Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekly Showdown: Armpit Hair VS. No Armpit Hair

I've already made it pretty clear that this thing isn't weekly, even though it's called "Weekly Showdown." You also already know by now that I'm a lying piece of shit, so that probably doesn't come off as a surprise. Do we have that out of the way? Good.

Now I am here to ask you all the most important non-music related question ever to exist. I am honestly curious as to what people think about this.

Armpit hair?

Or no armpit hair?

You know what I think? I have no fucking idea. If a male doesn't have armpit hair, it's considered "unmanly." If they do have armpit hair then ... eww armpit hair. It'd be better if they didn't have armpits at all. Maybe they could have like a giraffe or a butthole there instead, the possibilities are endless! Or that's my two cents anyway. What do you guys think?

Armpit Hair or No Armpit Hair?

Armpit Hair
No Armpit Hair
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(I left the "Other" option there just in case you're as weird as I am.)


  1. Am I the only one who likes armpit hair on a guy? Bare armpits makes them look like they haven't gone through puberty.

    1. Totally agree. Have a look: hairykpoppits.tumblr.com

  2. Well, I shave my armpits, so I go with "no".

  3. Since they are already wearing makeup, they might as well shave their armpits too.

  4. I say yes to nicely groomed armpit hair.

  5. They should just wear longsleeves all the time and spare us of this coz honestly I dunno

  6. Armpit hair is manly, me thinks. So long as it's well-groomed, of course.

  7. Can I vote for girls, please?

  8. I can't believe I took time to vote in this poll.

  9. I feel like too much is eww and none is weird, I am always very anxious whenever I see a guy wearing a sleeveless shirt because I don't know what I am expecting to be under there

  10. Shaving your armpits is for girls and homosexuals.

  11. Come here kpop pit hair enthusiasts: hairykpoppits.tumblr.com


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