Saturday, October 17, 2015

Survey Results + Changes For The Future

Han Ji Min is hot and you can check out the rest of the pictures from her pictorial here.

The survey results are after the jump.

It's time to show the results.

Do you think Anti Kpop-Fangirl needs AKF in order to continue?
Yes: 192 (72.2%)
No: 74 (27.8%)

Do you think Anti Kpop-Fangirl needs HanYeSeul_Fag in order to continue?
Yes: 134 (50.4%)
No: 132 (49.6%)

Would you continue reading Anti Kpop-Fangirl if AKF stopped posting?
Yes: 176 (66.2%)
No: 90 (33.8%)

Would you continue reading Anti Kpop-Fangirl if HanYeSeul_Fag stopped posting?
Yes: 208 (78.2%)
No: 58 (21.8%)

Do you believe that the rest of the authors are strong enough to carry the site without AKF and HYSF?
Yes: 129 (48.5%)
No: 137 (51.5%)

Would you be okay with even less frequent posting than we have right now?
Yes: 121 (45.5%)
No: 145 (54.5%)

I also made comments mandatory, and that was for a good reason. The numbers in the polls contradict each other, so that is why I made comments mandatory. As you can see, people say they would continue reading the site without HYSF and I, but are not okay with less posts and don't think the other authors could carry the site. That makes no sense that you would be okay with the two people who have contributed 70-80% of this site's content but want more posts from the other authors.

I actually did read every comment from everyone who took the survey, even the person who typed "PS I typed this out on a mobile interface so you better read this, motherfucker." A lot of people left good feedback, and I would say about 80% of the people left actual comments, which was much higher than what I expected.

Before I go into explaining what we're going to do for the future, I want to explain why I made this poll. HYSF got an offer for a job, and he'll be working similar hours to me. During certain times of the year, it will be hard for both of us to post. This poll was purely hypothetical to see if people think the site could survive without us, and while the numbers say one thing, the comments say another thing.

I have tried several different remedies to offset my lack posting, and only one of them worked (bringing on HYSF). We've had about a dozen new authors since last summer, and most of them have gone MIA after two months of posting. I tried to change the appeal of the site from numerous short posts to less frequent longer posts. That didn't work, and a lot of people who comment actually dislike all of the articles being so long on here. They want the mix that we had before.

First of all, we will no longer be actively recruiting authors any longer. The time trying to get new authors and to fix their writing is not worth the effort if the majority of them stop posting after two months. We will still accept applications, but only if I feel the author is ready to contribute right away instead of the two-month apprenticeship the site has been using while I've been gone.

With less reliance on new authors (and other authors in general), going forward I expect that the majority of the posts will be from myself and HYSF. However, as we don't have the time to write long, detailed posts, HYSF and I will revert to the old days of AKF by having shorter, more frequent articles. You can still expect HYSF's fanfics and my long posts here and there, but to increase the frequency of posting, we will need to have shorter posts like we used to.

Regarding the STFU series, PTS was supposed to take over it, but he has been MIA since we got rid of Shinbi. I know a lot of people want the series back, but I can't help it when other authors aren't around.

I'll be in Chicago for a week, so I'm expecting there will probably just be two posts in the week I'm gone. I'm busy in November, but I will start implementing the new changes in November. 


  1. I don't understand why your authors just keep disappearing without giving a notice.
    That's a really asshole thing to do.

    1. Have you ever checked the Authors page?

      26 former authors. This is like AKF featuring AKF48 or some shit.

    2. I'll consider buying your upcoming first EP, titled "Change here change there".
      1. Airing dirty linen in public
      2.New administrator woes
      3. IDGAF whatchu think
      4. New administrator woes Remix
      5. Your authors are all horny tonight (Instrumental)

  2. What do you mean, you got rid of Shinbi?

    1. She hasn't written shit for 3 years, and after she told HYSF that she'd write again, she disappeared again. When he was doing his author purge, he asked me if it was okay to get rid of Shinbi and I said yes.


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