Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yang Hyun Suk Strikes Back

It appears that YG Entertainment's head honcho Yang Hyun Suk reads our blog too! 

Because of Chuck's inflammatory article, YG himself decided to take drastic action. Quickly delving into his video archives, YG found a short clip of him practicing a routine from his Seo Taiji & Boys days. (If you didn't know, YG was one of the Boys in the Seo Taiji & Boys trio)

By somehow (read: intentionally) leaking (read: distributing to YG Family stans) the video over the internet, this footage quickly went viral as everyone began praising YG for his jjangbak dancing ability.

Netizens were quick to comment saying:

"Now I know where Taeyang got his dancing skills!"
"YG Comeback 2012"

YG himself released a press conference addressing the issue.

"Yes, that is me dancing in the video," he said. "It's a shame this went viral because I'm such a humble guy who doesn't like being in the spotlight unlike a certain fellow idol CEO who will remain unnamed *coughJYPFAGGOTcough*  Since it's too late to take down, I hope the owner of Anti KPop-Fangirl watches it and sucks my big fat dick and eat his words because I'M FUCKING RELEVANT TOO, BITCH."


  1. He can pass for a black dude if his skin was more darker in this video....:)

  2. He has much better moves than allot of the trans idols today

  3. lol.. proofs or its not real
    i thot papa yg dunno english much

    stop being delusional
    papa yg neva have time for a hater
    even tho zaku is a reasonable blogger
    anti-kpopfangirl is just yg anti

  4. he looked like he's high..
    and the song is just


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