Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[MV Review] SNSD - Time Machine

SNSD  releases a new song for their Japanese wotas and it's entirely original (in that it hasn't been released in Korea first, or been based off the rights to an existing song)!

Time Machine's PV is a normal ballad-style PV, meaning plenty of slo-mo closeups of the best angsty faces SNSD can muster. Don't let the SONE propaganda machine fool you, there's no storyline here. Or rather, if there is, it's not as deep and involved as they would have you think.

Poor Sooyoung.
From what I gather, the basic premise of the song is breakups. Every SNSD member is going through the aftermath of a bad breakup and are thus emo and torn up about it. Except maybe Yoona, who seems to either been left at the altar or is doing the leaving at the altar. Everyone wants a time machine to go back and correct the mistake or whatever that led to the breakup, hence the song title. 

SONEs everywhere would have you think that SNSD finally leaves their boxed sets and finally have a proper MV/PV. These are blatant lies. With the possible exception of 4 people (Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny), SNSD merely changed up the normal 9-dancing-girls-in-a-box in order to give each member their own box. Even then, I highly doubt Taeyeon and Sunny's scenes were filmed in outside of a set. Jessica's in a car, Sooyoung's in a study or living room, Seohyun's in a bedroom, Yuri's in a bedroom, and Hyoyeon's at a train station. 

The content of the PV itself is completely hilarious. From the half-hearted attempts at angst to some members' outfits, the lulz are there if you look. Some of the stuff I personally found funny:

I dunno about you, but poor Taeyeon's eyebrows rival Nichkhun's for hilarity.
In Soshiet Russia, rain falls UP.
Silly Yoona, why would you run down a snowy street
clad in nothing but a wedding(?) dress?
The majority of the girls look good, and even Hyoyeon doesn't look like the ugly stepsistar this time around. Not feeling Taeyeon or Tiffany's blondish hair, butYuri looks particularly fabulous though.

Yuri in mah bed, yes please.
The song itself though, meh. With the exception of a few exceptional groups/songs, ballads aren't my thing, so I'm not the most qualified to judge whether or not it's a good effort by SNSD. It's pretty snoozetastic to me. Their Japanese doesn't seem to be horribly gargled this time around, but there are still hiccups here and there where it just sounds like gibberish.

For a song called TIME MACHINE, this also happens to be the only time clocks
or time is used as an actual motif in the PV.
Your mileage may vary PV for a boring ballad.

I give it a 2.5/5


  1. Meanwhile in Mother Russia...


    The Japanese was okay this time around, only Jessica notably hiccuped one of her lines towards the middle.

    I like to think Yoona's story is a continuation of Taeyang's. Heartbroken, Taeyang leaves the wedding after throwing away the ring, about to drown his sorrows in some soju. At the same time, Yoona, realizing that Jang Geun Suk is not all that he's cracked up to be, runs away from the Love Rain set towards the nearest North Face to get herself a fuckin' jacket. She sees Taeyang at the end of the MV, and remembering his sexy body during the 2008 Star Dance Battle, happily runs into his arms. They SoshiBang all night.

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    2. soshibang all night LMAO!

      YoonBae shipper?
      check that out

  3. I dont give a fuck about this song, yet I admit they look beauty as usual, then everySone will say like " OMG this song is so deep", OMG SNSD has the best vocal talent, yet Taeyon need to sing all the song and the other like Yoona just need to say pretty and stand on entire ong ( who cares she look amazing as hell)

  4. It's better than the boys, so, for me, it redeems SNSD.
    I actually really like the song, but the song isn't really jpop nor is it very kpop. This song would have fared very well as their debut into the U.S.A.
    I know if SNSD came to Australia with the boys, bitches would be laughed at, this however, is not a piece of shit.
    Or maybe i am just SNSD depraved, The boys was shit, hated Hoot, could only stand Robotakis hoot teaser, and the last thing i actually liked that came out of them was genie, and that was 2009...
    ( )

    1. they are slipping

      Anything is better then "The Boys"

  5. 1.Why a ballad when most of them cant sing?
    2.What the fuck is this mv supposed to be about? Too much singing+looking sad meaning we don't know what the hell just happened. It's like giving us an electronic device but not giving the manual on how to use it.. just don't know where to begin.
    3.Their Japanese are still butchered/shitty, pronunciations are wrong. How would you feel if they debuted in america without even understanding english oh wait.. they did that? they failed? oh..
    4.They still can't speak Japanese in talk shows which in Japan, as an idol, excelling in variety shows is a necessity or you won't survive at all. Kara+Akb48 not the best music but their talking/personalities make up for it.
    5.Music too serious, snsd is an idol/dance oriented group after all.
    6.Ballad + close up shots + no story mv = stopped trying, just riding their popularity and I can tell.

    1. Answer no 1. Becuase Taeyon voice enough tocover all talentless SNSD so they just need to say pretty and let Taeyon run out of voice and delusional sone will say SNSD has the best voice
      for number 2 and 6 : Hella did you see the comment on youtube, every fucking video of SNSD was flooded by Jessica <3 Tifany <3 Yoona <3 or comment how beautiful and natural and how they never touch plastic surgery. Who need plot drama PV.

      5. Delusional SOne will say, nonono SNSD has a ballad song like (insert all song filler in the album) and this song is a deep one , LOL

  6. i find this really really funny....
    i'm not a sone but a big Hyohunnie and Blackjack and though there are articles here bad about hyo or 2ne1, i cant help myself to hate you but i just laugh XD
    good blog though

  7. Apparently the director just said to them "Show us the face you made when Sooman told you there'd be no Korean follow up to The Boys because he spent all the won on EXO teasers"

  8. Dont know y but i loled so hard when i saw horsica crying =)))

  9. What are you talking about? Yes kara is better than them.
    But snsd is the best girl group.
    Jessica and sunny could sing too
    They still make more money than other gg
    Taeyeon is not that great
    Well if a group filled with five talentless girls u might get called great
    Just like how ppl say top has a perfect face out of all kpop. When all the other members are. .meh.. Ugly
    And why koreans call gd as genius..just becuz he composed,write his own songs. While some groups does

    1. Not*
      But i gotta admit he is full of talents. Just not that great...he like the most multitalented in the idol world..but not the best
      at one thing.

      Its simple really..
      Ppl think some is the best becuz other member or group dont do/have

  10. Lol if this only got2.5/5
    i wonder how many negative the boys got


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