Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yang Hyun Suk thinks he's a celebrity

What a joke.

“I’m more nervous than those who try out for an audition. I’ve only worked on YG entertainment agency since Seo Taiji & Boys, and I was forgetting that I was actually a celebrity.”

Last I recall, the group was called Seo Taiji & Boys, not Seo Taiji & Yang Hyun Suk. You're just a CEO that hasn't produced anyone worth a shit since Se7en.


  1. Replies
    1. also, good job requiring names
      anons were fucking annoying

  2. Hahahaha no more anons! I was just thinking tht about yang hyun suk. Good job.

    He's a mother fucking POSER!!!
    The man is always dreaming of being as huge as Seo Taiji
    He meant he was not in the move since SEO TAIJI & kids?
    Did he forget he went solo? If so... I wouldn't blame on him,
    I guess everyone else did, he was such a FAIL solo artist you know HAHAHA
    Yang-hyun-sucks is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

    1. Aww yeahhh!! come here and let me love you!!! xD
      I liked YG when he was a dancer yeah he's a great business man but also a cunt who thinks he's "cool" and a daydreamer of being a true legend and musician like Seo Taiji *bowing to the floor towards Taiji* it's ridiculous
      also his solo album was a crap xD

  4. Where the fuck are the anons?

    But anyways, the cunts holding onto the 'glory', even though minuscule, of his past.

    1. Only people with Google accounts are allowed to post now. I asked IATFB over at Asian Junkie, followers on Twitter and other authors and they all said that AKF would improve if the anon option was removed.

    2. Oh, good job AKFG.
      I was just wondering why are there no anon comments about eunjuns having of unf, hyomins resemblence to a horse, Hyogre comments, or fanfics of unfappable proportions.

      In a way, i sort of miss them, but then again, they were like rotten strawberries on top of a delicious chocolate cake.

  5. I miss those anons T.T

    On topic, i want to know more about the 6 artists (or groups) that debut before Se7en ! After him, just full of trash !

  6. Wow.. Thrash dont sell 300,000,000 and more digitals song...
    The more u degrade/bash them. the stronger they get anyway :p

    I thot ur epik high fan..
    Even tablo got in yg
    Dont u know his company abandon him during his hard time?
    And papa yg sent 2 van to help him who was drunk wandering the streets. After he was sending mixtape to every single company out there..


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