Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How "Bae Bae" shoud have sounded

Not to long ago, kings of melancholic indie, MoT returned after an eight-year hiatus as a five-man band.

IMHO they are one of the best bands when it comes to psychedelic-melancholic music. I was really pleased to hear they are returning to the music scene since after their last album in 2007, one of the members, eAeon, released "two" solo albums and other one, Z.EE, focused on making soundtracks ... and all this time, there was gossip that they're still working on third album, but there was no credible info ...

Back to the topic ...

Since their comeback, they have played a gig at Grand Mint Festival, one of the biggest festivals for "indie" artists in Korea (this year: Zitten, 10cm, Kiha & the Faces [which includes this guy who is now fucking dating IU], Hyukoh, pippiband, The Solutions, Glen Check, the koxx, Epitone Project, Life and Time, Thornapple and others).

Apart from playing their old tracks and their comeback track, they played a glorious cover of "Bae Bae."

Let me remind you of the original one:

The original was actually quite nice, considering the other utter shit released by BIG BANG lately, but still ...

MoT made this song sound a hundred times better:


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