Friday, October 23, 2015

T-ara reminds us how hot they are

Everyone knows T-ara is too hot for Koreans to handle, so they spend most of their time robbing Chinese guys of their money ...

Lately, it seems the girls wanted to remind us how hot they are and how much Koreans have lost.

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Sir! Yes, Sir! Let us pray and appreciate Soyeon's discrete cleavage since she was generous enough to show it to us!

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Hyomin is hot even when fully clothed.

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Visual Queens

Qri is a hot cosplayer. Let us be thankful for her nicely done augmentations.

Cleavage strikes again!


  1. It's not surprising that the fangirls have such insane hatred for T-ara. No doubt they would like to make it illegal to be that sexy.

    1. <---

      If Soyeon had done that with whoever the younger male host in A Song 4 You, whatever fangirls he had would have committed collective suicide.

      Hot damn a stone-cold glare like that just screams "I could take your precious oppar from you any moment, you are at my mercy and so is he".
      Lucky for all, she did that game with Amber, so no feathers were ruffled.

  2. Replies
    1. Iunno, my guess is it's some Chinese online game of sorts, they signed a deal with the company in charge of World of Warships in China too, so I wager it's something like that.

  3. I will be a champion of all of T-ara and link 1. Boram, 2. Eunjung. which is basically her best features anyway, her eyes. which I think more of you will find agreeable than the first link.
    I still think she should regain some of the weight she's lost though.

    As a sidenote: Qri's Weibo account tend to have some neat stuff too.

    As a last sidenote: Hyomin acknowledges Qri's (possibly augmented) assets (I kinda do wish they're augmented, for some reason) on her Weibo.

    1. I would have made the links stand by themselves if I had been aware of the no-clicky linkiness.

  4. Pagebreaks are my best friend. Are pagebreaks your best friend?


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