Monday, October 19, 2015

Fapcam Madness 4: "Cha Cha"

Fapcams are back.

In this edition, I will focus on dance covers of the quite good song "Cha Cha" released by the Rainbow subgroup Rainbow Blaxx (aka the best Rainbow: Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah, and Hyunyoung)

So here's "original" version:

I chose this fancam because:

1. Hyunyoung is hot and has the best body in Rainbow (although her face face can be a bit of a turnoff).
2. This fancam has the most views.

It's simply brilliant! I would pay a lot to see her sex tape or anything like that.

Is there any chance that a cover would be at least close to this god-like level of fappiness? Let's find out!

For this edition, I decided to give you the right to choose the best fapcams! So we will change the "rules" a bit.

The "original" is chosen by me, and I'll try to find many great fapcams so you will have hard time choosing which one is the best. Also, from now on, I'll include fapcams of other members of the chosen girl group so you can vote for them and prove to me that my taste in fapcams is poor.

Enough talking, let's get to fapping work.

1. Eunsol (은솔) from Bambino (밤비노) [150501]

2. Dahee (다희) from Bambino (밤비노) [150403]

3. Hadam (하담) from Bambino (밤비노) [150501]

4. Kim Yeon-Jeong (김연정) from NC Cheerleaders (NC 치어리더) [140411]

5. Mint (민트) from Love Cubic (러브 큐빅) [140217]

6. Seungah (승아) from Rainbow/Rainbow Blaxx [141211]

7. Jaekyung (재경) from Rainbow/Rainbow Blaxx [140626]

8. Hyun-Jung (현정) from BMS [141221]

9. Woo-Jung (우정) from BMS [141122]

10. Unknown girl from BMS [141221]

So, that's it. Too bad I couldn't find any Woori fapcams D:

Here's the survey, so let me know which fapcam you think was the best!


  1. Is it Hyunyoung month?
    I hope every month will be HY month from now on!

    Can't beat the original.

    1. yeah but i can't cum every's unhealthy

  2. i like the voting thing, but come on hyunyung in black hair, is gonna beat everyone.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. In terms of pure numbers, since this Fapcam Madness went online last year Bambino's Eunsol has almost 2 MILLION more views than Hyunyung. Her hair is great, but she gets thrashed by the big hot Bino Eunsol - w/her partner Hadam right behind.


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