GOOD xyz; your opinion is coloured by your delusion.

    I can say that Kyuhyun is easily my favorite idol singer, and idgaf whether he's the best or not because that's my opinion.

  11. be honest tho.
    who is better than junsu?

    im not even a cassie

    im more of a shawol,vip,I.AM

    i like jonghyun,daesung,that guy from 2am voice

    but all of them no.2,3,4 compared to junsu

    this antikpopfangirl can hate gd all she wants
    she just jelly he gets the attention
    you can call him shit
    but look at him
    getting recognition from world stars

    1. You obviously didn't read antikpopfangirl's profile...


      "im more of a shawol, vip, I.AM."

      That's even worse....

    2. how could that be worse?
      im just stating the fact that i am a shawolVipIAM
      and im not a cassie ..
      so i should be a cassie coz i think junsu has the best vocal?

    3. No, I was just stating the fact that those fanmasses are even more delusional, except a few.

    4. i can be a fan of anygroup i like

      i only groups that make good music
      and shinee, bb,2am definately make good music

      these group are the best in digital ranking (in they respective companies)

      although shinee first time to get a high score like that in digital ranking (best in sm)

      i would like you to name those few that arent delusional to you

  12. As much I as I fucking love Xiah Junsu, this fangirl is stupid. Yes, he has a great voice, but honestly don't take the coach's opinion too seriously, god. Even if he IS the "best male vocalist" in kpop, don't fucking tell people to agree with you.

    1. Also what the shit is up with the list? Taeyang in 3rd place and Daesung in 12th? Are you shitting me? Taeyang is my bias in BIGBANG but that is damn ridiculous.


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