Sunday, October 25, 2015

[UPDATE] BEG Comeback hype

BEG are preparing comeback and thanks to that we got a chance to witness their hotness in GQ

I never was a big fan of JeA, but those photos are unreal.

JeA may be 34 years old, but she's still hotter than most Koreans.

 Miryo is the perfect example that you can look 1000000000 times better with wise usage of PS.

Miryo should give her surgeon contact info to Bom; maybe he could help her.


For those who are into old-grannies, here are Narsha's pictures from GQ

Photoshop is really advanced, since it can make Narsha look "young"


  1. How do you keep forgetting about front-page breaks? lol

    1. well to be honest, that's not my fault xD i just submit drafts, and someone have to check and schedule it, but it seems they forget to put page-breaks before scheduling them and I can do it only after it's published D: (it seems that I'll have to do them by my self before signaling them that my draft is ready)

    2. Ffs, I didn't realize people cared so much about page breaks. I've been scheduling most of the posts, and yes, I have been overlooking the breaks.

      But no, it's not my responsibility to put them in. It's the authors'.

    3. I'll do them from now on before flagging drafts as ready. Before when HYSF "did" my drafts, he made them him self in xD

  2. Miryo's pre-PS pics left me speechless.. not only the ones u linked but also the ones I saw after scrolling down about 50 pages on that site, lol.
    Thankfully I like BEG for their music.

  3. Replies
    1. It's here now ;) previously there was some problem with GQ korea site and I could open her photos :3

    2. Thank you kindly :)

      Also, Narsha can look good even in natural lighting I mean, look at these pics from "Match Mde in Heaven Returns!"

      True Goddess :3

  4. can't say I'm a fan of them but man am I ready for this

  5. Is this article even relevant when Gain has already outshone all of them (except Narsha, on variety shows she appears in) for all eternity?


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