Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Conspiracy on Conspiracy (in) K-Pop 5: Reptilians Attack!

We all know the Illuminati are trying to create NWO, but there’s one thing the Illuminati aren’t aware of — that they are just mere puppets in the grand scheme of things. The whole world is run and controlled by reptilians, even the Illuminatis. That means there are reptilians in k-pop. I’m here to find them all for you.

Everyone should now what reptilians look like, but to be sure, here are some pictures:

They hide themselves well with advanced holograms and special robotic "meat suits," but nothing is perfect. From time to time, brave people find evidence of them. There are many known reptilians, such as: Obama and his wife, the Pope (Benedict and Francis), Zuckerberg (a killer combo: reptilian-Jew-Illuminati) and many, many others. But most of you probably don't know who their leader on earth is ...

It's the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un! He commands the reptilian army on earth!

But to surprise you even more ... Park Geun-Hee (current president of South Korea) is a reptilian hybrid.

So now that you know reptilians are everywhere, let's try to find some of them among k-pop artists.

Let's start with something easy: Eunsol from Bambino.

So what are the "signs" that she's reptilian? She mastered the skill of manipulating men using her body. Look at her body, and tell me it's possible for a human being to have such a seductive body. It's obvious that's an almost perfect "meat suit," but still there are other signs, as well.

Look how wide apart her eyes are. They had to modify her "meat suit" so its eyes would match her reptilian eyes.

Next we have ...


Reptilians are masters of manipulation and exploit, and we all know that IU is good at that. Now, she "openly" admits she's reptilian with her comeback teaser photo:

Let me break it down for you. You all think that's a cat, but you couldn't be more wrong ...
First, the "ribbon" is a reference to snakes, and snakes are reptiles.
Second, the color of the "ribbon," purple, is a symbol of poison, and creatures associated with poison are reptiles.
Third, her eyes are different colors. Again it's not cats, but reptiles. To be more specific, IU tries to show us her "true" eye.
Fourth and the last, her eyes are wide apart, and this clearly identifies her as a reptilian.

Now you probably think that every idol with eyes wide apart is reptilian. That's true, but don't be too hasty, since there is one different species of reptilians, colloquially called "cyclops."

And that leads us to Cyclops Queen, Jiyeon from T-ara.

Let me show you how she's the pinnacle of reptilians since no other idol-reptile managed to get close to her level of skills.

1. Manipulation and harvesting energy from men using her body — no one is even close to her level:

2. Using others, bullying.

I don't think there's any need for me to prove this one, since #everybodyknows

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  1. ui is just a generic sack of boredom.

    But I'd let the other lizards lick me.


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